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Robert Cormier

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The Chocolate War | Characters

Character Description
Jerry Renault Jerry Renault is a freshman at Trinity High School. His refusal to participate in the school's chocolate sale incites the "war" of the novel's title. Read More
Archie Costello Archie Costello is the "assigner" of The Vigils, a secret society with great influence at Trinity. He "assigns" students to various pranks and stunts, swearing them to secrecy. Read More
Brother Leon Brother Leon is the cynical and manipulative interim headmaster of Trinity High School. He views the chocolate sale as a make-or-break moment for his career. Read More
The Goober Roland "The Goober" Goubert is a freshman at Trinity and Jerry Renault's closest—perhaps only—friend at school. Idealistic but nonconfrontational, he tries to be supportive of Jerry but is unwilling to incur the resentment of the other students. Read More
Obie Obie is a Trinity senior and the secretary of The Vigils. He is repeatedly described as a "stooge" or "flunky" to Archie, whom he both admires and hates. Read More
John Carter John Carter is the president of both The Vigils and the school boxing club. He despises Archie's psychological games and would prefer to enforce the Vigils' will through violence. Read More
Emile Janza Emile Janza is a sociopathic Trinity student who enjoys humiliating others. He looks up to the cerebral and calculating Archie, whom he sees as a kindred spirit. Read More
Howie Anderson Howie Anderson is the president of Trinity's junior class and a high achiever both academically and athletically. He appears briefly in Chapter 21, where he voices his intention to join Jerry in boycotting the chocolate sale.
Brother Andrew Brother Andrew is a mathematics teacher at Trinity who is temporarily teaching art as well. In Chapter 28, one of Jerry's paintings goes missing in Brother Andrew's classroom.
Gregory Bailey Gregory Bailey is a shy but brilliant Trinity student. In Chapter 6, Brother Leon humiliates him by accusing him of cheating, but Bailey stands his ground and denies the charge.
Ellen Barrett Ellen Barrett is a girl Jerry sees every day at the bus stop after school, and on whom he has a crush. When he finally calls her up in Chapter 26, she has no idea who he is.
David Caroni David Caroni is a mild-mannered, high-achieving Trinity student. In Chapter 16, Brother Leon blackmails him into informing against Jerry Renault.
Tubs Casper Tubs Casper is one of the students who participate in the Trinity chocolate sale. He plans to pocket the money, buy his girlfriend a bracelet with it, and repay it later.
Coach The unnamed football coach is among the first adults to take an interest in Jerry at Trinity. Though gruff and foul-mouthed at times, he wins Jerry's admiration when he offers him a spot on the freshman team.
Brian Cochran Brian Cochran is a Trinity senior and the treasurer of the chocolate sale. A nervous young man, he tries to avoid running afoul of either Brother Leon or The Vigils.
Paul Consalvo Paul Consalvo appears briefly as one of the Trinity students selling chocolates early in the semester. He is turned down by numerous potential buyers.
Harold Darcy Harold Darcy is a classmate of Jerry's who, for much of the novel, "mind[s] his own business." In Chapter 30, he is uncharacteristically hostile and outspoken toward Jerry.
Brother Eugene Brother Eugene is a nervous young teacher whose classroom is sabotaged by a Vigil prank in Chapter 11. He disappears midway through the novel amid rumors of a nervous breakdown.
Hippie An unnamed hippie accosts Jerry in Chapter 3. His casual insults like "square boy" cause Jerry to rethink his own relationship to authority.
Brother Jacques Brother Jacques is one of the rare faculty members who stand up to Brother Leon. At the end of the novel, he breaks up the fight between Janza and Jerry by turning off the stadium lights.
James Renault Jerry's father, James Renault, is a recently widowed pharmacist who seems numbed by grief. He works odd hours and is frequently away at work when Jerry gets home from school.
Frankie Rollo Frankie Rollo is a "troublemaker" in his junior year at Trinity. He insults The Vigils in Ch. 27 and is physically assaulted by Carter as a result.
Richy Rondell Richy Rondell is a friend of Howie Anderson's who appears briefly in Chapter 21. Howie convinces him to boycott the chocolate sale.
John Sulkey John Sulkey is an otherwise undistinguished Trinity student with a real knack for selling chocolates. He eagerly looks forward to the sale every year.
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