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Robert Ludlum

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The Bourne Identity | Book 3, Chapter 35 | Summary



A cab crawls through rush hour traffic on the Upper East Side of New York City. Jason Bourne is in the back of a taxi, remembering in his way. He knows this place. He thinks back to Paris and the life history he wrote while he was on the plane to New York—he mailed it to André François Villiers. Then he is there. Seventy-One Treadstone. His flashbacks pound through his mind. It's almost intolerable.

He sees a moving van outside the brownstone. The house is the key to his identity and holds his destiny! Jason must reach Alexander Conklin and tell him to stop the dismantling of this house. As he exits the cab, a clean shot through the head kills the New York taxi driver. It's Carlos, aiming for Bourne.

Jason calls the CIA from a pay phone. No one believes he's not a crackpot until the operator seems to understand this is real and says he will get Conklin on the line. After a brief hold, he tells Bourne he must be mistaken; nothing he's described is taking place on Seventy-First Street. And there's no dead taxi driver either. Goodbye.

Marie St. Jacques and General Crawford are in a suite at the Pierre Hotel in New York. She is furious. How could the authorities have let this go on so long? Now, at the final hour, Jason's life is seriously at risk, and at the CIA's own hands. Crawford says he will take her to Treadstone Seventy-One where she will be able to watch whatever action takes place from the safety of a car. She insists she should be standing on the steps. Even if Carlos is after Jason, her presence will make her lover come out of hiding.

Alexander Conklin is furious. He is stationed outside Treadstone and is watching movers he never authorized. Now he sees Crawford standing on the steps of the brownstone. Why?

Meanwhile, Jason Bourne disguises himself as a mover. He heads over to Treadstone and joins the crew. A block away Marie St. Jacques watches the house with Conklin's binoculars. She sees General Crawford go to meet Alexander Conklin and watches the movers. One of them is familiar to her. Could it be Jason? Unlikely.

Conklin and Crawford argue. Crawford explains Bourne's amnesia, but Conklin refuses to see it. Crawford finally convinces Conklin to get Marie. She will be able to attract Bourne. There is still time to save him.

Jason Bourne is instructed to start packing up a room on the third floor of Treadstone Seventy-One. Fragments of memories go through his mind. Then suddenly, there is a man with a knife.

As Marie argues with Conklin, the moving truck pulls away. There are many phone calls. The upshot is whoever authorized this move retired weeks ago. This means one thing: Carlos. As Conklin realizes, so does Marie. The man she saw outside the house was Jason. He is in grave danger.

Carlos and Jason Bourne fight to the death, finally. Jason realizes the movers are Carlos's people. He and the assassin of Europe track each other through the house. Stabbed, shot, and bleeding, Jason is sure he must be dying. Using the last of his strength and bullets, Jason bursts into the room where Carlos hides. Other men burst in. Jason screams and tries to catch Carlos. He's in full flashback mode now. He hears Marie St. Jacques's voice and then passes out holding her hand.


It is edge-of-the-seat time. Jason Bourne is in the Treadstone Seventy-One brownstone, as is Carlos. Will Jason finally regain his memory from the shock of this encounter? It seems impossible that after all of the twists and turns one of them will not defeat the other. However, Ludlum was planning a sequel. What would be the fun of killing the villain in the first installment? For those readers who care most about the love story between Jason and Marie, they are finally together again.

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