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The Day of the Locust | Study Guide

Nathanael West

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The Day of the Locust | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • 1930s

    Tod Hackett arrives in Hollywood for a new job in set and costume design.

    Chapter 1
  • Within three months

    Tod Hackett meets Abe Kusich and moves to the San Bernardino Arms, where Faye Greener lives.

    Chapter 2
  • Present, 1930s

    Tod Hackett goes to a party at Claude Estee's.

    Chapter 4
  • In the recent past

    Homer Simpson arrives in Hollywood and rents a house.

    Chapter 7
  • In the same flashback

    The first night in his house, Homer recalls his traumatic encounter with Romola Martin.

    Chapter 8
  • A month later

    Faye and Harry Greener meet Homer, who becomes entranced with Faye.

    Chapter 11
  • Back in the present

    Faye Greener and Tod Hackett go to Earle Shoop's camp in the canyon, and Tod attempts to rape Faye.

    Chapter 14
  • The next evening

    Harry Greener dies, and Faye Greener decides to become a prostitute to pay for his funeral.

    Chapter 16
  • Soon after

    Faye Greener moves in with Homer Simpson, and then Earle Shoop and Miguel move into Homer's garage.

    Chapter 19
  • A short while later

    Earle Shoop and Miguel arrange a cockfight in the garage, and Tod Hackett and Claude attend.

    Chapter 21
  • The same night

    Faye Greener sleeps with Miguel, Homer Simpson catches them, and Faye leaves.

    Chapter 24
  • The next day

    Tod Hackett finds Homer Simpson in deep emotional distress.

    Chapter 25
  • Later in the evening

    Tod Hackett wanders among a crowd waiting for celebrities at a movie premier.

    Chapter 27
  • Moments later

    A riot ensues as the crowd fights for position to be close to the arriving stars.

    Chapter 27
  • Right after

    Tod Hackett sees Homer Simpson carrying his suitcases and attempts to find a taxi for him.

    Chapter 27
  • Minutes later

    Adore Loomis throws a rock at Homer Simpson, and Homer knocks the boy down and stomps on him.

    Chapter 27
  • Immediately following

    Homer Simpson is crushed by the mob.

    Chapter 27
  • Simultaneously

    Tod Hackett gets swept up in the mob, injuring his leg.

    Chapter 27
  • A short while later

    Tod Hackett is rescued and placed in a police car for safety.

    Chapter 27
  • A moment later

    Unhinged by the violence, Tod Hackett laughs hysterically and screams along with a siren.

    Chapter 27

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Chapter 1 Tod Hackett, a Yale graduate newly arrived in Hollywood to work at set design and painting, surveys the scene outside hi... Read More
Chapter 2 Tod Hackett lives in a shabby residence hotel populated by a sort of Hollywood underworld—neither the rich and famous no... Read More
Chapter 3 A photo of Faye Greener in a harem costume stuck in the frame of his mirror distracts Tod Hackett, who is dressing for a... Read More
Chapter 4 Tod Hackett arrives at the party at the pretend antebellum mansion of Claude Estee, a successful screenwriter. Estee gre... Read More
Chapter 5 Tod Hackett rides in Claude Estee's car to Audrey Jenning's, and en route Claude describes the brothel's madam: once a s... Read More
Chapter 6 Tod Hackett is not terribly disappointed to learn that Faye Greener is not accessible through Audrey Jenning. Instead, h... Read More
Chapter 7 This chapter, a retrospective narration or flashback, traces Homer Simpson's introduction to Hollywood. Tod Hackett corr... Read More
Chapter 8 The flashback continues. Homer Simpson is efficiently settling into the house in Pinyon Canyon, putting his clothes away... Read More
Chapter 9 The reader remains in Homer Simpson's past, in his first day and his first bath in the Pinyon Canyon house. Homer gets o... Read More
Chapter 10 Homer Simpson's days take on a sameness that he doesn't seem to mind. Just as he used to live in a bookkeeper's rhythm o... Read More
Chapter 11 Homer Simpson has been living in his rented house on Pinyon Canyon for about a month when Harry Greener shows up, sellin... Read More
Chapter 12 After Harry Greener and Faye Greener leave, Homer Simpson spends the rest of the day in his deck chair, his hands moving... Read More
Chapter 13 Harry Greener's illness persists, and Tod Hackett visits him and Faye Greener in the Greeners' apartment nearly every ni... Read More
Chapter 14 There is a third man in Faye Greener's life, a Hollywood cowboy from Arizona. Earle Shoop spends his time—when he hasn't... Read More
Chapter 15 Tod Hackett visits the Greeners the night after the incident in the canyon and finds Harry Greener in bed, looking very ... Read More
Chapter 16 The next afternoon Tod Hackett returns to the Greeners rooms to find that Harry Greener has died. Faye Greener is hyster... Read More
Chapter 17 It is the day of Harry Greener's funeral, and Tod Hackett purposefully gets drunk, hoping to find the courage to talk to... Read More
Chapter 18 Faye Greener moved out of the San Bernardino Arms apartments the day after her father died, and Tod does not know where ... Read More
Chapter 19 Tod Hackett gets a ride back to the office with a carload of actors who were injured on the set. Their animated conversa... Read More
Chapter 20 Over a period of time, Faye Greener becomes bored living with Homer Simpson. The kinder and more generous he is, the mor... Read More
Chapter 21 Claude Estee learns about the cockfights from Tod Hackett and asks to go. Claude and Tod arrive at Homer Simpson's to di... Read More
Chapter 22 The men are getting drunk in the garage when Homer Simpson comes out and invites then all into the house. Faye Greener, ... Read More
Chapter 23 Tod Hackett returns to the house and finds Faye Greener and Miguel, their bodies glued together, dancing a tango. The ot... Read More
Chapter 24 Tod Hackett returns to Pinyon Canyon the next day, hoping to apologize to Homer Simpson. He finds Homer in his pajamas i... Read More
Chapter 25 When Tod Hackett looks into the living room, he finds Homer Simpson asleep, rolled into a tight fetal ball. Although Tod... Read More
Chapter 26 Tod does not go directly to dinner but instead drives to Hodge's saddlery store, thinking that if he finds Earle Shoop t... Read More
Chapter 27 Tod Hackett is headed toward Homer's when he sees "a dozen great violet shafts of light moving across the evening sky." ... Read More
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