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The Count of Monte Cristo | Study Guide

Alexandre Dumas

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Chapter 104

Course Hero Literature Instructor Russell Jaffe provides an in-depth summary and analysis of Chapter 104 of Alexandre Dumas's novel The Count of Monte Cristo.

The Count of Monte Cristo | Chapter 104 | Summary



The following day, Valentine's body is sewn into a shroud, and Noirtier is taken back to his room where he sleeps peacefully. Villefort has been frantically working night and day on Benedetto's case. The mourners who gather at the Villefort home for Valentine's funeral are greeted by Villefort's cousin, while the Crown Prosecutor takes refuge in his work. Before the funeral, Monte Cristo goes to see Danglars and finds him signing checks worth five million francs. He says that because Danglars still owes him five million, he'll collect it by taking these checks. Danglars panics because he needs the checks to pay a hospice that's coming to collect it that morning. As soon as Monte Cristo leaves with the check, the receiver-general for the hospice arrives to collect the five million. Danglars explains that the count has just left with the money, but he promises to have the hospice's money by noon the next day. As soon as the receiver-general leaves, Danglars gathers all his cash, burns some of his papers, and writes a letter to his wife that he will put on her dressing table before he flees from his creditors.


Noirtier isn't as grief-stricken over Valentine's death as might have been expected. In consideration for the old man's health, Monte Cristo may have told him, when they sat by her body together, that Valentine is still alive. Valentine being sewn into a shroud as part of the plan to protect her from death recalls Edmond Dantès escape from the Château d'If in the funeral shroud of Abbé Faría. The parallel suggests that the plan to save her will work, just as Dantès succeeded in gaining freedom.

Villefort is using his work as an escape from the threats that seem to be hanging over him. In addition to the poisoner in his house, the affair related to the house at Auteuil could erupt into a scandal at any time. Danglars, meanwhile, is also in extreme distress. Monte Cristo's plans are closing in on his remaining two targets.

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