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Oscar Wilde

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The Happy Prince | Characters

Character Description
Happy Prince The Happy Prince is a statue that is perched on a palace wall overlooking the poor townspeople below. He feels for the people he sees and tries hard to help everyone he can by giving his riches to the poorest people. Read More
Swallow Swallow is the loyal companion of the Happy Prince. They distribute all the Happy Prince's jewels and gold to the poor people in the town below. Read More
Angel The angel is tasked by God to bring something precious back to heaven.
University Art Professor The University Art Professor watches as people take down the statue of the Happy Prince and says he thinks the statue is no longer useful.
Beautiful girl The beautiful girl is one of the Queen's maids-of-honor and is excited to get her dress from the seamstress so she can look great at a ball.
Charity Children The Charity Children are a group of kids who are standing in the town square looking at the statue with their professor. Some of them comment that the statue looks like an angel and say that they know angels because they see them in their dreams.
Disappointed man The disappointed man is sad and says that he is glad there is someone happy in the world because he is not happy.
Girl's lover The girl's lover is an upper-class man who stands on the balcony and talks about how wonderful love is and how beautiful the stars are.
God God is the all-powerful being looking down on the world below.
Little boy The little boy's mother asks him why he can't be more like the statue who wouldn't cry for anything.
Match-girl The match-girl drops her matches in the gutter and is upset because she knows she will get in trouble with her father if she returns home without any money. She receives a jewel from Swallow and comments that it is a pretty piece of glass.
Mathematical Master The Mathematical Master is upset with the Charity Children because they say the Happy Prince looks like an angel. He does not like that they see angels in their dreams.
Mayor The Mayor notices as he walks through the town square that the Happy Prince statue looks shabby.
Other Swallows The other swallows try to warn Swallow that his relationship with Reed is doomed, and then they leave for Egypt.
Professor of Ornithology The Professor of Ornithology is surprised when he sees a swallow in winter and writes about it.
Reed Reed is a beautiful reed that Swallow thought he was in love with. Swallow realizes she is selfish when she won't come with him to Egypt.
Seamstress The seamstress is commissioned to make a beautiful dress for one of the Queen's maids-of-honor, and she toils over the project while her son is sick in bed.
Sensible mother The sensible mother asks her son why he can't be more like the statue because she thinks the Happy Prince wouldn't cry.
Sick boy The sick boy is very sick and cries in bed for oranges while his seamstress mother works on a dress.
Theatre student The theatre student is up all night working hard to finish work for his boss and is suffering because he doesn't have a fire in his dilapidated house or food in his stomach.
Town Councillors The Town Councillors first admire the beautiful Happy Prince statue, but they want him melted down because he looks bad after he gives away all his riches.
Town Clerk The Town Clerk stands with the Mayor while he talks about the condition of the Happy Prince statue.
Two little boys The two little boys are huddled under a bridge, cold and hungry.
Watchman The Watchman finds the little boys huddled under the bridge.
Workman at foundry The workman at the foundry melts down the statue when it comes to the foundry but notices that the broken heart inside the statue will not melt.
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