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The Bourne Identity | Characters

Character Description
Jason Bourne Jason Bourne is fluent in English, French, and several Vietnamese dialects. As a member of Operation Medusa, a covert Vietnam-era team, he became a trained killer. Throughout the novel, he suffers from amnesia. Read More
Marie St. Jacques Marie St. Jacques is a brilliant economist and Canadian national. She has rich auburn hair. Read More
Carlos "The assassin of Europe," Carlos is rumored to have killed 50-60 political and military figures, possibly including John F. Kennedy (1917–63). Carlos's full name is Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, based on a real person of the same name. He is the "most elusive killer in modern history." Read More
David Abbott David "the Monk" Abbott is in his late 60s and is a founding member of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). He is one of the few men who know Jason Bourne's true identity and story. He is also one of the founders of Operation Medusa. Read More
André François Villiers André François Villiers (also called General Villiers) is one of the most powerful men in France. Of medium height, imposing and strong, he is in his late 60s. He lives by the Parc Monceau and is a ranking deputy in the National Assembly of France. Read More
Alan Alan is the first assistant director of the section of the Canadian Treasury Board that Marie St. Jacques's friend Peter runs until his murder. Under orders, he tells Marie to leave Paris immediately.
Antoine d'Amacourt Antoine D'Amacourt is the vice president of La Banque de Valois in Paris. He signals thugs when Jason Bourne attempts to withdraw his money. Later, he explains the various rules and regulations connected to Jason Bourne's account. He is doing business with both sides.
D'Amacourt's secretary D'Amacourt's secretary works for Antoine D'Amacourt at the bank in Paris, La Banque de Valois.
Philippe d'Anjou Philippe d'Anjou is mostly known as the "gray-haired switchboard operator" at Les Classiques. Jason Bourne recognizes him but does not know why. It turns out he is a former Operation Medusa operative, identifying Jason Bourne as Cain/Delta to the designer René Bergeron. Readers do not learn his name until Chapter 27.
Walther Apfel Walther Apfel is an officer at the Gemeinschaft Bank in Zurich. He allows Jason Bourne to withdraw his money.
Attaché at the American embassy in Paris Jason Bourne calls the attaché at the American embassy in Paris and confesses he is Cain.
Attorney Antoine d'Amacourt puts Jason Bourne in touch with an attorney who can help Bourne get his money out of La Banque de Valois in Paris, for a high fee. The attorney double-crosses Bourne.
René Bergeron René Bergeron is the fashion designer for Les Classiques. He works for Carlos.
Bertinelli Dr. Eugenio Bertinelli is a lecturer in Zurich. He provides comic relief—shouting about his slideshow and trouble with the projector—while thugs pursue Marie St. Jacques and Jason Bourne through the dark hotel auditorium in Zurich.
Blond man The blond man in the Steppdeckstrasse is one of the hired guns who come to kill Jason Bourne. Bourne ends up using his identification.
Monique Brielle Monique Brielle is Jacqueline Lavier's "number one girl" at Les Classiques.
Butcher in Marseilles The butcher's conversation with his other customers leads to Jason Bourne procuring money when he's in Marseilles.
Butler The butler works for André François Villiers.
Captain The captain skippers the boat from which Jason Bourne finally leaves Port Noir. In Marseilles he provides Jason Bourne with a forged passport.
Marquis de Chamford The Marquis de Chamford is a dissolute man and a prostitute's john. In Marseilles, Jason Bourne steals his clothes, car, and identity.
Chauffeur The chauffeur is one of Carlos's men. He assists with the Treadstone Seventy-One massacre.
Chernak Chernak is a middleman between Jason Bourne and whoever hired "Cain" to assassinate Ambassador Howard Leland. He served at Dachau where he was a brutal killer and "scum-of-the-earth," and he lost both his legs at some point when he was a soldier. He is the first person to say the name "Carlos" to Jason Bourne.
Clerk The clerk of the Auberge du Coin hotel rents his car to Jason Bourne.
Alexander Conklin Alexander Conklin is a Treadstone Seventy-One member, CIA man, and former Operation Medusa Agent. He is missing a foot.
Dennis Corbelier Dennis Corbelier is an attaché at the Canadian embassy in Paris, and a friend of Marie St. Jacques's friend Peter.
Courier The courier, who drives an armored truck and is supposed to deliver Jason Bourne's money from the bank in Paris, alerts Carlos's thug Johann, but Bourne manages to kill Johann and get the money from the courier.
General Crawford General Crawford, full name Brigadier General Irwin Arthur (I.A.) Crawford and also known as "Iron Ass," is one of the last surviving Treadstone Seventy-One members. He is spokesman for Army Intelligence.
Director of Cons-Op The director of Cons-Op (for Consular Operations) figures out to call General Crawford (one of four surviving members of Treadstone Seventy-One) when the "Jason Bourne mess" briefly becomes his problem.
Doctor from Wohlen Marie St. Jacque hires the doctor from Wohlen when she rescues Jason Bourne, who has life-threatening injuries—by driving him to Lenzburg, 20 miles away from Zurich.
Janine Dolbert Janine Dolbert is a shop girl at Les Classiques.
Annie Donovan Annie Donovan is a nurse at the psychiatric hospital in Bethesda where Dr. Morris Panov works.
Dugan Dugan is the supervisor of the movers packing up Treadstone Seventy-One as Bourne and Carlos finally meet.
The European The European has a heavy Eastern European accent and works for Carlos. He helps Alfred Gillette destroy Treadstone Seventy-One.
Fat man Jason Bourne and Marie St. Jacques meet the fat man at the Drei Alpenhäuser restaurant in Zurich. He recognizes Jason Bourne, and tells him to go to Chernak. He is the second person to tell Jason Bourne he's supposed to be dead.
First assistant The first assistant is a crewmember of Claude Lamouche's fishing boat.
First secretary The first secretary at the American embassy in Paris calls into the United States to tell officials that Cain/Jason Bourne has surfaced.
Gemeinschaft Bank greeter The Gemeinschaft Bank greeter helps Jason Bourne escape—by telling the other guards to go after the man with the gold-rimmed glasses—when Bourne is attacked in Zurich.
Alfred Gillette Alfred Gillette is an academic and director of Personnel Screening and Evaluation for the National Security Council. He is also a double-crosser, conspiring to kill everyone at Treadstone Seventy-One, including David Abbott. Gillette works for Carlos.
Gunman At the outset of the novel an unidentified gunman shoots Jason Bourne, who is later rescued by a skipper and the skipper's younger brother.
Hervé Hervé is the bellhop at the hotel in Paris on the boulevard Montparnasse where Bourne and Marie stay.
Hired gun The hired gun is a man Alexander Conklin of the CIA hires to help him assassinate Jason Bourne when Conklin flies into Paris from D.C. The hired gun is a former Army Intelligence officer, one of many U.S. military cast-outs living in other countries. He ends up shot to death in a cemetery of Paris.
Joey Joey is one of the movers who are packing up Treadstone Seventy-One as Bourne and Carlos finally meet.
Johann Johann is a thug who first encounters Bourne in Zurich. Later, he appears in Paris to identify Bourne, and attempts to kill him. Bourne ends up killing Johann.
Jules Jules is one of the thugs watching the parking garage when Jason Bourne returns for the rented/stolen Renault.
Killer from Saint Gervais The killer from Saint Gervais is a second U.S. ex-military hired gun that Alexander Conklin of the CIA hires to help him assassinate Jason Bourne when Conklin flies into Paris from D.C. The hired killer ends up shot to death in a cemetery outside of Paris.
Peter Knowlton Peter Knowlton is the associate director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), in his mid-50s, and an "Ivy Leaguer." He is condescending to others who he thinks have less knowledge.
Herr Koenig Herr Koenig is the receptionist at the Gemeinschaft Bank in Zurich. He betrays Jason Bourne and then is killed by Carlos.
Claude Lamouche Claude Lamouche is the skipper of the fishing boat where Jason Bourne goes out into society for the first time—to test his ability to survive on his own.
Jacqueline Lavier Jacqueline Lavier is the manager of Les Classiques. A sophisticated French woman of a certain age, she works for Carlos and is deeply loyal to him. He kills her.
Ambassador Howard Leland Ambassador Howard Leland is reportedly Cain's kill even though it is chronologically impossible. He interfered with arms sales between France and the Middle East and Africa.
Maid The maid works for André François Villiers.
Man in Marseilles The man in Marseilles is the first person to recognize Bourne and claim he should be dead.
Man in Marseilles butcher shop The man in Marseilles butcher shop is an employee of the Marquis de Chamford.
Man with the flashlight The man with the flashlight helps capture Jason Bourne outside of the Steppdeckstrasse in Zurich.
Man with the gold-rimmed spectacles The man with the gold-rimmed spectacles is the leader of Carlos's gang of thugs. He pursues and attempts to kill Bourne several times in Zurich.
Man with the handheld radio The man with the handheld radio is one of the thugs who attack Jason Bourne in the elevator at the Gemeinschaft Bank in Zurich.
Man waiting outside the parking garage The man waiting outside the parking garage (called the "garage complex" in the novel) is a thug hired by Carlos to watch out for when Jason Bourne returns for his rented/stolen Renault.
Man in Zurich The man in Zurich carries a .38 caliber pistol and attempts to kill Jason Bourne in Zurich.
Colonel Jack Manning Colonel Jack Manning is an officer at the Pentagon and one of the leaders of Operation Medusa.
Old man in a black beret The old man in a black beret, who also goes around disguised as a beggar, is one of Carlos's assassins and messengers. He frequently meets Carlos in a church confessional outside of Paris.
Men on the elevator in Zurich Friends of Marie St. Jacques, the two men on the elevator in Zurich chitchat with Marie while Jason Bourne rides the hotel elevator with them.
Mikhailovich Mikhailovich a.k.a. "The Yachtsman" is Sister Meg's "husband" and a fellow (supposed) resident of the Treadstone Seventy-One house. A former CIA agent, he also dies in the Treadstone Seventy-One massacre.
Netman Out to sea on a small fishing boat, the netman, who is Claude Lamouche's brother, picks a fight with Jason Bourne, which results in Bourne discovering he knows martial arts.
New York taxi driver The New York taxi driver takes a bullet meant for Jason Bourne outside of the Treadstone Seventy-One brownstone. The body mysteriously disappears within minutes after Bourne leaves.
Claude Giselle Oreale Claude Giselle Oreale is a sales clerk at Les Classiques.
Dr. Morris Panov Dr. Morris Panov is a psychiatrist at a naval medical center in Bethesda, Maryland. Alexander Conklin is one of his patients (for what would now be called post-traumatic stress disorder). Conklin consults Panov about Bourne's "amnesia defense," and he reluctantly diagnoses Bourne as a possible paranoid schizophrenic.
Pete Pete is one of the movers who are packing up Treadstone Seventy-One as Bourne and Carlos finally meet.
Peter Peter is Marie St. Jacques's former lover, an economist at the National Revenue's Treasury Board in Canada. Readers never meet him. Carlos's men kill him with the signature single bullet to the neck.
Priest in the Church of the Blessed Sacrament The priest in the Church of the Blessed Sacrament in Neuilly-sur-Seine tells Jason Bourne which confessional Jacqueline Lavier went in. Bourne finds her dead, killed by Carlos.
Prostitute in Marseilles The prostitute, much like a stock character, is in bed with the Marquis de Chamford when Jason Bourne (as Jean-Pierre) robs him for the money Bourne needs to hire someone to doctor his illegal passport.
Receptionist The receptionist works at the bank in Paris—La Banque de Valois—that Marie St. Jacques and Jason Bourne stake out to get information about his pursuers.
Second man The second man is another gunman who shoots Jason Bourne at the beginning of the novel.
Senator from Colorado The senator from Colorado is one of the four remaining Treadstone Seventy-One members.
Senior executive The senior executive of La Banque de Valois in Paris is an elderly, elegant bank employee who handles the money transaction requested by Jason Bourne in Book 2, Chapter 11.
Secretary of State The secretary of state is furious when he gets a call about Jason Bourne from the American embassy in Paris. His fury sets in motion the events that ultimately save Bourne's life.
Sergeant The sergeant is a driver for Major Gordon Webb. He learns classified information.
Murray Schumach Murray Schumach is the dispatcher for the moving company that is packing up Treadstone Seventy-One as Bourne and Carlos finally meet.
Sister Meg Sister Meg (nickname is short for Margaret) is the "gray-haired woman" who is the face and supposed resident of the Treadstone Seventy-One house on the Upper East Side. In fact, she is a former World War II spy and old friends with David Abbott. She dies during the Treadstone Seventy-One massacre.
Skipper The skipper is in charge of the small fishing boat that pulls Jason Bourne from the sea and takes him to Dr. Geoffrey Washburn after Bourne's been shot.
Skipper's younger brother The skipper's younger brother is on the small fishing boat and helps rescue Jason Bourne, who has recently been shot and is almost dead.
Elliot Stevens Elliot Stevens is a senior aid to an unnamed president of the United States. He dies in the Treadstone Seventy-One massacre.
Herr Stossel Herr Stossel is the assistant manager at the Carillon du Lac, Jason Bourne's hotel in Zurich. He is the first person to call Bourne by his name.
The Swiss man The Swiss man is one of Jason Bourne's attackers in the boarding house in the Steppdeckstrasse. Bourne tries to take his car but is caught instead.
Taxi driver The taxi driver helps Jason Bourne retrieve his money from the bank in France by approaching the corrupt bank courier and telling him the arrangement has changed.
Taxi driver (#2) The taxi driver (#2) in Book 2, Chapter 21 drives Marie St. Jacques and Jason Bourne to Moulineaux when Bourne and St. Jacques leave Paris because St. Jacques has been implicated in the Zurich murders.
Taxi driver (#3) Taxi driver (#3) drives Jason Bourne to meet Philippe d'Anjou at the Louvre.
Thug The thug is Marie St. Jacques would-be rapist and executioner, but Jason Bourne goes back for Marie and saves her life. The thug gets away.
Pierre Trignon Peter Trignon is the bookkeeper at Les Classiques.
Various professional killers in Zurich and Paris These killers work for the man with the gold-rimmed glasses and Johann, who in turn work for Carlos.
Angélique Villiers Angélique Villiers is André François Villiers's wife. She is also Carlos's lover and cousin and Carlos's connection at Parc Monceau. She is beautiful and cold. General Villiers strangles her when he learns of her betrayal.
Congressman Walters Congressman Efrem Walters is from Tennessee and is the Chair of the Congressional Oversight Committee and House Assassination Subcommittee. He is the first person to question the conflicts between Cain and Carlos, and the first to suggest Carlos is the real assassin.
Dr. Geoffrey Washburn Dr. Geoffrey Washburn treats Jason Bourne in Port Noir, diagnosing his amnesia. Jason Bourne repays him handsomely. He also uses his name as an alias on his first forged passport. Dr. Geoffrey Washburn is an alcoholic and disgraced in his native England, but he is an intelligent and kind man.
Watchman The watchman is a bystander in Zurich. A thug kills the watchmen when he runs out of his kiosk near the Limmat River—at the sound of Jason Bourne's gunfire fight with Carlos's gang.
Major Gordon Webb Major Gordon Webb is an Army intelligence operator. He reports to Treadstone Seventy-One with classified information in a briefcase locked to his wrist. He is responsible for telling the newspapers that Marie St. Jacques is a killer; he does it to bring Jason Bourne out of hiding. Then he dies in the Treadstone Seventy-One massacre. Later, it is revealed that he is Jason Bourne's brother.
Woman in Marseilles butcher shop The woman in the Marseilles butcher shop works for the Marquis de Chamford.
Young trainee The young trainee is a nurse's aide in the psychiatric hospital in Bethesda.
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