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The Hobbit

J.R.R. Tolkien

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The Hobbit | Characteristics of Species


The Population of Middle-Earth

J.R.R. Tolkien populated Middle-earth with a wide array of creatures. Each type of creature has its own set of characteristics and abilities.


  • half the height of humans
  • have large furry feet
  • little to no magic abilities
  • good sense of direction
  • recover quickly from injuries
  • sneak around without making noise
  • love comfort and normalcy
  • comfortable underground


  • taller than hobbits and stockier
  • both genders grow beards
  • can cast spells and make fire
  • extremely strong
  • sing and play instruments
  • loyal and fierce
  • jealous—also whine and complain
  • miners and blacksmiths


  • giant in stature
  • some two-headed
  • eat humans, dwarves, and hobbits
  • dim-witted
  • love to fight
  • live underground; venture above ground at night
  • turn to stone if above ground in daylight

High Elves

  • tall as humans
  • have magical abilities
  • have gift of prophesy
  • kind, tranquil
  • warriors

Wood Elves

  • tall as humans
  • have magical abilities
  • at one with nature
  • suspicious, wary of strangers
  • joyful
  • love wine


  • varied height from hobbit-sized to human-sized
  • make cruel weapons; love torture
  • evil
  • miners and blacksmiths


  • helpful
  • wise
  • vocal
  • potential friends to elves and dwarves
  • messengers
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