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The Hate U Give | Plot Summary

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Khalil's Murder

Sixteen-year-old Starr Carter attends a spring break party in Garden Heights, the African American neighborhood where she lives. During the party, she reconnects with Khalil, a childhood friend. When shots ring out, Khalil flees with Starr. During the drive home, Khalil is pulled over and the officer, One-Fifteen, shoots and kills him. Starr is so shaken by what she has witnessed, she begins to have nightmares. Nevertheless, she agrees to make a witness statement to the police. During her questioning, Starr begins to feel like the police would rather justify One-Fifteen's actions than punish him for murdering an unarmed teen. This suspicion is confirmed at Khalil's funeral when Starr learns that One-Fifteen will not be arrested. Violent protests break out in Garden Heights on Khalil's behalf.

Starr is frustrated by her white Williamson Prep friends when they stage a fake protest just to get out of class. Starr argues with her friend Hailey, who insists that One-Fifteen's life also matters after One-Fifteen's father gives an interview claiming his son is the real victim. Hailey goes so far as to insinuate that maybe Khalil deserved it because he was a drug dealer. Starr's boyfriend, Chris, and her other friend, Maya, support her, but they still do not know she is the witness to Khalil's murder. Starr's father, Maverick, and Uncle Carlos work together to protect a Garden Heights teen named DeVante, whose plight reminds them of how they failed Khalil. King, the King Lords gang leader, claims Khalil as a member, but DeVante tells Starr that Khalil never joined and was selling drugs only to protect his drug addict mother from the gang.

The Interview

Starr agrees to give a television interview with her face blurred out. She tells viewers that the media is trying to discredit Khalil and blame him for his own murder. She explains Khalil's motivations to protect his mother and denies he was a gang member. She also confesses that One-Fifteen pointed his gun at her and she wonders if he thinks he ought to have shot her as well. Chris confronts Starr at the prom, revealing that he could tell she was the witness and asking why she could not confide in him. Starr admits that she is scared to be her true self around him, but he assures her that she is safe with him. Despite violent attempts to silence her—by police or by gang members—Starr testifies in front of a grand jury in the hopes that they will indict One-Fifteen.

The Verdict

While they wait for the grand jury's verdict, tensions are high. Hailey demands an apology from Starr for her poor behavior and suggests Khalil deserved to die because he was a drug dealer. Starr punches Hailey, and both girls get suspended from school. Several weeks later, Starr and Chris help Seven and Kenya rescue DeVante from King's house, where he lies beaten on the floor. Iesha, Seven and Kenya's mother, creates a distraction to help them escape. They listen to the verdict in the car shortly after: the grand jury will not indict One-Fifteen. Full of rage, Starr and her friends take to the streets. Starr speaks to the rioting crowd with a megaphone and throws tear gas at the police. Later, the teens end up at Maverick's store and get trapped within its burning walls. Maverick arrives in time to help get them out, and police arrest King for arson. DeVante reveals the location of King's drug stash and agrees to testify against him so the neighborhood no longer has to live under his thumb. Starr deletes Hailey's phone number and vows to continue using her voice to push for justice and change.

The Hate U Give Plot Diagram

ClimaxFalling ActionRising ActionIntroductionResolution2134675


1 Starr witnesses a cop, One-Fifteen, kill Khalil.

Rising Action

2 Despite Starr's statement, One-Fifteen is not arrested.

3 Garden Heights violently protests Khalil's murder.

4 Starr testifies before a grand jury.


5 The grand jury votes not to indict One-Fifteen.

Falling Action

6 Filled with righteous anger, Starr joins a riot.


7 As Garden Heights rebuilds, Starr commits to activism.

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