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Dan Brown

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The Da Vinci Code | Characters

Character Description
Robert Langdon Robert Langdon is a Harvard professor of religious symbology. Read More
Sophie Neveu Sophie Neveu is a 32-year-old employee of the French Department of Cryptology. Read More
Sir Leigh Teabing Sir Leigh Teabing is a very wealthy British lord living outside Paris who has devoted his life to learning about the Holy Grail. Read More
Silas Silas is an albino monk who serves the Christian sect, Opus Dei. He helps the Teacher in his search for the Grail. Read More
Altar boy The altar boy works at the Temple Church in London. He becomes entangled in the violent conflict between Langdon, Sophie, Rémy, and Silas for the Grail. Rémy takes him hostage.
Bishop Manuel Aringarosa Bishop Aringarosa is an official in the ultraorthodox Christian sect Opus Dei. He seeks to secure the sect's permanent acceptance by the Catholic Church. He is also involved in the search for the Grail.
Sister Sandrine Bieil Sister Sandrine is the nun who conducts tours and oversees the running of the Paris Church of Saint-Sulpice. She is also aware of the secrets the church hides.
Marie Chauvel Chauvel is the overseer of Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. She is also Sophie's grandmother and wife to Jacques Saunière.
Jérome Collet Collet is a lieutenant in the Paris police force. He finds important clues about the murder, Teabing, and other aspects of the case.
Simon Edwards Edwards is an officer who helps run Biggin Hill Airport outside of London and who goes out of his way to help the rich and generous Teabing, whose plane uses the airfield.
Captain Bezu Fache Fache is the police official in charge of the murder investigation. He is a gruff and dogged investigator who, for most of the story, believes Langdon is the murderer.
Jonas Faukman Faukman is Langdon's publisher in New York, who had sent a copy of Langdon's latest manuscript to Saunière, leading to Saunière and Langdon's plans to meet for dinner.
Pamela Gettum Gettum is the librarian at the King's College library in London who finds information that helps Langdon decipher an obscure message about the Grail.
Claude Grouard Grouard is the Louvre's senior security warden.
Rémy Legaludec Legaludec is Teabing's servant. He is crucial in the conspiracy that helps his employer search for and find the Grail.
Jacques Saunière Saunière is the curator of the Louvre who is murdered but leaves behind a series of mysterious messages about the Grail. He is also the Grand Master of the Priory of Sion, a group that holds the secret of the Grail. He raised Sophie Neveu and is her grandfather. He is also the husband of Marie Chauvel.
Teacher The Teacher is a mysterious figure who directs the conspiracy to find the Grail before anyone else. The end of the book reveals that the Teacher is actually Teabing.
André Vernet Vernet is president of the Paris branch of the Depository Bank of Zurich that houses Saunière's safe-deposit box that contains a clue to the Grail. He helps Langdon and Sophie escape the bank when the police arrive to arrest them.
Young man The young man is the docent of Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, and he lives with Marie Chauvel. Sophie learns that he is her brother.
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