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The Brothers Karamazov | Study Guide

Fyodor Dostoevsky

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The Brothers Karamazov | Characters

Character Description
Alyosha Karamazov Alexei Fyodorovich Karamazov, primarily called Alyosha, is the youngest son of Fyodor Pavlovich and the second son of his second wife Sofia. Read More
Ivan Karamazov Ivan Fyodorovich Karamazov is Fyodor Pavlovich's middle son, and the first son of his second wife, Sofia. Read More
Dmitri Karamazov Dmitri Fyodorovich Karamazov, often called Mitya, is the eldest son of Fyodor Karamazov by his first wife, Adelaida. Read More
Fyodor Karamazov Fyodor Pavlovich Karamazov is an amoral, drunken buffoon with three legitimate sons by two wives. Read More
Pavel Smerdyakov Pavel Fyodorovich Smerdyakov, most often called by his last name, is the son of Lizaveta, the town's holy fool, a mentally handicapped woman who was raped. Read More
Grushenka Agrafena Alexandrovna Svetlov, primarily called Grushenka, is the love interest of Dmitri and his father Fyodor Pavlovich. Read More
Katerina Katerina Ivanovna Verkhovtseva, primarily called Katerina, is Dmitri's fiancée. Read More
Adelaida Ivanovna Adelaida Ivanovna is Fyodor Pavlovich's first wife and the mother of Dmitri.
Agafya Ivanovna Agafya Ivanovna is the half-sister of Katerina.
Andrei Andrei is the troika driver who takes Dmitri to Mokroye.
Brother Anfim Brother Anfim is an old friend of Zosima's who traveled with him when they were young monks.
Anna Fyodorovna Anna Fyodorovna is the mother of Kolya.
Arina Petrovna Arina Petrovna is the wife of Captain Snegiryov.
Trifon Borisovich Trifon Borisovich (Borisich) is the innkeeper at Mokroye.
Fenya Fedosya Markovna (mostly called Fenya; also Fedosya Markov) is Grushenka's maid.
Father Ferapont Father Ferapont is the holy fool who lives alone in a hut on the monastery grounds.
Fetyukovich Fetyukovich is the famous lawyer who comes to defend Dmitri.
Foma Foma is a retired soldier who rents a room from the old woman who lives next door to Fyodor Pavlovich.
Gorstkin Gorstkin (Lyagavy) is a merchant who wants to buy a woodlot in Chermashnya from Fyodor Pavlovich.
Herzenstube Doctor Herzenstube is an old family doctor in town.
Father Iosif Father Iosif is the monastery librarian.
Ippolit Kirillovich Ippolit Kirillovich is the deputy prosecutor who tries the case against Dmitri.
Kalganov Pyotr (Petrusha) Fomich Kalganov is Miusov's young nephew.
Madame Khokhlakov Madame Katerina Osipovna Khokhlakov is a rich widow who has a house in town.
Kolya Nikolai Ivanov (most often called Kolya) Krasotkin is an older boy who befriends Ilyusha.
Grigory Kutuzov Grigory Vasilievich (Vasiliev) Kutuzov is the manservant of Fyodor Pavlovich.
Marfa Kutuzova Marfa is the wife of Grigory Kutuzov.
Lise Lise (Lisa) is a teenage girl who suffers from hysteria and is in love with Alyosha.
Lizaveta Lizaveta Smerdyashchaya (Stinking Lizaveta), a holy fool, is the mother of Smerdyakov.
Makarov Mikhail Makarovich (also Makarich) Makarov is the district police commissioner.
Maria Kondratievna Maria Kondratievna is the daughter of the old woman who lives next door to Fyodor Pavlovich; she is in love with Smerdyakov.
Markel Markel is Zosima's older brother who died while still a youth.
Matryona Matryona is Grushenka's cook and Fenya's mother.
Maximov Maximov (Maxmushka) is an impoverished old landowner who comes to town on a pilgrimage.
Father Mikhail Father Mikhail is the Father Superior, or head, of the monastery.
Mikhail Mikhail is a murderer saved by Zosima.
Mussyalovich Pan Mussyalovich is the Polish officer who betrayed Grushenka.
Widow Morozov Widow Morozov is the woman who owns the cottage that Grushenka lives in.
Father Paissy Father Paissy is a priest who is devoted to Zosima.
Nazar Ivanovich Nazar Ivanovich is the porter at Widow Morozov's house.
Nikolai Parfenovich Nikolai Parfenovich Nelyudov is the district attorney and investigating lawyer in Dmitri's case.
Nina Nikolaevna Nina Nikolaevna is the handicapped daughter of Captain Snegiryov.
Pyotr Ilyich Perkhotin Pyotr Ilyich is a young official and acquaintance of Dmitri.
Porfiry Porfiry is a novice at the monastery.
Rakitin Rakitin is a seminary student and careerist who dislikes the Karamazovs.
Samsonov Kuzma Kuzmich Samsonov is the merchant who rescued Grushenka and became her benefactor/lover.
Smurov Smurov is a classmate of Ilyusha's who is befriended by Alyosha.
Captain Snegiryov Nikolai Ilyich Snegiryov is a retired captain who lives in poverty with his family.
Ilyusha Snegiryov Ilyusha Snegiryov (sometimes called Ilyushechka or Ilyushka) is the young son of Captain Snegiryov.
Sofia Ivanovna Sofia Ivanovna is the second wife of Fyodor Pavlovich and mother of Ivan and Alyosha.
Varvara Nikolaevna Varvara (Varya) Nikolaevna is the daughter of Captain Snegiryov and is a university student.
Varvinsky Doctor Varvinsky is a young doctor who works in town and also testifies at Dmitri's trial.
Vrublevsky Pan Vrublevsky is the young Pole who comes to town with Mussyalovich.
Yefim Petrovich Yefim Petrovich Polenov was the guardian and benefactor of Ivan and Alyosha when they were children.
Elder Zosima Elder (Father) Zosima is Alyosha's spiritual father and a Russian mystic.
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