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The Dark Tower (Series) | Characters

Character Description
Roland Deschain Roland Deschain appears in all eight books of The Dark Tower. He is the last gunslinger, a descendant of King Arthur, who leads the quest to save the Dark Tower from the Crimson King. Read More
Jake Chambers Introduced in The Gunslinger and appearing in all eight volumes, Jake Chambers is the youngest member of the ka-tet who thinks of Roland as a father, and finds happiness with his new family in Mid-World. Read More
Eddie Dean Eddie Dean is an ex-junkie pulled from 1987 New York into Roland's quest for the Dark Tower in The Drawing of the Three. He gets clean in Mid-World, falls in love, and finds a sense of purpose. Read More
Susannah Dean Susannah Dean comes into being at the end of The Drawing of the Three, when her two personalities—Odetta Holmes and Detta Walker—fuse after Roland pulls her from New York to Mid-World to join his quest. Read More
Father Donald Callahan Father Donald Callahan is a disgraced priest whose battles with vampires in his America lead him to Mid-World after his death. He joins the ka-tet in Wolves of the Calla out of a belief in goodness and right. Read More
Mordred The child of Roland, Susannah, Mia, and the Crimson King, Mordred enters the world as a were-spider in Song of Susannah and pursues the ka-tet, relentlessly fixated on killing Roland. Read More
Walter Known by many names but primary as "The Man in Black," Walter first appears in The Gunslinger, but he also turns up to cause trouble in the other novels in the series. He is a powerful and power-hungry wizard who thrives on chaos. Read More
Crimson King First mentioned in The Gunslinger, the Crimson King is the mysterious force of evil that drives the action throughout the series as he and Roland race for control of the Dark Tower. Read More
Stephen King Stephen King is the author of The Dark Tower series who appears as a character starting in Song of Susannah. As a vessel for the Tower's story he provides assistance to the ka-tet through the narrative. Read More
Oy Oy is a doglike billy-bumbler the ka-tet meets in The Waste Lands. He becomes Jake's pet and an essential part of the quest through to the end. Read More
Alice Alice is a barmaid who becomes Roland's lover and is driven mad by Walter in The Gunslinger.
Cuthbert Allgood Cuthbert is one of Roland's friends and fellow gunslingers, who accompanies him and battles with him in Mejis in Wizard and Glass.
Jack Andolini Jack Andolini is a henchman for drug kingpin Enrico Balazar. Eddie kills him in The Drawing of the Three, but he turns up in other novels to create violence and havoc.
Andy Andy is a robot spy for the Wolves in Wolves of the Calla.
Enrico Balazar Enrico Balazar is the New York drug dealer who kills Eddie's brother in The Drawing of the Three and tries to strong-arm Calvin Tower in Song of Susannah.
Kurt Barlow In Wolves of the Calla, Kurt Barlow is mentioned as Father Callahan's vampire nemesis in his old life in America.
Stuttering Bill Stuttering Bill is a robot caretaker who maintains the road to the Dark Tower in The Dark Tower.
Bix Bix is a ferryman who may have a past relationship with Oy in The Wind Through the Keyhole.
Blaine the Mono Blaine the Mono is a sentient train driven to homicidal and suicidal rage by years of boredom in The Waste Lands and Wizard and Glass.
Ted Brautigan Ted Brautigan is one of the Americans brought to Mid-World as a Breaker who later rebels against his captors in The Dark Tower.
Brown Brown is a bean-loving farmer who offers Roland food and shelter at the beginning of The Gunslinger.
Moses Carver Moses Carver is Susannah's godfather and owner of a dental supply company who helps found the Tet Corporation in The Dark Tower.
Aunt Cordelia Aunt Cordelia is Susan Delgado's jealous, spiteful, and morally bankrupt aunt in Wizard and Glass.
Cort Cort is the man who trains Roland to be a gunslinger in Gilead in The Gunslinger.
John Cullum John Cullum is a resident of Stoneham, Maine, who helps Roland and Eddie find Calvin Tower and Stephen King before helping them form Tet Corporation in Song of Susannah and The Dark Tower.
Dandelo Dandelo is an energy vampire who kidnaps Patrick Danville and feeds on Roland and Susannah in The Dark Tower.
Patrick Danville Patrick is an artist whose ability to draw and paint reality saves the world in The Dark Tower.
Henry Dean "Great sage and eminent junkie," Henry Dean is Eddie's bullying older brother introduced in The Drawing of the Three.
Jamie De Curry Jamie De Curry is the gunslinger who accompanies Roland to hunt the skin man in The Wind Through the Keyhole.
Aaron Deepneau Introduced in The Waste Lands, Aaron Deepneau is a friend of Calvin Tower who plays an integral role in forming the Tet Corporation.
Susan Delgado Susan Delgado is Roland's first love who meets with a tragic end in Mejis when she is burned at the stake for her affair with Roland in Wizard and Glass.
Roy Depape Roy Depape is one of the Big Coffin Hunters who tries to sell oil from Mejis to John Farson in Wizard and Glass.
Gabrielle Deschain Introduced in The Gunslinger, Gabrielle Deschain is Roland's mother. She has an affair with Marten Broadcloak (one of Walter's personas) and plots to kill her husband until Roland discovers the truth.
Steven Deschain Introduced in The Gunslinger, Steven Deschain is Roland's father and ruler of the Mid-World Barony of New Canaan.
Dinky Earnshaw Dinky Earnshaw is one of a few renegade Breakers who help the ka-tet end the Breakers' destruction of the Beams in The Dark Tower.
John Farson John Farson is first mentioned in The Gunslinger. Under Walter's influence as Marten Broadcloak, Farson makes a successful bid for the rule of Mid-World and causes the old system of baronies to fall.
Gan Gan is a creator figure thought to have spawned the physical universe or possibly Mid-World. He is cited in Song of Susannah and The Wind Through the Keyhole.
Gasher Gasher is a henchman of the Tick-Tock Man who kidnaps Jake near Lud in The Waste Lands.
Earl Harrigan Earl Harrigan is a New York Street preacher who helps Father Callahan and Jake follow Susannah in Song of Susannah.
Hax Hax is a treasonous castle cook Roland sees hanged in The Gunslinger.
Alain Johns Alain is one of the two young gunslingers who accompanies Roland to Mejis and helps defeat the Big Coffin Hunters in Wizard and Glass.
Eldred Jonas Eldred Jonas is the leader of the Big Coffin Hunters who masterminds the plot to sell Mejis's oil to John Farson in Wizard and Glass.
Big Kells Big Bern Kells is a violent drunk who kills his best friend and marries his wife in The Wind Through the Keyhole.
Maerlyn Maerlyn is a powerful and legendary Wizard who helps Tim Ross avenge his father in The Wind Through the Keyhole.
Chip McAvoy Chip McAvoy owns a Maine general store where John Cullum helps Roland and Eddie escape Balazar's men in Song of Susannah.
Mia Mia is an elemental turned mortal so she can give birth to Mordred and be his mother in Song of Susannah and The Dark Tower.
Jack Mort Jack Mort is a serial killer who twice injures Susannah and tries to murder Jake in The Drawing of the Three.
Nigel Nigel is a service robot in the ward where Mordred is born. He helps the ka-tet and brings Mordred food until his disgust of Mordred fries his circuits in The Dark Tower.
Finli O'Tego Finli O'Tego commands the Wolves in Wolves of the Calla and oversees the Breakers in The Dark Tower.
Oracle As a female the Oracle tries to kidnap Jake and has sex with Roland in The Gunslinger, then reappears as a male and has sex with Susannah in The Waste Lands; these two encounters create Mordred.
Hugh Peavy Hugh Peavy is the sheriff of a town tormented by a shape-shifting skin man in The Wind Through the Keyhole.
Sylvia Pittston Sylvia Pittston is a fundamentalist preacher who conceives a demon child with the Crimson King via Walter and declares Roland the Antichrist in The Gunslinger.
Pimli Prentiss Pimli Prentiss is the overseer of the Breakers who kills Eddie in The Dark Tower.
David Quick David Quick is the father of Andrew Quick and former leader of the violent Grays in Lud in The Waste Lands.
Clay Reynolds Clay Reynolds is one of the bullying, violent Big Coffin Hunters in Mejis in Wizard and Glass.
Rhea of the Cöos Rhea of the Cöos is a witch in Mejis whose jealousy of Susan Delgado leads to Susan's death in Wizard and Glass.
Big Ross Big Jack Ross is Tim Ross's father, murdered by his best friend Big Kells in The Wind Through the Keyhole.
Nell Ross Nell Ross is Big Ross's widow, forced to marry Big Kells so she can afford the Covenant Man's tax bill in The Wind Through the Keyhole.
Tim Ross Tim Ross avenges his father's death, cures his mother's blindness, and grows up to become a gunslinger in The Wind Through The Keyhole.
Kimba Rimer Kimba Rimer is one of Mayor Thorin's advisors in Mejis, deeply involved in the plot to sell oil to John Farson in Wizard and Glass.
Richard Sayre Richard Sayre is one of the Crimson King's vampire "low men" who lures Father Callahan to his first death and makes empty promises to Mia about Mordred in Song of Susannah and The Dark Tower.
Shardik Shardik is the cyborg bear guardian of the Beam of the Bear in The Waste Lands.
Sheb Sheb is a bar piano player in Mejis in Wizard and Glass who also shows up in Tull in The Gunslinger.
Sheemie Sheemie is a simple bar assistant who tries to help Roland and Susan in Wizard and Glass. He is forced to become a Breaker and helps liberate the Breakers in The Dark Tower.
Ben Slightman Ben Slightman passes information to the Wolves in Wolves of the Calla in a desperate and cowardly attempt to keep his son safe.
Benny Slightman Benny Slightman is Jake's friend in the Calla who is killed during the battle with the Wolves in Wolves of the Calla.
Bryan Smith Bryan Smith is the distracted driver of the minivan that kills Jake and almost kills Stephen King in The Dark Tower.
Widow Smack Widow Smack is Tim Ross's teacher and Nell Ross's caregiver in The Wind Through the Keyhole.
Bill Streeter Bill Streeter is the sole witness to a skin man attack in Debaria after the skin man kills his entire family in The Wind Through the Keyhole.
Aunt Talitha Aunt Talitha is the matriarch of the village of River Crossing in The Waste Lands. She gives Roland a silver cross that serves as a talisman in forming the Tet Corporation.
Irene Tassenbaum Irene Tassenbaum is a Maine resident who takes Roland and Jake to the scene of Stephen King's accident so they can save him in The Dark Tower.
Hart Thorin Hart Thorin is the mayor of Hambry in Mejis who expects Susan Delgado to become his mistress despite their 50-year age difference in Wizard and Glass.
Rando Thoughtful Born Austin Cornwell, Rando Thoughtful is the Crimson King's former minister of state who engages in a half-hearted attempt to sabotage Roland and Susannah in The Dark Tower.
Tick-Tock Man Born Andrew Quick, the Tick-Tock Man leads one of the warring factions in Lud and hopes repairing and mastering the machines around him will give him more power in The Waste Lands.
Calvin Tower Calvin Tower owns a bookstore and the vacant lot in New York where a wild rose grows in The Waste Lands. He reluctantly signs over the vacant lot to the Tet Corporation so the rose can be preserved in The Dark Tower.
Zoltan Zoltan is Brown's pet raven who likes to sing about beans in The Gunslinger.
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