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Ayn Rand

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The Fountainhead | Characters

Character Description
Howard Roark Howard Roark is an idealistic and uncompromising young architect. He is the main character in the novel. Read More
Ellsworth Toohey Ellsworth Toohey is a powerful trend-setter of modern taste. He stands in direct opposition to all individualists like Roark. Read More
Dominique Dominique is the glamorous and beautiful young woman who loves Howard Roark. She opposes Roark by marrying and supporting two other men. Read More
Peter Keating Peter Keating is an initially successful young architect. He admires Roark but follows Toohey's advice for success and happiness. Read More
Gail Wynand Gail Wynand is a powerful businessman. He has pulled himself up from nothing to become one of the most powerful and wealthy men in New York. Read More
Catherine Halsey Catherine Halsey is a young woman in love with Peter Keating. She is devoted to service to the downtrodden as guided by her Uncle Toohey. Read More
Henry Cameron Henry Cameron is an architect who gives Roark his first job.
Lois Cook Lois Cook is a popular experimental writer who glories in duping her readers.
Dean of the School of Architecture at the Stanton Institute of Technology The dean is the guardian of the reputation of the school, whose recommendations make or break the careers of young architectural students.
Roger Enright Roger Enright is a wealthy businessman who gives Roark a commission to build the Enright House from which Roark gains a reputation.
Guy Francon Guy Francon is Dominique's father and a successful architect. He gives Peter Keating his first job as a draftsman in his firm.
Austen Heller Austen Heller is a successful businessman and supporter of Roark's ideals who commissions him to build his house.
Lucius Heyer Lucius Heyer is the elder partner the firm Heyer & Francon.
Mrs. Ralston Holcombe Mrs. (Kiki) Ralston Holcombe is a social trend-setter who "collects architects."
Ralston Holcombe Ralston Holcombe is a popular and influential architect who only takes on the wealthiest clients in New York.
Mrs. Keating Mrs. Keating is Peter Keating's mother.
Kent Lansing Kent Lansing is a wealthy client who admires Roark's designs, engages him to design the Aquitania Hotel, and buys the ruined Cortland project so that Roark can rebuild it.
Mitchell Layton Mitchell Layton is an outspoken, young and very wealthy man Toohey brings to the board of The Banner.
Steven Mallory Steven Mallory is a passionate sculptor. He shoots at Toohey because he is afraid Toohey represents the "beast" Mallory fights against.
Mike Mike is a construction electrician who befriends Roark.
Gordon Prescott Gordon Prescott is a successful and conservative architect.
Alvah Scarret Alvah Scarret is a journalist with the Banner and a good friend of Toohey.
John Eric Snyte John Snyte is a successful architect who hires Roark to create modernistic designs.
Claude Stengel Claude Stengel is the gruff chief designer at Francon & Heyer who touches up every design before it goes to Francon.
Hopton Stoddard Hopton Stoddard is a wealthy client who hires Roark to design the Temple of the Human Spirit.
Mrs. Wayne Wilmot Mrs. Wilmot is a wealthy client who attempts to unsuccessfully dictate to Roark the style of house she wants him to design for her.
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