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Lois Lowry

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The Giver | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • Late November

    Jonas's father asks the family if he can bring a newchild home for extra nurturing.

    Chapter 1
  • The next day

    Gabriel, the newchild, becomes part of the family unit; he has pale eyes, like Jonas's.

    Chapter 3
  • Several days later

    Jonas feels his first Stirrings and begins to take a daily pill to suppress them.

    Chapter 5
  • December

    At the December Ceremony, Jonas is selected to be the new Receiver of Memory.

    Chapter 8
  • The next day

    Jonas begins training with The Receiver, whom he calls The Giver, and receives his first memories.

    Chapter 10
  • The next day

    Jonas learns about colors and is given the memory of a rainbow.

    Chapter 12
  • Many weeks later

    Jonas learns what death is and that animals were real when he sees the slaughter of an elephant.

    Chapter 13
  • October

    Gabriel's restlessness puts him at risk for release. Jonas shares memories with the boy to soothe him.

    Chapter 14
  • The next day

    Jonas receives devastating memories of war and carnage.

    Chapter 15
  • The days following

    Jonas receives beautiful memories, including one that shows a family, a holiday, warmth, and love.

    Chapter 16
  • The next morning

    Jonas stops taking his pill.

    Chapter 16
  • Four weeks later

    Jonas's father mentions he will release one of a pair of twins the next day.

    Chapter 17
  • The next day

    Jonas learns that the previous Receiver had asked to be released, unable to bear the pain.

    Chapter 18
  • Later that day

    Jonas sees a tape of his father releasing the twin; horrified, Jonas realizes he killed it.

    Chapter 19
  • That night

    Jonas and The Giver plan to change the community by having Jonas escape and release his memories.

    Chapter 20
  • The next evening

    Father mentions that Gabriel has not progressed as he should and will be released the next day.

    Chapter 21
  • That night

    Unable to wait to implement The Giver's plan, Jonas steals a bike and escapes with Gabriel.

    Chapter 21
  • Weeks later

    Far from the community, Jonas and Gabriel begin to starve and grow weaker.

    Chapter 22
  • Later

    Snow begins to fall; Jonas finds Elsewhere, where joy and love are waiting for him.

    Chapter 23

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Chapter 1 In Chapter 1 readers meet Jonas, a bright, good-natured Eleven who is observant, thoughtful, and happy. He has two lovin... Read More
Chapter 2 Jonas's parents try to relieve his concerns about the coming Ceremony of Twelve. Father talks about many of the Ceremoni... Read More
Chapter 3 Father brings the newchild Gabriel to the family dwelling for extra nurturing. Lily gleefully points out that the little... Read More
Chapter 4 Jonas rides through the community, looking for his friend Asher. He is hoping they can spend time together while complet... Read More
Chapter 5 Chapter 5 begins with another standard ritual, the sharing of dreams. Lily and Mother describe their dreams, which are e... Read More
Chapter 6 Chapter 6 begins with Jonas's family getting ready to attend the December Ceremonies, where they will be joined by every... Read More
Chapter 7 It is finally time for the Ceremony of Twelve. Elevens will be called to the stage according to their birth order number... Read More
Chapter 8 The Chief Elder quickly follows up the main ceremony by apologizing to the audience, to Jonas, and to Jonas's family for... Read More
Chapter 9 From the moment Jonas's selection is announced, his life begins to change. For the first time, Jonas feels alone and sep... Read More
Chapter 10 Jonas reports to the Annex for his first day of training as the Receiver of Memory. An attendant unlocks a door (which c... Read More
Chapter 11 Jonas lies face down on a bed, and the Elder gently places his hands on the boy's back. Jonas quickly becomes immersed i... Read More
Chapter 12 In school the next day, Jonas listens silently to the excited chatter of the other Twelves as they discuss their trainin... Read More
Chapter 13 Weeks go by, and Jonas works hard to assimilate new memories. Some introduce difficult truths and harsh realities. One s... Read More
Chapter 14 The Giver introduces Jonas to the idea of pain by transferring another memory of sledding down a hill. This time, though... Read More
Chapter 15 One day Jonas enters the Annex and finds The Giver in tremendous pain. He expects to be sent away, which sometimes happe... Read More
Chapter 16 After receiving the memory of war, Jonas wishes he did not have to return to The Giver. He no longer wants the honor, th... Read More
Chapter 17 The community is given an unexpected holiday. As Jonas heads off to find his friends, he thinks about how not taking his... Read More
Chapter 18 When Jonas next visits The Giver, the question of release is still on his mind. He still assumes that release is nothing... Read More
Chapter 19 The session continues, and Jonas tells The Giver that he had been interested in release because his father was releasing... Read More
Chapter 20 Jonas becomes hysterical after witnessing his father's release of the newchild, experiencing the most intense emotions h... Read More
Chapter 21 After working out his detailed plan with The Giver to escape, Jonas returns to his dwelling. As usual, he listens to Lil... Read More
Chapter 22 As Jonas and Gabriel continue on their journey, travel becomes increasingly difficult. Roads become poorly maintained, a... Read More
Chapter 23 Jonas suddenly becomes certain that his destination, Elsewhere, is not far ahead. But he has no confidence that he will ... Read More
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