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The Day of the Locust | Study Guide

Nathanael West

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The Day of the Locust | Characters

Character Description
Faye Greener Faye Greener, an aspiring Hollywood actress and gold digger, tends to be followed by any number of lustful male admirers. Read More
Tod Hackett Tod Hackett is a new-to-Hollywood set and costume designer who finds himself drawn into a dark perspective as he observes the entertainment-oriented people in his new environment. Read More
Homer Simpson Homer Simpson, a retired bookkeeper who moves to Hollywood for health reasons, becomes obsessed with Faye Greener, who becomes his undoing. Read More
Harry Greener Harry Greener, father of Faye Greener, is a failed comedian who becomes a caricature of himself after a lifetime spent "singing for his supper." Read More
Angry church leader The angry church leader's "messianic rage" fascinates Tod Hackett when he sees the man ranting in the "Tabernacle of the Third Coming."
Jerry Appis Jerry Appis, mentioned at Claude Estee's party, had the idea to put a fake dead horse in the swimming pool.
Beggar The beggar accosts Homer Simpson when he fearfully walks down the canyon to get dinner at a market on Hollywood Boulevard. Homer throws change on the ground to distract the beggar and runs.
Calvin Calvin, a friend of Earle Shoop, kills time by hanging out in front of Hodge's saddlery, riling up his friend Earle.
Cameraman The cameraman runs the projector and breaks the film by accident on the night Tod Hackett goes to Audrey Jenning's upscale brothel.
Miss Carlisle Miss Carlisle is the room clerk who works at the hotel in the Midwest, where Homer Simpson worked for 20 years.
Chinese servant The Chinese servant brings Scotch and soda when a mint julep is requested at Claude Estee's party.
Mr. Crane Mr. Crane is one of the assistant directors on the set of Waterloo.
Mary Dove Mary Dove, a prostitute who seems secure in her practical choice of profession, is Faye's Greener's best friend.
Alice Estee Alice Estee, wife of Claude Estee, is one of the eccentric Hollywood types Tod Hackett goes to Audrey Jenning's upscale brothel with for a night on the town.
Claude Estee Claude Estee, a successful screenwriter, seems to live his life immersed in imitation and Hollywood fictions, except that he makes real money.
Famous child star The famous child star plays a Parisian drummer boy on the set of the movie Waterloo.
Female impersonator The female impersonator sings a song at the Cinderella Bar just after Faye Greener publicly shames Homer Simpson. Offstage, after the song is over, Tod Hackett observes that the male singer really is a woman but only imitates being a man, poorly and crudely.
Mrs. Gail Mrs. Gail is forced by Mrs. Johnson to go up to the front of the chapel to view Harry Greener's body at his funeral.
Mama Gingo Mama Gingo is a member of the Gingo family, who are Eskimo performers from Alaska. She is friends with Harry Greener and visits him when he is sick and attends his funeral.
Papa Gingo Papa Gingo is a member of the Gingo family, who are Eskimo performers from Alaska. He grunts along to the Bach song at Harry Greener's funeral, which earns him a slap from his wife.
Son Gingo The son Gingo is a member of the Gingo family, who are Eskimo performers from Alaska.
Grotenstein Grotenstein is the producer of the movie Waterloo.
Hink Hink, friend of Earle Shoop, makes fun of Earle outside of Hodge's saddler in front of Tod Hackett.
Mr. Holsepp Mr. Holsepp is the funeral director Mrs. Johnson recommends to Faye Greener for Harry Greener's funeral.
Indian wearing a sandwich board The Indian wearing a sandwich board exchanges racist comments about Mexicans with Calvin outside of Hodge's saddlery.
Audrey Jenning Audrey Jenning, also called Mrs. Jenning, is an entrepreneurial brothel madam, who charges $30 a trick. She has pretensions to culture and protects her girls by interviewing customers so that no girl will have to service a man Audrey Jenning couldn't imagine sleeping with herself.
Mrs. Johnson Janitor at the San Bernardino Arms apartments, Mrs. Johnson finds some self-importance in arranging funerals and protecting the interests of those she serves. She arranges Harry Greener's funeral.
Abe Kusich Abe Kusich is an angry man, "a dwarf," who is wise to Hollywood, surviving by his wits and not hampered by his physical size.
Man in the checked cap The man in the checked cap is the crewmember on the film Waterloo who sends the actors onto the unfinished set by accident. The set hill collapses and many actors are injured.
Miss Lee Miss Lee is one of the Lee sisters who are friends of Harry Greener's and visit him when he is sick. They also attend his funeral.
Miss Lee's sister Miss Lee's sister is one of the Lee sisters who are friends of Harry Greener's and visit him when he is sick. They also attend his funeral.
Adore Loomis Adore Loomis, the precocious and spoiled child actor whose mother exploits him, takes his anger out in aggressive misbehavior. Homer Simpson stomps Adore to death after the boy hits him with a stone.
Maybelle Loomis Maybelle Loomis, an ambitious theatre mom, is blind to her own cruel exploitation of her son.
Romola Martin Romola Martin is the alcoholic woman Homer Simpson almost has a sexual encounter with at the hotel in the Midwest, where he worked in the past.
Miguel Miguel, also called Mig, is Faye Greener's lover. He is the sort of man who is not afraid of his passions and knows how to survive in the natural world.
Old man in the Panama hat The old man in the Panama hat is biting and fondling a young girl while Tod Hackett is being swept along by the mob.
Policeman The policeman pulls Tod Hackett out of the crowd during the mob scene.
Reporter The reporter stirs up the crowd at the movie premiere.
Joan Schwartzen Joan Schwartzen is the famous tennis player Tod Hackett meets at Claude Estee's party. Joan doesn't like tennis or entertainment industry talk, but she likes brothels and dirty jokes.
Earle Shoop Earle Shoop, a cowboy movie extra and Faye Greener's lover, is a failed cowboy and failed actor and someone who is all appearance and no substance. In that sense he is Faye's double.
Skinny boy in Western Union cap The skinny boy in the Western Union cap becomes trapped against Tod Hackett in the mob at the movie premiere. Tod has to pinch the boy's neck to get him off.
Young girl with a torn dress The young girl with a torn dress is fondled by the Old man in the Panama hat—who also bites her neck—during the riot.
Young man in the funeral parlor The young man in the funeral parlor, likely an usher, rushes Tod Hackett out of the funeral parlor showroom where Tod daydreams after his failed conversation with Faye Greener at Harry Greener's funeral.
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