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Toni Morrison

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Course Hero Literature Instructor Russell Jaffe explains the main characters in Toni Morrison's novel The Bluest Eye.

The Bluest Eye | Characters

Character Description
Claudia MacTeer Claudia MacTeer narrates sections of the book. She is a young African American girl trying to figure out the world. Read More
Pecola Breedlove Pecola Breedlove is Claudia's friend and a young African American girl who believes if she had blue eyes she would be beautiful and her life would be good. Read More
Cholly Breedlove Pecola's father, Cholly Breedlove, was abandoned by his own parents and raised by a great-aunt. He rapes Pecola more than once and gets her pregnant, then abandons the family. Read More
Pauline Breedlove Pecola's mother, Pauline Breedlove, is called Mrs. Breedlove by almost everyone, including her children. She has a deformed foot as a result of a childhood injury. Read More
Frieda MacTeer Claudia's older sister Frieda MacTeer spends a lot of time with her. Frieda is traumatized when Mr. Henry tries to molest her. Read More
Sammy Breedlove Sammy Breedlove, Pecola's brother, is an angry young man who is a few years older than Pecola.
Miss China Miss China is one of the prostitutes who live in the same building as the Breedlove family.
Soaphead Church Soaphead Church is a fortune teller from a respectable "mixed blood" family. Pecola comes to Soaphead to ask for blue eyes.
Darlene Darlene is Cholly's first sexual partner, but when they are caught by two white men the experience becomes traumatic.
Geraldine Geraldine is Junior's mom. Morrison describes her as a certain type of African American woman who avoids messy complications and attempts to control her life.
Jake Jake is one of Cholly's cousins. Jake is slightly older than Cholly, and he encourages Cholly to flirt with Darlene.
Aunt Jimmy Aunt Jimmy is Cholly's great-aunt; she raised him, having saved him after his mother abandoned him on a junk heap.
Junior Junior is Geraldine's son, an obnoxious child who torments Pecola and injures his mother's cat.
Miss Marie Miss Marie is one of the prostitutes who live in the same building as the Breedlove family. Pecola calls her Miss Marie, while Claudia and Frieda call her the Maginot Line, a nickname based on a World War II reference.
Mr. MacTeer Claudia's father, Mr. MacTeer, is not present often in the book. He chases Mr. Henry away after Mr. Henry tries to molest his daughter Frieda.
Mrs. MacTeer Claudia's mother, Mrs. MacTeer, is a strict woman who often complains about her children. At the same time her actions demonstrate how much she really loves her daughters.
Maureen Peal Maureen Peal is a classmate of Claudia, Frieda, and Pecola. She is lighter skinned and has nicer clothes than most of the other children in the neighborhood, but she is not a kind person.
Miss Poland Miss Poland is one of the prostitutes who live in the same building as the Breedlove family.
Rosemary Villanucci Rosemary Villanucci is a little girl who lives next door to Claudia and Frieda. Her family is evidently wealthier, and Rosemary has an uneasy relationship with Claudia and Frieda.
Mr. Henry Henry Washington, also called Mr. Henry, is a boarder at the MacTeers', but he is kicked out after he tries to molest Claudia's older sister Frieda.
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