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Ayn Rand

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Check out this Infographic to learn more about Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead. Study visually with character maps, plot summaries, helpful context, and more.

Sources:, Encyclopaedia Britannica, Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy Copyright © 2018 Course Hero, Inc. Ellsworth Toohey, Part 3, Chapter 8 o be happy is the most dangerous thing. Rand was born in Russia but fled to the United States after the Russian Revolution. She rejected the collectivism of the Soviet Union and embraced extreme individualism, a philosophy represented in her work. Her works inspired a political and philosophical movement, which she called Objectivism. AYN RAND1905–82 Author Paper Stands for the disposable commodity of mass media Stone Symbolizes endurance and determination Light Represents the characters of different people and buildings, depending on how it is used Symbols Context Modernist architecture of the early 20th century rejected the past and celebrated the future with new, sleek designs and use of materials such as glass and steel. Architecture as Modernism Rand’s philosophy, developed in The Fountainhead, prizes individualism and objective reality over sentimentality. Objectivism The Fountainheadby the Numbers Years it took Rand to write The Fountainhead >7 Year Rand became an American citizen 1931 Publishers that rejected The Fountainhead before it was finally published 12 Year a film adaptation of The Fountainhead starring Gary Cooper was released 1949 U.S. Supreme Court justice who has made his law clerks watch the 1949 film adaptation of The Fountainhead every year—Justice Clarence Thomas 1 Idealistic, individualistic architect; resists compromising his vision Howard Roark Critic and “tastemaker” determined to destroy Roark’s work Ellsworth Toohey Glamorous, intelligent, self-destructive young woman Dominique Handsome, well-trained architect; doubts himself Peter Keating Powerful publisher; hires Roark to design the Wynand Building Gail Wynand Howard Roark is a young architect who refuses to compromise his vision, no matter what happens. Roark experiences personal and professional challenges, but he does not stray from his beliefs, even when those around him are swayed by societal pressures, career goals, and personal passions. The Individual vs. Society MAIN CHARACTERS English Original Language 1943 Year Published Ayn Rand Author The Fountainhead Fiction Novel

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