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The Diary of a Young Girl | Study Guide

Anne Frank

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The Diary of a Young Girl | Characters

Character Description
Anne Frank Anne Frank is a German-born teenager who keeps a diary while in hiding with her family in Amsterdam in the Netherlands during World War II. Read More
Otto Frank Otto Frank is Anne's father, and she feels close to him. Read More
Mrs. Frank Mrs. Frank is Anne's mother. Read More
Margot Frank Margot is Anne's older sister by three years. Read More
Peter van Daan Peter van Daan is Anne's pseudonym for Peter van Pels. Peter is a housemate in the Secret Annex and is two-and-a-half years older than Anne. Read More
Mr. van Daan Mr. van Daan is Anne's pseudonym for Mr. van Pels. Another housemate in the Secret Annex, Mr. van Daan is Peter's father and former colleague of Otto Frank. Read More
Mrs. van Daan Mrs. van Daan is Anne's pseudonym for Mrs. van Pels. Another housemate in the Secret Annex, she is also Peter's mother. Read More
Bep Bep Voskuijl, Mr. Frank's former secretary, brings many staples to the Secret Annex; she also brings clothing and correspondence courses, as well as occasional treats.
Mr. Dussel Mr. Albert Dussel is Anne's pseudonym for Fritz Pfeffer. She sometimes refers to him as Mr. Dussel, but also as Dr. Dussel, because he is a dentist. Although Anne at first thinks Dr. Dussel is nice, she quickly changes her opinion when they're forced to share a bedroom because no other space can be arranged. Dussel (Pfeffer) died in the Neuengamme concentration camp in December 1944.
Mr. Goldschmidt Mr. Goldschmidt is the upstairs tenant at the Franks' old apartment.
Hanneli Hanneli is one of Anne's childhood friends in Germany. Anne has a heartbreaking dream in which Hanneli asks why Anne has deserted her and begs Anne to rescue her.
Jacque Jacque is Anne's classmate and "supposed" best friend.
Jan Gies Jan Gies is Miep's husband and a friend of the Franks. Like his wife, Jan is endlessly helpful to the residents of the Secret Annex.
Miep Gies Miep, the wife of Jan Gies and a long-time employee of Otto Frank's company, is essential to the people in the Secret Annex. Every day, she brings them food and other necessities, often conveying vital news of the outside world.
Mr. Keesing Anne's cranky math teacher, Mr. Keesing thinks Anne talks too much at school.
Mr. Kleiman Mr. Kleiman, a Christian, runs Mr. Frank's jam-making company after Jews are forbidden to own businesses. He is a helpful friend, and lends Anne's family many books.
Mr. Kugler Mr. Kugler runs Mr. Frank's spice company after Jews are forbidden to own businesses.
Lies Lies is Anne's classmate and friend; Anne dreams about her while in hiding.
Mouschi Mouschi is the cat who lives in the Secret Annex. She provides some comfort but also an infestation of fleas.
Sanne Sanne and Anne were best friends until Sanne went to a different school.
Peter Schiff Peter Schiff is referred to in some editions by the pseudonym Peter Wessel. Anne imagines herself to be deeply in love with her former classmate and the "first" Peter, although she's had little contact with him for two years.
Hello Silberberg Hello Silberberg, three years older than Anne and a cousin of her school friend, is her last boyfriend in the outside world.
Mr. Voskuijl Bep's father, Mr. Voskuijl, works in the office warehouse.
Wilma Anne meets Hello Silberberg at Wilma's house.
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