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Anne Frank

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The Diary of a Young Girl | Section Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • June 12, 1942

    Anne's 13th birthday; one of her presents is a diary.

    June 12, 1942
  • July 5, 1942

    The Nazis notify Anne's sister, Margot, to report to a labor camp in Germany.

    July 5, 1942
  • July 9, 1942

    Anne and her family go into hiding at the Secret Annex in her father's office building.

    July 9, 1942
  • July 13, 1942

    The van Daan family (real name: van Pels) joins the Franks in the Secret Annex.

    July 12, 1942
  • November 17, 1942

    Mr. Dussel (real name: Fritz Pfeffer) comes to live in the Secret Annex.

    November 17, 1942
  • July 16, 1943

    Burglars break into the office building housing the Secret Annex.

    July 16, 1943
  • January 24, 1944

    Anne and Peter van Daan have their first conversation about sexuality.

    January 24, 1944
  • April 11, 1944

    The office warehouse is burglarized. The police almost find the Secret Annex.

    April 11, 1944 (first entry)
  • April 16, 1944

    Anne and Peter kiss for the first time.

    April 16, 1944
  • June 6, 1944

    The Normandy invasion begins, bringing hope that the war will soon end.

    June 6, 1944
  • August 1, 1944

    Anne's last entry in the diary; the residents of the Secret Annex are arrested on August 4.

    August 1, 1944

Section Summaries Chart

Section Summary
June 12–July 5, 1942 At first, Anne Frank's diary entries are the normal confidences of a chatty teenage girl. In her first entry, for June... Read More
July 8–September 21, 1942 In this section Anne and her family move into their new secret home, a week earlier than her parents had originally plan... Read More
September 25–November 5 Almost four months have passed since Anne Frank's family went into hiding. She makes it clear that any novelty the Sec... Read More
November 9–December 7, 1942 Anne Frank returns to relating details of everyday life and describes how the residents of the Secret Annex manage to ... Read More
December 10, 1942–March 10, 1943 On December 10, Anne describes an amusing day spent watching Mr. van Daan make all kinds of sausages. For once, the re... Read More
March 12–June 13, 1943 This section is notable for Anne's composure under a barrage of troubles. Food in the Secret Annex has never bee... Read More
June 15–July 26, 1943 On June 15 Anne wonders if she's boring her diary, Kitty, with her "dreary chitchat." She decides to keep her news bri... Read More
July 29–August 23, 1943 On July 29, Anne again manages to keep her temper in the face of harsh criticism from Mrs. van Daan and Mr. Dussel, th... Read More
September 10–November 17, 1943 Anne's entry for September 10 brings wonderful news: Italy has surrendered to the Allied forces. "As always, the Dutch... Read More
November 27, 1943–January 2, 1944 In one of the diary's most poignant entries, Anne writes on November 27 about a nightmare she's just had about her clo... Read More
January 6–January 24, 1944 In January 1944, Anne Frank focuses on "confessing" about two important topics: her evolving relationship with her mot... Read More
January 28–March 2, 1944 Many of the entries in this section center on Anne Frank's growing attraction to Peter van Daan. Becoming closer to Pe... Read More
March 3–March 8, 1944 Anne Frank can't stop thinking and talking about Peter van Daan, and talking to him whenever she gets a chance. The tw... Read More
March 10–March 22, 1944 Life in the Secret Annex is feeling more unstable than usual, and it seems everyone is out of sorts. Anne Frank's emot... Read More
March 23–April 3, 1944 Despite the pressures of living in hiding, Anne makes an effort to get along with the other residents and to understan... Read More
April 5–April 15, 1944 At this point, Anne is feeling listless about her schoolwork. If the war doesn't end soon, she'll be two years behind ... Read More
April 16–May 3, 1944 "Do you think Mother and Father would approve of a girl my age sitting on a divan and kissing a seventeen-and-a-half-y... Read More
May 5–May 19, 1944 On May 5, Anne Frank reports that her father is upset with her. He had thought she and Peter van Daan were just friend... Read More
May 20–June 5, 1944 Anne Frank doesn't talk about Peter van Daan in this section; she has too many other things to worry about; and beside... Read More
June 6–June 13, 1944 At last, some encouraging war news: the Allies begin their invasion of Normandy on June 6, 1944. "The year 1944 is the... Read More
June 16–July 6, 1944 The tide of the war is finally starting to turn, but battles of all kinds are raging in the Secret Annex. Mrs. van Daa... Read More
July 8–August 1, 1944 On July 8, the Annex routine is shaken up by a delivery: 24 crates of strawberries. Immediately, everyone sets to work... Read More
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