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The Fault in Our Stars | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • Late winter

    Hazel meets Gus at a support group and agrees to go to his house that evening.

    Chapter 1
  • That evening

    Hazel and Gus exchange books to read with the promise to call when they finish.

    Chapter 2
  • Two days later

    Hazel calls Gus. She says he needs to finish her book before they talk more.

    Chapter 4
  • The next day

    Gus finishes and texts Hazel. She goes to his house to comfort Isaac after he was dumped.

    Chapter 4
  • Sunday, one week later

    Gus tells Hazel about an email he received from Van Houten and gives her the email.

    Chapter 5
  • Wednesday

    Van Houten extends an invitation to Hazel to visit him in Amsterdam.

    Chapter 5
  • Saturday

    Gus takes Hazel on a picnic and tells her he is using his Wish to take them to Amsterdam.

    Chapter 5
  • A few days later

    Hazel wakes up to failing lungs and is rushed to the hospital. She stays there for six days.

    Chapter 7
  • A couple days later

    Dr. Maria and Mrs. Lancaster decide she can go to Amsterdam.

    Chapter 8
  • A few days later

    Mrs. Lancaster, Hazel, and Gus arrive in Amsterdam.

    Chapter 10
  • The next day

    Hazel and Gus meet angry, unpleasant Van Houten. They go to the Anne Frank House, where they kiss.

    Chapter 12
  • The next day

    Gus tells Hazel his cancer has returned. They fly home the next day.

    Chapter 13
  • A few days later

    Gus has begun cancer treatment again. He gets Isaac to throw eggs at Monica's car.

    Chapter 14
  • Three weeks later

    Gus requires a wheelchair. He and Hazel return to the location of their picnic one last time.

    Chapter 15
  • Days later

    Gus struggles with his declining health. Hazel is with him every day.

    Chapter 16
  • Few days later, 2:35 a.m.

    Gus calls Hazel for help after trying to buy cigarettes. Hazel calls an ambulance.

    Chapter 18
  • Few days later

    Hazel and Isaac give prefuneral eulogies for Gus at Literal Heart of Jesus Church.

    Chapter 20
  • Eight days later

    Gus passes away.

    Chapter 21
  • Eleven days later

    Hazel learns Gus left her a eulogy.

    Chapter 24
  • Two days later

    Hazel reads Gus's eulogy to her and learns she was a hero in his eyes.

    Chapter 25

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Chapter 1 Hazel Grace Lancaster is a 16-year-old diagnosed with thyroid cancer and metastatic tumors in her lungs. Because of Haze... Read More
Chapter 2 Hazel and Gus drive to his house, and along the way he says he is in high school, and Hazel tells him she is already in ... Read More
Chapter 3 Hazel stays up finishing The Price of Dawn and is woken by her mother the next morning to the news it is her 33rd "half-... Read More
Chapter 4 Hazel rereads An Imperial Affliction. It is a book about Anna, a girl with blood cancer, but rather than being about hav... Read More
Chapter 5 Four days later, Gus and Hazel discuss An Imperial Affliction with the added news that Gus was able to get in contact wi... Read More
Chapter 6 Hazel tells her mother of the plan she has worked up about traveling to Amsterdam. Based on Dr. Maria's recommendation, ... Read More
Chapter 7 Hazel awakens to excruciating pain and says she would have been happy to die; the pain is the result of her lungs fillin... Read More
Chapter 8 The doctors tell Hazel and her parents the fluid buildup in Hazel's lungs is likely a side effect of Phalanxifor and not... Read More
Chapter 9 Hazel decides to go to the support group for the first time since meeting Gus. It's the day before her trip to Amsterdam... Read More
Chapter 10 The morning of the flight to Amsterdam, Hazel and her mom drive to pick up Gus for their flight, intercepting part of an... Read More
Chapter 11 They arrive in Amsterdam and check into the Hotel Filosoof. Hazel's mom wants to go to the Vondelpark, Amsterdam's famou... Read More
Chapter 12 Gus and Hazel awaken the next morning and dress to meet Van Houten; Hazel dresses up in an outfit very similar to the on... Read More
Chapter 13 The next day, August and Hazel wake up and tell Mrs. Lancaster the events of the day before. Mrs. Lancaster quickly leav... Read More
Chapter 14 Hazel and Gus return from Holland to the United States to find Mr. Lancaster waiting for them in the airport. Back at ho... Read More
Chapter 15 The start of the week begins with Gus's and Hazel's families all sitting together, eating and enjoying dinner. However, ... Read More
Chapter 16 Hazel spends the days she can with Gus; however, he is struggling to keep down food and remain awake. She goes over to h... Read More
Chapter 17 One month after Amsterdam, Hazel goes to the Waters house to find he has wet the bed, as his condition continues to fall... Read More
Chapter 18 Hazel wakes up in the middle of the night to a phone call from Gus asking for her help. He is at a gas station, unable t... Read More
Chapter 19 At the beginning of the chapter, Augustus comments that his last shred of dignity is almost gone. His death is imminent,... Read More
Chapter 20 Gus calls Hazel and asks her to come to the Literal Heart of Jesus, the somewhat sarcastic name Gus and Hazel have for t... Read More
Chapter 21 Gus dies eight days later, and his mother calls Hazel to notify her. Hazel drowns in pain and anger. She calls Isaac, bu... Read More
Chapter 22 The funeral is held in the church where the cancer support group meets. When Hazel arrives, she immediately removes all ... Read More
Chapter 23 A couple of days following the funeral, Hazel arrives at Isaac's house, and they play a video game and discuss Gus. Isaa... Read More
Chapter 24 Several days later Mr. Waters calls Hazel to tell her he found, not written pages, but a notebook with pages ripped out ... Read More
Chapter 25 Hazel decides to talk with Kaitlyn and brings up the problem of the missing pages. Kaitlyn suggests Gus may have mailed ... Read More
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