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The Godfather | Characters

Character Description
Don Vito Corleone Don Vito Corleone is the intelligent, ruthless leader of the Corleone family, a Mafia group in the United States, who suffers a setback when shot, but recovers enough to establish his son Michael as his able successor. Read More
Michael Corleone Michael Corleone, the youngest son of Don Vito Corleone, gets drawn into the Mafia world and eventually succeeds his father as the head of the Corleone family. Read More
Sonny Corleone Sonny Corleone, the eldest son of Don Vito Corleone, has a bad temper, which causes him to be a poor leader of his family and ends up getting him killed. Read More
Tom Hagen Tom Hagen, a lawyer and consigliori for Don Vito Corleone, helps the Corleones navigate legal matters for their criminal activities. Read More
Kay Adams Kay Adams, the girlfriend and later wife of Michael Corleone, remains devoted to her husband, despite his involvement in the Mafia. Read More
Connie Corleone Connie Corleone, the only daughter of Don Vito Corleone, marries an abusive husband, Carlo Rizzi. Read More
Carlo Rizzi Carlo Rizzi is the handsome, conceited husband of Connie Corleone. Read More
Genco Abbandando Don Vito Corleone's consigliori, Genco Abbandando fears going to hell as he dies of cancer.
Mr. Adams Mr. Adams is a Baptist pastor and the father of Kay Adams.
Mrs. Adams Mrs. Adams is the mother of Kay Adams.
Apollonia A beautiful young woman, Apollonia marries Michael Corleone in Sicily and is killed by a car bomb.
Emilio Barzini Emilio Barzini is Don Vito Corleone's fiercest Mafia rival; he becomes the most powerful Don in New York before being killed by Michael's hit man, Albert Neri.
Felix Bocchicchio After being condemned to death, Felix Bocchicchio agrees to take the blame for the murders of Virgil Sollozzo and Captain McCluskey, enabling Michael Corleone to return to America from Sicily
Amerigo Bonasera The undertaker Amerigo Bonasera seeks justice from Don Vito Corleone after the two men who beat his daughter get a suspended sentence.
Luca Brasi Luca Brasi, Don Vito Corleone's brutal hit man, is killed by Virgil Sollozzo and Bruno Tattaglia.
Calo Calo is a simpleminded bodyguard of Michael Corleone in Sicily.
Peter Clemenza Peter Clemenza is a longtime friend and caporegime of Don Vito Corleone.
Fredo Corleone Fredo Corleone, the dull middle son of Don Vito Corleone, ends up helping to manage a hotel in Las Vegas.
Mama Corleone The wife of Don Vito Corleone, Mama Corleone knows about her husband's criminal activities but says nothing and says a prayer at mass for him every day.
Sandra Corleone Sandra Corleone endures the many infidelities of her husband, Sonny Corleone.
Deanna Dunn Deanna Dunn is a callous, promiscuous movie star.
Enzo A friend of the baker Nazorine, Enzo stays with Michael Corleone to protect Don Vito Corleone at the hospital.
Fabrizzio Fabrizzio, a bodyguard for Michael Corleone in Sicily, betrays Michael, leading to the death of Apollonia.
Frank Falcone Frank Falcone is the Mafia Don in the Los Angeles area.
Fanucci A hood in Hell's Kitchen of New York, Fanucci tries to take advantage of Don Vito Corleone and ends up being killed by him.
Filomena A servant in Sicily, Filomena tells Michael Corleone how Luca Brasi forced her to kill his baby.
Johnny Fontaine A famous singing star, Johnny Fontaine is Don Vito Corleone's godson who goes to the Don for help to jump start his career.
Vincent Forlenza Vincent Forlenza is the Mafia Don in Cleveland.
Paulie Gatto Don Vito Corleone's bodyguard, Paulie Gatto betrays the Don and, as a result, is killed.
Moe Greene A big roller in Las Vegas, Moe Greene gets furious at Michael Corleone's offer to buy his share of a hotel and ends up being shot to death.
Theresa Hagen Theresa Hagen is the wife of Tom Hagen.
Lucy Mancini Lucy Mancini has a passionate affair with Sonny Corleone and, after his death, gets romantically involved with Jules Segal.
Captain McCluskey Captain McCluskey, a crooked cop, breaks Michael Corleone's jaw and soon after is shot to death by Michael.
Nazorine The baker Nazorine asks Don Vito Corleone for a favor and receives it.
Rocco Lampone Rocco Lampone takes the place of Paulie Gatto after he is killed.
Salvatore Maranzano Salvatore Maranzano, a Mafia leader in New York, is defeated by Don Vito Corleone during a gang war.
Anthony Molinari Anthony Molinari is the Mafia Don in San Francisco.
Sharon Moore Sharon Moore is a would-be actress who dates Johnny Fontaine.
Albert Neri Albert Neri becomes the trusted hit man for Michael Corleone.
Domenick Panza Domenick Panza is the Mafia Don in Boston.
Detective Phillips Detective Phillips questions Kay Adams about the whereabouts of Michael Corleone.
Jules Segal Jules Segal, a surgeon and abortionist, gets romantically involved with Lucy Mancini.
Detective Siriani Detective Siriani questions Kay Adams about the whereabouts of Michael Corleone.
Virgil Sollozzo A big time mobster, Virgil Sollozzo arranges the attempted killing of Don Vito Corleone and tries to force the Corleones to accept a narcotics deal.
Anthony Stracci Anthony Stracci is the Don that runs the Mafia in New Jersey.
Bruno Tattaglia The son of Phillip Tattaglia, Bruno Tattaglia takes part in the murder of Luca Brasi and later is killed by Sonny Corleone's men.
Phillip Tattaglia Phillip Tattaglia, the Don of the Tattaglia family, which backs Virgil Sollozzo and the narcotics deal, is killed by Michael Corleone's men.
Dr. Taza A doctor in Sicily, Dr. Taza allows Michael Corleone to hide at his estate.
Salvatore Tessio Salvatore Tessio, a longtime friend of Don Vito Corleone and one of his caporegimes. betrays Michael Corleone and, as a result, is killed.
Don Tommasino A Mafia leader in Sicily, Don Tommasino oversees the hiding of Michael Corleone.
Carlo Tramonti Carlo Tramonti is a Mafia Don in the southern United States.
Nino Valenti Nino Valenti, a childhood friend of Johnny Fontaine, makes him a movie star, but Nino drinks himself to death.
Virginia Virginia is the embittered ex-wife of Johnny Fontaine.
Signora Vitelli Signora Vitelli is the mother of Apollonia.
Signor Vitelli Signor Vitelli is the father of Apollonia.
Jack Woltz A powerful move studio head, Jack Woltz refuses to give Johnny Fontaine a role in a movie, but later changes his mind after a threat from Don Vito Corleone.
Joseph Zaluchi Joseph Zaluchi is the Mafia Don in Detroit.
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