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Dan Brown

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The Da Vinci Code | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • First evening

    Robert Langdon learns of Jacques Saunière's murder at the Louvre.

    Chapter 1
  • Later that night

    Silas finds a clue beneath the Rose Line in Saint-Sulpice and murders the resident nun.

    Chapter 31
  • Late that night

    Langdon and Sophie find a cryptex in Saunière's safe-deposit box.

    Chapter 44
  • An hour later

    Silas breaks into Teabing's house and demands the keystone.

    Chapter 65
  • Minutes later

    Teabing helps everyone escape in his car to the airport for a flight to London.

    Chapter 67
  • Few hours later

    Langdon and Sophie evade local police in England with Teabing's help.

    Chapter 81
  • Few hours later

    In the church Silas uses a gun to get the cryptex; Rémy exits with the altar boy and Teabing.

    Chapter 86
  • Little while later

    Langdon and Sophie evade Fache and go to King's College library to use the religion database.

    Chapter 88
  • Hours later

    Rémy delivers the cryptex to the Teacher and is murdered by the Teacher.

    Chapter 94
  • Hours later

    Langdon and Sophie find a note left by the Teacher; Teabing holds them up at gunpoint.

    Chapter 98
  • Minutes later

    Gun in hand, Teabing explains his conspiracy and betrayal to Langdon and Sophie.

    Chapter 99
  • Moments later

    Langdon figures out the code and tosses the cryptex in the air; Teabing falls trying to catch it.

    Chapter 101
  • Several minutes later

    Fache arrests Teabing; Bishop Aringarosa learns that Silas died from his wound.

    Chapter 103
  • Some time later

    Sophie meets her brother and grandmother for the first time at Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland.

    Chapter 104
  • Two days later

    Langdon visits the Louvre and identifies the pyramids as the site of the Grail.


Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Prologue–Chapter 4 The book begins in Paris's Louvre Museum, where the 76-year-old curator Jacques Saunière is being questioned at gunpoi... Read More
Chapters 5–14 Opus Dei is an extreme sect, loosely connected to the Catholic Church, with luxurious new headquarters located in New ... Read More
Chapters 15–24 Silas arrives at the Church of Saint-Sulpice. He longs to find the keystone. He knocks, and the door opens to him. ... Read More
Chapters 25–35 Fache phones the U.S. Embassy, but they have no messages for him and can't tell him where Langdon is. Frustrated, Fach... Read More
Chapters 36–45 The police have located Sophie's car, but Fache is smart enough to see it's a decoy—that they are somewhere else. Fach... Read More
Chapters 46–58 Silas despairs. He feels he has failed Bishop Aringarosa by failing to find the Grail and by killing the nun. He think... Read More
Chapters 59–70 Bishop Aringarosa phones Opus Dei's New York headquarters. He has a phone message from France to call back immediately... Read More
Chapters 71–81 Aboard Teabing's private jet, Langdon is again examining the strange writing under the box's wooden rose. As he puzzle... Read More
Chapters 82–96 Teabing has Rémy drive to the Temple Church near Fleet Street in London. During the drive Sophie asks Langdon for advi... Read More
Chapters 97–Epilogue Langdon and Sophie seek a guide (docent) to direct them to Isaac Newton's tomb, but the Teacher is already at the tomb... Read More
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