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Giovanni Boccaccio

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The Decameron | Characters

Character Description
Pampinea Pampinea is a 28-year-old unmarried noblewoman, and leader of the brigata. She is queen in First Day. Read More
Fiammetta Fiammetta is a young noblewoman, and a member of the brigata. She is queen in Fifth Day. Read More
Emilia Emilia is a young noblewoman of the brigata. She is queen in Ninth Day. Read More
Filostrato Filostrato is one of the three young gentlemen who join the brigata. He is king in Fourth Day. Read More
Filomena Filomena is another female member of the brigata, and a bit younger than Pampinea. She is queen in Second Day. Read More
Dioneo Dioneo is one of the three young gentlemen who join the ladies to form the brigata. He is king in Seventh Day. Read More
Neifile Neifile is a young noblewoman of the brigata. She is queen in Third Day. Read More
Abbess Head of the convent, the abbess enjoys Masetto until he complains about having to satisfy all of the women in the convent to her in "Third Day, First Story."
Abbot The abbot is the leader of the monastery the young monk resides in in "First Day, Fourth Story."
Abraham Abraham is a Jewish man who is friends with Giannotto di Civignì and who converts to Christianity in "First Day, Second Story."
Alatiel Alatiel is a daughter of the sultan of Babylon who gets engaged to the king of Algarve, but goes through many amorous adventures along the way in "Second Day, Seventh Story."
Federigo degli Alberighi Federigo is a young nobleman who owns a magnificent falcon in "Fifth Day, Ninth Story" and sacrifices it.
Brother Alberto da Imola Alberto is a wicked man pretending to be a friar who convinces Lisetta the angel Gabriel is in love with her in "Fourth Day, Second Story."
Alibech Alibech is a young woman who journeys to the desert to seek to understand God and finds Rustico, who teaches her to "put the devil back into hell" (have sex) in "Third Day, Tenth Story."
Andreuccio di Pietro Andreuccio is a young man who journeys to Naples and has many misadventures in "Second Day, Fifth Story."
Antigono Antigono is a former retainer of the sultan of Babylon who recognizes Alatiel and sees her back to her father in "Second Day, Seventh Story."
Antioco Antioco is Osbech's vassal who helps Alatiel escape to Rhodes where he dies in "Second Day, Seventh Story."
Basano Basano is the king of Cappadocia who enters into an alliance with the emperor of Constantinople after the death of Constanzio to attack Osbech. He kills Osbech in battle in "Second Day, Seventh Story."
Beminedab Beminedab is the sultan of Babylon and Alatiel's father in "Second Day, Seventh Story."
Boccaccio Boccaccio is the author and limited narrator of The Decameron.
Giovanni del Bragoniera Giovanni is a young man who plays a prank on Brother Cipolla by replacing his feather with charcoal dust in "Sixth Day, Tenth Story."
Bruno Bruno is a friend of Calandrino who plays pranks on him with Buffalmacco. They convince Calandrino he is invisible in "Eighth Day, Third Story."
Buffalmacco Buffalmacco is a friend of Calandrino who plays pranks on him with Bruno's help. He convinces Calandrino he is invisible in "Eighth Day, Third Story."
Calandrino Calandrino is a fool who is often tricked by his friends, Bruno and Buffalmacco. He appears in "Eighth Day, Third Story."
Caterina Caterina is Lizio's daughter and Ricciardo's lover. She is caught with Ricciardo on the balcony after spending the night together in "Fifth Day, Fourth Story."
Cepparello Cepparello is a corrupt man who delights in wrongdoing of all types. He tricks a friar and becomes a saint in "First Day, First Story."
Brother Cipolla Brother Cipolla is a friar and gifted liar who claims to have a feather from the angel Gabriel in "Sixth Day, Tenth Story."
Ciuriaci Ciuriaci is a servant of the Prince of Morea who helps the Duke of Athens kill his master in "Second Day, Seventh Story."
Constanzio Constanzio is a son of the emperor of Constantinople. He is sent by his father to the Duke of Athens where he sees Alatiel, falls in love with her, and kidnaps her from the duke in "Second Day, Seventh Story."
Cypriot merchant The Cypriot merchant escorts Alatiel to Cyprus after Antioco's death in "Second Day, Seventh Story."
Duchess of Athens The Duchess of Athens is sister to Constanzio, and daughter of the emperor of Constantinople. She is upset her husband has taken Alatiel for his mistress, and helps her brother kidnap her in "Second Day, Seventh Story."
Duke of Athens The Duke of Athens is a friend and relative of the Prince of Morea. He kills him to possess Alatiel in "Second Day, Seventh Story."
Elissa Elissa is a young noblewoman of the brigata. She is queen in Sixth Day.
Madam Fiordaliso Madam Fiordaliso ("lily of the valley") is the woman who fleeces Andreuccio out of his money by pretending to be a relative in the "Second Day, Fifth Story."
Musciatto Franzesi Musciatto Franzesi is a rich merchant and knight who employs Cepparello in "First Day, First Story."
Ghismunda Ghismunda is the daughter of Tancredi and the lover of Guiscardo. She poisons herself in "Fourth Day, First Story."
Madonna Giacomina Madonna Giacomina is Caterina's mother who, at first, is disapproving and does not deal well with the news of her daughter's affair, but who listens to her husband in "Fifth Day, Fourth Story."
Father Gianni di Barolo Father Gianni di Barolo is a friend of Pietro who lies to Gemmata about being able to turn people into horses and back again in "Ninth Day, Tenth Story."
Giannotto di Civignì Giannotto di Civignì is a Parisian merchant who is friends with Abraham in "First Day, Second Story."
Giannucole Giannucole is an elderly man, and father to Griselda in "Tenth Day, Tenth Story."
Maestro Giotto Maestro Giotto is one of the greatest and most famous of all Italian artists. He is a deeply unattractive man in "Sixth Day, Fifth Story."
Monna Giovanna Monna Giovanna is a married woman who does not return Federigo's affections. When her husband dies and her son becomes sick, she asks for his help, but after the death of her son, she marries Federigo in "Fifth Day, Ninth Story."
Giovanna's son Giovanna's son is a young boy who likes Federigo's falcon, and asks for it when he is ill in the hopes it will help him recover. He dies in "Fifth Day, Ninth Story."
Gisippus Gisippus is a young man who is a loyal friend to Titus. He sees his best friend in trouble and wants to help, even offering his own betrothed to Titus when he sees how much he loves her in "Tenth Day, Eighth Story."
Griselda Griselda is an incredibly faithful, loyal, and obedient wife to Gualtieri in "Tenth Day, Tenth Story."
Gualtieri Gualtieri is a cruel man who abuses his wife, Griselda, in many ways in "Tenth Day, Tenth Story."
Guccio Guccio is a rather disgusting servant of Brother Cipolla who shirks his guard duties to woo a servant girl in "Sixth Day, Tenth Story."
Guiscardo Guiscardo is a valet to Tancredi and the lover of Ghismunda. Tancredi has him killed and his heart delivered to Ghismunda in a goblet in "Fourth Day, First Story."
Isabetta Isabetta is a young nun who meets her lover for an assignation, and is caught by her fellow nuns. She is called before the abbess, but uses quick thinking to escape punishment in "Ninth Day, Second Story."
King of Algarve The king of Algarve is the ruler Alatiel is betrothed to and eventually marries after her adventures in the "Second Day, Seventh Story."
Lauretta Lauretta is a young noblewoman of the brigata. She is queen in Eighth Day.
Lisabetta Lisabetta keeps her lover's head in a pot of basil after her brothers kill him, and eventually dies of grief in "Fourth Day, Fifth Story."
Madonna Lisetta da ca' Quirino Madonna Lisetta is a vain and rather dim woman who believes an angel is in love with her, and grants him (Brother Alberto) sexual favors in "Fourth Day, Second Story."
Lizio da Valbona Lizio da Valbona is an old knight who catches his daughter in a compromising position with her lover, in "Fifth Day, Fourth Story."
Lorenzo Lorenzo is a young man working for Lisabetta's brothers who falls in love with her. Her brothers kill him and hide his body in "Fourth Day, Fifth Story."
Man who hides Brother Alberto A man hides Brother Alberto only to reveal him as the angel Gabriel in Saint Mark's Square in front of the entire town in "Fourth Day, Second Story."
Manovello Manovello is the nephew of the emperor of Constantinople, and is sent to the Duke of Athens in "Second Day, Seventh Story."
Marato Marato is Pericone's brother and murderer, and the second man to steal away with Alatiel in "Second Day, Seventh Story."
Masetto da Lamporecchio Masetto da Lamporecchio is a young man who pretends to be a deaf-mute to gain employment (and sex) as a gardener at a convent in "Third Day, First Story."
Melchisedech Melchisedech is a Jewish money lender who is tested by the Saladin in "First Day, Third Story."
Neerbale Neerbale is a young man who sets out to find Alibech after her family dies in a fire. He finds her in the desert and marries her in "Third Day, Tenth Story."
Nuns None are named, but all of the nuns in the convent begin to take advantage of Masetto's youth, virility, and seeming muteness in "Third Day, First Story."
Nuta Nuta is the servant girl in "Sixth Day, Tenth Story."
Nuto Nuto is an older man and former worker at the convent in "Third Day, First Story."
Osbech Osbech is king of the Turks. He attacks and kills Constanzio, and takes Alatiel as his wife in "Second Day, Seventh Story."
Panfilo Panfilo is the third young gentleman of the brigata. He is king in Tenth Day.
Pericone da Visalgo Pericone da Visalgo is the first man to encounter Alatiel after the shipwreck and succumb to the lure of her beauty in "Second Day, Seventh Story."
Peronella Peronella is a young woman who meets with her lover while her husband is away, only to do some quick thinking when he returns early from work in "Seventh Day, Second Story."
Peronella's husband Peronella's husband is an older man who is none the wiser to Peronella's affair in "Seventh Day, Second Story."
Pietro de Tresanti Pietro de Tresanti is a poor man and friend to Father Gianni. He agrees to go along with the transformation of his wife into a horse until Gianni attempts to have sex with her in "Ninth Day, Tenth Story."
Biagio Pizzini Biagio Pizzini is the second young man who helps play a prank on Brother Cipolla in "Sixth Day, Tenth Story."
Prince of Morea The Prince of Morea falls in love with Alatiel, and immediately sends for her and keeps her as his mistress in "Second Day, Seventh Story."
Forese da Rabatta Forese da Rabatta is a very ugly but smart man in matters of civil law in "Sixth Day, Fifth Story."
Ricciardo Ricciardo is a wealthy nobleman who falls in love with Caterina and is caught sleeping with her by Lizio in "Fifth Day, Fourth Story."
Rustico Rustico is a holy hermit who decides to test himself by allowing Alibech to stay with him. He falls to temptation and shows her how to put the devil in hell sexually in "Third Day, Tenth Story."
Saladin Saladin is a sultan of Babylon who needs money in "First Day, Third Story."
Giannello Scrignario Giannello Scrignario is Peronella's lover who pretends to be interested in buying a barrel to fool her husband in "Seventh Day, Second Story."
Ship owner 1 Ship Owner 1 is one of two men Marato contracts with to help him steal away with Alatiel. He and his partner kill Marato and then try to kill each other in "Second Day, Seventh Story."
Ship owner 2 Ship Owner 2 is the second of the two men Marato contracts with. He and his partner murder Marato and then fight each other for Alatiel in "Second Day, Seventh Story."
Steward The steward of the convent gives Masetto work in the "Third Day, First Story."
Tancredi Tancredi is the Prince of Salerno who kills his daughter's lover, only to watch her kill herself in "Fourth Day, First Story."
Thief 1 Thief 1 is one of the men who convinces Andreuccio to help him rob the archbishop's tomb in "Second Day, Fifth Story."
Thief 2 Thief 2 is the second of two men who convince Andreuccio to help rob the crypt of the archbishop in "Second Day, Fifth Story."
Three brothers The three brothers are Lisabetta's siblings who kill her lover, and then take the pot containing his head away from her. They flee the city but are caught in "Fourth Day, Fifth Story."
Abbess Usimbalda Usimbalda is an abbess who is caught in her own affair with a priest by Isabetta in "Ninth Day, Second Story."
Women A group of nameless women assure Alibech she will be putting the devil back into hell with Neerbale in "Third Day, Tenth Story."
Young monk A young monk smuggles his lover into his room, but is soon discovered by the abbot in "First Day, Fourth Story."
Young woman A young woman is caught meeting with a young monk by the abbot in "First Day, Fourth Story."
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