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Alexandre Dumas

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The Count of Monte Cristo | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

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Chapter Summary
Chapters 1–4 On February 24, 1815, the three-masted ship Pharaon returns to the harbor at Marseille after a three-month voyage load... Read More
Chapters 5–7 At noon the next day, Dantès and Mercédès hold their betrothal celebration at La Réserve, where Danglars had set in mo... Read More
Chapters 8–9 Dantès is taken to a prison cell at four o'clock in the afternoon. He isn't too worried because Villefort told him he'... Read More
Chapters 10–13 The scene shifts to the Tuileries Palace, the king's residence in Paris. Villefort speaks to Monsieur de Blacas, one o... Read More
Chapters 14–16 About a year after the restoration of the monarchy, the inspector general of prisons visits Château d'If. Dantès takes... Read More
Chapters 17–19 The abbé shows Dantès the tools he's made over the years, as well as his manuscript on the history of the Italian mona... Read More
Chapters 20–25 Devastated by Faría's death, Dantès briefly contemplates suicide as he sits by his friend's body, wrapped in its windi... Read More
Chapters 26–30 Dantès, disguised as Abbé Busoni, arrives at the dilapidated inn run by Caderousse and his ailing wife, La Carconte (a... Read More
Chapters 31–33 It is now 1838. Two well-to-do young men, Vicomte Albert de Morcerf and Baron Franz d'Epinay, have reserved a hotel su... Read More
Chapters 34–38 Franz and Albert take a safe route to the Colosseum. Once inside, Franz, who has been on the tour many times, slips aw... Read More
Chapters 39–41 Three months later, on May 21, Albert de Morcerf is preparing to receive the Count of Monte Cristo in his rooms in his... Read More
Chapters 42–45 The count arrives at the elegant townhouse that he is renting in Paris and asks his steward, Bertuccio, if his calling... Read More
Chapters 46–48 The next day, the count asks Bertuccio to purchase, at any price, the two fine horses that draw Baron Danglars's carri... Read More
Chapters 49–50 The count visits Haydée in her private suite. He reminds her that she is not really a slave and is free to leave or do... Read More
Chapters 51–52 Valentine de Villefort, the prosecutor's daughter, and Maximilien Morrel have a secret meeting place at the wall that ... Read More
Chapters 53–56 That evening at the opera Robert le Diable, the audience, as usual, spends the first act conversing and watching the o... Read More
Chapters 57–59 Valentine and Maximilien meet again at the wall between the Villefort's home and Maximilien's garden patch. Maximilien... Read More
Chapters 60–61 After Monsieur and Madame de Villefort leave Noirtier's room, Monte Cristo pays a visit to remind them of the upcoming... Read More
Chapters 62–64 The count's house at Auteuil has been transformed, according to his instructions and under Bertuccio's direction. Only... Read More
Chapters 65–67 Later that evening, after arriving back in Paris, Debray is—as usual—making himself at home in Madame Danglars's room.... Read More
Chapters 68–71 That same day, Albert returns home with his mother from their trip to the seaside. He visits Monte Cristo to invite hi... Read More
Chapters 72–76 Instead of going to the ball, Villefort stays home to try to figure out who might want the secret of Auteuil revealed.... Read More
Chapters 77–78 The count invites Albert to come home with him for tea. When they arrive at the house, they hear Haydée playing music ... Read More
Chapters 79–80 In Noirtier's room, Valentine is telling Maximilien about her plan to move out of the house with her grandfather. Vale... Read More
Chapters 81–83 Just hours after Comte de Morcerf left Danglars, having failed to finalize the engagement of Albert to Eugénie, Andrea... Read More
Chapters 84–85 Villefort investigates the murder of Caderousse, and the police search for Benedetto. Three weeks pass with no result.... Read More
Chapters 86–92 In Paris the next morning, Beauchamp tells Albert that a rival newspaper had received documents from Janina incriminat... Read More
Chapters 93–94 Maximilien, after leaving the duel, visits Valentine in Noirtier's room. He notices that Valentine doesn't feel well, ... Read More
Chapters 95–99 The narrator asks the reader "to step back in time" to earlier that day at the Danglars's home, when Eugénie meets wit... Read More
Chapters 100–103 Valentine has been recovering for four days, watched over in turns by Noirtier, Villefort, and a nurse who stays with ... Read More
Chapter 104 The following day, Valentine's body is sewn into a shroud, and Noirtier is taken back to his room where he sleeps peacef... Read More
Chapters 105–107 Monte Cristo joins Valentine's funeral procession as it winds its way toward the cemetery. He anxiously searches the c... Read More
Chapters 108–111 New servants have been hired at the Villefort house. After spending time with Abbé Busoni in Valentine's room, Noirtie... Read More
Chapters 112–113 Maximilien visits his sister, Julie, and her husband, Emmanuel. They discuss the misfortunes that have visited Morcerf... Read More
Chapters 114–116 As Monte Cristo travels toward Italy in his steamship, Danglars is traveling on the road from Florence to Rome. After ... Read More
Chapter 117 As planned, Maximilien is greeted by the count on Monte Cristo Island on October 5. He still wants to end his life. Mont... Read More
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