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The Godfather | Book 5, Chapter 22 | Summary



Book 5, Chapter 22 of The Godfather focuses on Lucy Mancini, a minor character. A year after Sonny Corleone's death, Lucy misses him desperately. She doesn't miss him in a sentimental way, but rather because he was the only man who could give her sexual pleasure. Lucy has a large vagina, so only Sonny with his large penis could make her reach orgasm. Now Lucy is living in Las Vegas and has become friends with a doctor named Jules Segal. Jules wants to have sex with Lucy, but she puts him off. Lucy remembers having wild sex with Sonny. When he was shot to death, Lucy tried to commit suicide by taking an overdose of sleeping pills. Then Tom Hagen made arrangements for Lucy to live on a generous allowance provided by the Don in Las Vegas. Lucy has not had sex with any man since Sonny. Working as a receptionist at a hotel, Lucy lives comfortably and owns five points in the hotel. All she has to do for the Don is keep an eye on Fredo Corleone, who is involved in running the hotel. The Don wants to make sure Fredo does not get in trouble.

Jules convinces Lucy to have sex, but she is ashamed afterwards. Jules realizes the source of the shame, namely her large vagina, and assures her that the problem can be taken care of with a simple surgical procedure. Jules admits that the Corleone family set up his practice in Las Vegas after he was caught doing abortions on the East coast. Now he does abortions mostly for showgirls. Lucy agrees to have the surgery, which is performed successfully by a friend of Jules's. The next day, Jules meets Johnny Fontaine and Nino Valenti, who have come to visit Lucy in the hospital. Jules notices Johnny's hoarse voice and asks if he could examine him. At first defensive, Johnny agrees to the examination. During the exam, Jules discovers that Johnny has non-malignant warts in his throat. Even though the warts can be taken care of with an operation, Jules can't guarantee that Johnny will sing again. But if the warts are not removed, Johnny definitely will not sing again. The lack of a guarantee upsets Johnny, and Jules scolds him for being spoiled. A month after her surgery, Lucy and Jules have sex, which is pleasurable for both.


In Book 5, Chapter 22, Puzo goes on another tangent. As a result, the author suddenly drops the story about the Don and Michael and deals with a minor character, Lucy Mancini, and her relationship with a doctor named Jules. Because of this, Puzo just touches on the theme of loyalty versus treachery and the theme of business versus personal as they relate to the Corleone family. The Don shows his loyalty by providing for Lucy, even though she was not married to Sonny. However, through his display of loyalty, the Don as usual takes care of business and personal matters. Hagen asks Lucy to keep an eye on Fredo, who helps out with the running of a hotel in Las Vegas. The Don does this for personal reasons because he wants to make sure Fredo does not get in trouble. However, unknown to Lucy, the Don financed the hotel. So he also wants to make sure Fredo doesn't mismanage the hotel, which could cause business problems for the Don. The Corleone family also shows loyalty by helping out a friend of a friend, Jules.

In this chapter, Puzo explores gender issues through his depiction of Lucy Mancini. The author describes Lucy as a woman whose life revolves entirely around getting and giving sexual pleasure. She feels deformed or less of a woman because of her large vagina. According to Puzo, her only hope is through her friend Jules. He knows of a simple surgery that can take care of her problem and make her a whole woman again. Lucy must put herself completely under the control of a man to achieve what she desires as a woman. Such a depiction subjugates a woman to a man's power. However, Puzo may balance this depiction by giving Johnny a sexually transmitted disease that threatens his career. Ultimately, Lucy may get the better outcome.

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