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The Clouds | Characters

Character Description
Strepsiades Strepsiades is a middle-aged Athenian farmer who attends Socrates's school. He is meant to represent working-class Athenians in the audience. Read More
Socrates Socrates is a philosopher and teacher, instructing young men in his school, the Thinkery. His character is based on the historical figure of Socrates, though the character differs from the real Socrates in significant ways. Read More
Pheidippides Pheidippides is Strepsiades's teenage son. He's spoiled by his wealthy mother and loves the expensive hobby of horse racing. Read More
Chorus The Chorus members are the Clouds, the goddesses the Thinkery worships. They appear as human women. Read More
Amynias Amynias is one of Strepsiades's creditors, a man to whom Strepsiades owes money for a chariot.
Better Argument The Better Argument is an old man representing traditional Athenian values. He's called Just Cause or Right Logic in some translations.
Chorus Leader The Chorus Leader speaks individually for the entire Chorus of Clouds.
Pasias Pasias is one of Strepsiades's creditors, a man to whom Strepsiades owes money for a horse.
Student The Student is a Thinkery scholar who introduces Strepsiades to the Thinkery methods.
Witness The Witness is a friend of Pasias. He accompanies Pasias to Strepsiades's house to witness his attempt to collect the debt.
Worse Argument The Worse Argument is a young man representing pleasure, selfishness, and new debating techniques. He's called Unjust Cause or Wrong Logic in some translations.
Xanthias Xanthias is Strepsiades's slave. He helps Strepsiades burn down the Thinkery in the play's Exodos, or final act.
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