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The Invisible Man | Characters

Character Description
Griffin Griffin, born with albinism, is a former chemistry student who has made himself invisible, and, regretting it, is desperate to reverse his invisibility. He is also known as the Invisible Man, the stranger, and the Voice. Read More
Marvel Thomas Marvel, a tramp living a free-spirited lifestyle, is forced to help Griffin (the Invisible Man) steal after they meet by chance in a field outside of town. Read More
Doctor Kemp Doctor Kemp is a scholarly scientist living in Burdock who studied at University College London, the same university as Griffin. Read More
Colonel Adye Colonel Adye is the chief of police in Port Burdock who carries out Kemp's plan to capture Griffin, and is later shot and killed by Griffin.
Anemic cabman The anemic cabman is a customer at the Jolly Cricketers who helps the others try to capture Griffin when he comes in looking for Marvel.
Black-bearded man The black-bearded man shoots Griffin after he drags Marvel out of the Jolly Cricketers.
Bunting Rev. Mr. Bunting is the vicar in Iping whose house is broken into by Griffin and whose clothing is stolen by Griffin when he flees Iping for good.
Mrs. Bunting Mrs. Bunting interrupts Griffin's burglary at the vicarage.
Costumier The costumier, who owns a theatrical costume shop, becomes Griffin's victim when Griffin sneaks into the shop, intending to steal money and costume items.
Cuss Mr. Cuss, the general practitioner in Iping, is the first local person to have physical contact with Griffin and see direct evidence of his invisibility.
Silas Durgan Silas Durgan is a theologian in Iping who compares Griffin to the "man with one talent."
Elderly mariner The elderly mariner converses with Marvel on a bench in Port Stowe while Griffin steals from the shops and bank.
Fearenside Fearenside is a deliveryman who delivers Griffin's luggage from the train station to the Coach and Horses in Iping.
Fearenside's dog Fearenside's dog bites Griffin's hand and leg when Griffin is overseeing the delivery of his belongings to the Coach and Horses.
First laborer The first laborer is pummeled by the Invisible Man when he returns to the Coach and Horses for his belongings.
Gibbins Gibbins is an amateur naturalist resting on a hill who hears Griffin's voice as he flees Iping.
Mr. Gould Mr. Gould is the probationary assistant in the National School who proposes that the Coach and Horses's new guest is an anarchist in disguise.
Mr. Hall Mr. Hall is a co-owner of the Coach and Horses in Iping.
Mrs. Hall Mrs. Hall is the innkeeper of the Coach and Horses in Iping, where Griffin is a guest.
Archie Harker Archie Harker, joined by other youths, mocks the idea of an invisible man by pretending to see him through a fence outside the Coach and Horses.
Mr. Heelas Mr. Heelas, Doctor Kemp's neighbor, locks Kemp out of his house when Griffin is chasing him.
Henfrey Mr. Teddy Henfrey is a clock mender who repairs a clock in the Coach and Horses's parlor and becomes suspicious of Griffin after he snubs him.
Housemaid The housemaid who works for Doctor Kemp attempts to take a message from Kemp to Colonel Adye, but Griffin intercepts it.
Mr. Huxter Mr. Huxter owns a tobacco shop in Iping and chases after Marvel and then Griffin when they flee from the Coach and Horses.
Mrs. Huxter Mrs. Huxter is in the Coach and Horses when Griffin reveals he is an invisible man.
Jaffers Mr. Bobby Jaffers is the village constable in Iping who tries to arrest Griffin on a burglary charge.
Landlord The landlord becomes suspicious that Griffin is conducting vivisections in the rented room, so he evicts Griffin; Griffin, in retaliation, burns down the house.
Jolly Cricketers's barman The Jolly Cricketers's barman hides Marvel and then fights with Griffin when he grabs Marvel.
Millie Millie is Mrs. Hall's maid at the Coach and Horses.
Off-duty policeman The off-duty policeman is a customer at the Jolly Cricketers who helps the others try to capture Griffin when he comes in looking for Marvel.
Old Fletcher Old Fletcher is a curmudgeonly man who is too busy washing his ceiling—standing on wooden planks—to go to the Club festivities for the Whit Monday holiday. Later, the Invisible Man knocks him and the wooden planks down when rampaging through the village.
Old woman The old woman gossips about Griffin after her cat goes missing, leading to the landlord's evicting him.
Phipps, the Unitarian Phipps, the Unitarian, has a front tooth broken when the townspeople from Iping try to arrest the Invisible Man.
Proprietor The proprietor of the coconut shy gets trampled by the crowd when the Invisible Man loses his temper at the Coach and Horses.
Second laborer The second laborer is pummeled by the Invisible Man when he returns to the Coach and Horses for his belongings.
Mr. Wadgers Mr. Sandy Wadgers is the blacksmith in Iping who goes with Jaffers to arrest Griffin for a burglary charge.
Mr. Wicksteed Mr. Wicksteed, steward to Lord Burdock, is murdered by Griffin 10 miles from Port Burdock, when Griffin is being hunted by Colonel Adye, Doctor Kemp, and the townspeople.
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