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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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The Hound of the Baskervilles | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • One morning

    Dr. Mortimer shares the Baskerville legend and facts of Sir Charles's death with Holmes and Watson.

    Chapter 2
  • Next day

    Sir Henry receives a warning in his hotel, his boot is stolen, and a bearded man follows him.

    Chapter 4
  • Saturday

    In Devonshire Watson and Sir Henry learn a convict is on the loose. Watson hears a woman sob.

    Chapter 6
  • Next morning

    Barrymore denies that his wife was crying; Watson sees her with red and swollen eyes.

    Chapter 7
  • That afternoon

    Watson meets Stapleton on the moor and learns he used to be a schoolmaster; his sister warns Watson.

    Chapter 7
  • October 13, night

    At Baskerville Hall Watson sees Barrymore disappear into a room on the second floor.

    Chapter 8
  • October 15, night

    Watson learns that Barrymore provides food and clothes for the convict Selden.

    Chapter 9
  • Next evening

    Watson finds Sherlock Holmes hiding; Holmes reveals that the Stapletons are husband and wife.

    Chapter 12
  • Same night

    Holmes and Watson find the body of the escaped convict dressed in Sir Henry's suit.

    Chapter 12
  • Same night

    Studying the family portraits, Holmes realizes that Stapleton resembles Sir Hugo.

    Chapter 13
  • Next day

    Laura Lyons admits that Stapleton had her make, and then break, the appointment with Sir Charles.

    Chapter 13
  • Same night

    Sir Henry is attacked by a ghostlike hound; Holmes and Watson save Sir Henry; Stapleton escapes.

    Chapter 14
  • Next day

    Footsteps indicate Stapleton drowned; they find the shack where Stapleton kept the hound.

    Chapter 14
  • Weeks later

    Holmes wraps up loose ends as Sir Henry and Dr. Mortimer visit on their way to begin a voyage.

    Chapter 15

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Chapter 1 On Baker Street in London, Dr. John Watson, the first-person narrator, silently examines a cane to surmise information a... Read More
Chapter 2 Dr. Mortimer pulls out a manuscript, which, as Sherlock Holmes correctly deduces from the shape of the letters, was writ... Read More
Chapter 3 Intrigued, Holmes asks for more details. Dr. Mortimer explains that the footprints were at a distance from the body, whi... Read More
Chapter 4 The next morning Dr. Mortimer and Sir Henry Baskerville arrive at Baker Street. Sir Henry reveals that he has received a... Read More
Chapter 5 Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson arrive at Henry's hotel for lunch. Holmes glances at the register under a pretense and qu... Read More
Chapter 6 Before Watson takes leave Holmes requests that Watson investigate the villagers and report back to him. Dr. Watson takes... Read More
Chapter 7 The next morning Watson and Sir Henry agree that in sunlight the atmosphere in the manor seems less ominous, and yet the... Read More
Chapter 8 Although Holmes requested just the facts, Watson begins his report with a description of the lonely and dismal ambiance ... Read More
Chapter 9 Two days have passed. Watson's second missive home reports that the room in which Barrymore disappeared directly overloo... Read More
Chapter 10 On a dreary day Watson begins his diary excerpt by describing his sense of ever-present danger. As Holmes's surrogate he... Read More
Chapter 11 Watson visits Laura Lyons. She admits that she wrote the letter to Sir Charles. She claims that she asked for a clandest... Read More
Chapter 12 Visibly upset when he realizes that the mysterious man is none other than Sherlock Holmes, Watson demands an explanation... Read More
Chapter 13 Holmes and Watson admire Stapleton for his composure when he realized that Sir Henry is still alive. Watson wants to tak... Read More
Chapter 14 Holmes and Watson pick up Lestrade and go to the moor near Merripit House to wait for Sir Henry to walk home after dinne... Read More
Chapter 15 Back in London Sir Henry and Dr. Mortimer visit Baker Street as they prepare for a voyage meant to help Sir Henry restor... Read More
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