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The Chosen | Characters

Character Description
Reuven Malter Reuven Malter is the narrator of the novel, and is 15 at the beginning of the book. Reuven is a modern Orthodox Jew; he lives by the commandments and studies sacred Jewish texts, but he takes part and pleasure in American society. Read More
Danny Saunders Danny Saunders, the son of a Russian Hasidic tzaddik, or spiritual leader, is being groomed to become the leader of his community. Read More
David Malter David Malter is Reuven's father. David is a teacher and writer, and teaches Talmud at a yeshiva. Read More
Reb Saunders Reb Isaac Saunders is the spiritual leader of a Russian Hasidic sect, and his people are entirely loyal to him. He raises his son Danny in silence. Read More
Professor Nathan Appleman Professor Appleman is a psychology professor at Hirsch College. He is an experimentalist, and has little patience for a strictly Freudian approach to psychology.
Davey Cantor Davey Cantor is a classmate of Reuven's. He plays second base on the yeshiva softball team when Reuven pitches.
Mrs. Carpenter Mrs. Carpenter is a nurse at Brooklyn Memorial Hospital. She is both tough and caring.
Danny's sister Danny's sister is in an arranged marriage. She is a jovial, vivacious girl.
Mr. Galanter Mr. Galanter is the coach of Reuven's softball team, who speaks in war metaphors nearly exclusively. It is unclear whether or not he is Jewish, although he appears to understand Yiddish.
Rav Gershenson Rav Gershenson is an exacting and difficult Talmud teacher at Hirsch College.
Sidney Goldberg Sidney Goldberg is a friend of Reuven's and the pitcher on their softball team.
Abe Goodstein Abe Goodstein is the first baseman on Reuven's softball team.
Manya Manya is the Malters' Russian housekeeper. She cooks and cleans for them and feels maternal toward Reuven.
Billy Merrit Billy Merrit is a little boy whom Reuven meets at the hospital. He was blinded in a car accident that killed his mother, and is awaiting an operation to restore his sight; it fails.
Roger Merrit Roger Merrit is Billy's father, and was driving the car at the time of the accident. He visits his son in the hospital.
Mickey Mickey is a small boy with a digestive disease that has kept him in the hospital for much of his life. He asks Mr. Savo to play with him, but the exertion causes Mr. Savo to reinjure and lose his eye.
Levi Saunders Levi Saunders is Danny's younger brother. He is a sickly boy, who talks and eats little.
Mrs. Saunders Mrs. Saunders is Danny's mother. She has heart trouble.
Tony Savo Tony Savo is a former prizefighter, whom Reuven meets at the hospital. He loses his eye.
Rav Schwartz Rav Schwartz is Reuven's Talmud teacher at Hirsch College.
Schwartzie Schwartzie is a player on Reuven's softball team. Schwartzie is a nickname for Schwartz.
Dov Shlomowitz Dov Shlomowitz is a player on Danny's team; he is a Hasid, like Danny. His father is Reb Saunders's bodyguard.
Dr. Snydman Dr. Snydman is the doctor who operates on Reuven's eye. Reuven's operation is successful.
Young rabbi A young rabbi coaches Danny's softball team; he barely looks up from his prayer book and does not admonish his players for their rough play or hurling insults.
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