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Charles Darwin

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The Descent of Man | Glossary


arrested development: (n) the cessation of development in a biological process before normal completion

evolution: (n) the process of development from an earlier form

genealogy: (n) the connected line of an individual's or group's ancestors

homologous: (adj) having the same structure

natural selection: (n) the process of survival by individuals or groups best able to adjust to environments and create successive generations

polydactylism: (n) the quality of possessing additional toes or fingers

progenitor: (n) an early ancestor

Quadrumana: (n, pl) a group of primates possessing feet that resemble hands

reversion: (n) the process of returning to a previous state or condition

rudiments: (n, pl) undeveloped and/or nonfunctioning organs or body parts

social instinct: (n) the inherent desire to live and interact in a community or group

sympathy: (n) the ability to understand and feel similarly to another

variability: (n) capability of adapting to different environments or conditions

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