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The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter | Study Guide

Carson McCullers

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The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter | Infographic

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Check out this Infographic to learn more about Carson McCullers's The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter. Study visually with character maps, plot summaries, helpful context, and more.

the-heart-is-a-lonely-hunter-carson-mccullersNarrator, Part 1, Chapter 6hey felt that the mute would always understand whatever they wanted to say to him.Sources:, The Lonely Hunter: A Biography of Carson McCullers by Virginia Spencer Carr, NEA Big Read, Washington PostCopyright © 2017 Course Hero, Inc.WeatherOften reflects charactersmoods and actionsMusicSymbolizes what makes sense to Mick and her hope for the futureJohn SingerRepresents peoples hopes for a better lifeSymbolsMick Kelly12-year-old, misunderstood loner girl from a big family; uses music as an escape and has big plans that she shares with John SingerJohn SingerCompassionate deaf and unspeaking man devastated by his best friend moving away; draws people to him but doesn't understand themBiff BrannonKindhearted, observant cafe owner; suffers in an unhappy marriage but finds more happiness after his wife diesMain CharactersPublished when she was just 23 years old, McCullerss first novel drew heavily from her life experiences. In The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter, the key female character is young Mick Kelly, who is often seen as a self-portrait of McCullers. The setting is a town like Columbus, Georgia, where McCullers grew up.CARSON MCCULLERS191767AuthorOne-way communication is a selfish way of trying to affirm self-worth.Failure of CommunicationBeing alone is better than being in an unhealthy relationship of any type.Difficulties of LoveAll humans face loneliness and must deal with it without losing individuality.IsolationA Cravingfor ConnectionTHEMESPeople in a small southern town in the 1930s share the common needs and sufferings of all humans, but each person is different, with a distinct view on life. All are drawn to a man who can’t hear or speak but has the ability to listen to them and seems to understand their problems.EnglishOriginal Language1940Year PublishedCarson McCullersAuthorThe Heart Is a Lonely HunterDramaNovel

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