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The Count of Monte Cristo | Study Guide

Alexandre Dumas

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Course Hero Literature Instructor Russell Jaffe explains the main characters in Alexandre Dumas's novel The Count of Monte Cristo.

The Count of Monte Cristo | Characters

Character Description
Edmond Dantès Edmond Dantès, known in later chapters as the Count of Monte Cristo, also disguises himself as Abbé Busoni; Lord Wilmore; and, sometimes, Sinbad the Sailor. Read More
Abbé Faría Abbé Faría is a prisoner who becomes Dantès's friend and mentor in prison. Read More
Danglars Danglars, later known as Baron Danglars, is the instigator of the conspiracy to falsely accuse Dantès of treason. Read More
Villefort Monsieur Gérard de Villefort is the magistrate who orders Dantès's imprisonment, knowing he's innocent. Read More
Fernand Mondego Fernand Mondego, later known as the Comte de Morcerf, is one of the conspirators against Dantès; he is a fisherman who becomes a count. Read More
Caderousse Gaspard Caderousse is one of the conspirators against Dantès; he is a failed tailor who becomes an innkeeper, murderer, and thief. Read More
Mercédès Mercédès Herrera, the fiancée of Dantès, marries Fernand and becomes Countess de Morcerf. Read More
Maximilien Maximilien Morrel is the son of the ship owner, Monsieur Morrel, and is in love with Valentine de Villefort. Read More
Monsieur Morrel Monsieur Morrel is the kind ship owner who wants to make Dantès captain of the Pharaon and doggedly tries to have him released from prison after his arrest.
Julie Morrel Daughter of Monsieur Morrel, Maximilien's sister, and Emmanuel Herbault's wife. She and her husband befriend Dantès.
Emmanuel Herbault Emmanuel Herbault is the husband of Julie Morrel and is an employee of her father's firm.
Albert Albert de Morcerf is the son of Mercédès and Fernand de Morcerf, who renounces his father's name and joins the army after learning of his father's disgrace.
Madame de Villefort Madame de Villefort is Villefort's young second wife, mother of Edouard, stepmother of Valentine, and murderer of the Saint-Mérans and Edouard; she commits suicide.
Edouard Edouard de Villefort is the precocious eight-year-old son of the Villeforts who is poisoned by his mother before she commits suicide.
Valentine de Villefort Valentine de Villefort is the daughter of Villefort and his first wife, Renée de Saint-Méran; she is in love with Maximilien Morrel but is engaged to Franz d'Epinay.
Noirtier Monsieur Noirtier is Gérard de Villefort's father and Valentine's grandfather, and a passionate supporter of Napoleon; the letter Dantès was carrying was addressed to him.
The Marquise de Saint-Méran The Marquise de Saint-Méran, a staunch Royalist, is the mother of Villefort's first wife, Renée, and the grandmother of Valentine; she is poisoned by Gérard de Villefort's second wife, Héloïse.
The Marquis de Saint-Méran The Marquis de Saint-Méran is the father of Villefort's first wife, Renée, and the grandfather of Valentine; he is poisoned by Villefort's second wife, Héloïse.
Doctor d'Avrigny Doctor d'Avrigny is the Villeforts' physician, who realizes that a poisoner is causing the deaths at the Villefort home but is persuaded by Villefort not to report his suspicions.
Franz Baron Franz d'Epinay is the son of General Quesnel; he breaks his engagement to Valentine when he learns her grandfather, Noirtier, killed his father in a duel.
General Quesnel General Quesnel, the father of Franz d'Epinay, is found dead under suspicious circumstances.
Old Dantès Old Dantès, the father of Edmond Dantès, starves himself to death out of grief over his son's imprisonment.
Haydée Haydée, Monte Cristo's ward and future love interest, is the beautiful daughter of Ali Pasha, who is betrayed and killed by Morcerf and who delivers the testimony that results in Morcerf's conviction for treason.
Bertuccio Bertuccio is Monte Cristo's steward, a former smuggler, who once attempted to murder Villefort and saves the life of a baby, who grows up as Benedetto.
Benedetto Benedetto is the illegitimate son of Villefort and Hermine Danglars, whose life is saved by Bertuccio; he becomes a murderer and thief, and later poses as Andrea Cavalcanti.
Marquis Bartolomeo Cavalcanti Cavalcanti is a somewhat down-and-out Italian noble that Dantès recruits to pose as Benedetto's father.
Madame Danglars Madame Hermine Danglars is the wife of Baron Danglars, the mother of Eugénie, and the lover of Lucien Debray; she has an affair with de Villefort and gives birth to the baby who becomes Benedetto. She gambles in the stock market with her husband's money; when Danglars is ruined, her lover Debray also leaves her.
Debray Lucien Debray is private secretary to the Minister of the Interior; Debray has an affair with Madame Danglars.
Eugénie Eugénie Danglars is the daughter of Baron and Hermine Danglars, whose engagement to Albert de Morcerf is broken off by her father in favor of what appears to be a more lucrative match with Andrea Cavalcanti; she is passionately opposed to marriage and runs off with her girlfriend, Louise d'Armilly.
Louise d'Armilly Louise d'Armilly, a talented musician, is the companion of Eugénie Danglars.
Beauchamp Beauchamp is a journalist and the friend of Albert de Morcerf; he verifies the rumors about the treachery of Albert's father against Ali Pasha.
Château-Renaud Monsieur le Comte de Château-Renaud is an aristocrat and a friend of Albert de Morcerf.
Luigi Vampa Luigi Vampa is the leader of a band of bandits in Italy that works for Monte Cristo and who kidnaps Albert and Danglars and holds them for ransom.
Peppino Peppino is a bandit in Luigi Vampa's band whose life is saved by Monte Cristo.
Jacopo Jacopo is the smuggler who saves Dantès from drowning after his prison escape; he becomes a loyal friend and later a trusted employee of Monte Cristo as captain of his yacht.
Ali Ali is a mute Nubian slave who works for Monte Cristo and lassos runaway horses to save Madame de Villefort and her son.
La Carconte Caderousse's wife, La Carconte, is killed by her husband as they fight over jewels.
Boville Monsieur de Boville is the inspector of prisons who sells Morrel's debt to Dantès and gives Dantès access to his prison records. He's also the receiver-general for hospices, tasked with collecting a debt from Danglars.
Countess G– Countess G– is a witty and beautiful Italian aristocrat and opera-goer who is an acquaintance of Franz.
Signor Pastrini Signor Pastrini is the owner of the Hotel de Londres in Rome, where Albert and Franz first meet the Count of Monte Cristo.
Coclés Coclés is the long-time cashier at Morrel's firm.
Louis XVIII The king of France, Louis XVIII is overthrown when Napoleon returns from Elba, launching the Hundred Days, the former emperor's last period in power.
Monsieur de Blacas An adviser of Louis XVIII, de Blacas accepts Villefort's report of a Bonapartist plot.
Dandré Monsieur le Baron Dandré is the minister of police and delivers the news of Napoleon's escape from Elba after assuring the king that the Bonapartists are no threat to him.
Inspector General of Prisons The unnamed Inspector General of Prisons visits Château d'If in Dantès's second year in prison, and promises to review Villefort's records of his case but finds that Villefort has condemned Dantès and leaves his case unchanged.
Captain Leclère Captain of the Pharaon, he asks Dantès to take a letter to Bonaparte before he dies.
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