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The Invisible Man | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • February 29

    Griffin arrives in Iping and takes a room at the Coach and Horses.

    Chapter 1
  • Three months later

    Cuss, visiting Griffin, sees him move an empty sleeve, and Griffin pinches his nose.

    Chapter 4
  • Early Whit Monday

    Griffin burglarizes the vicarage, and the Buntings interrupt him in the act.

    Chapter 5
  • Early Whit Monday

    The Halls see objects in Griffin's room moving in midair, and a chair pushes them out of the room.

    Chapter 6
  • Midday Whit Monday

    Griffin reveals his invisibility to Mrs. Hall and assaults people as he flees the Coach and Horses.

    Chapter 7
  • A short time later

    Griffin meets Marvel and forces him to become an accomplice.

    Chapter 9
  • Whit Monday afternoon

    Marvel and Griffin enter the Coach and Horses and retrieve Griffin's diaries.

    Chapter 11
  • The next day

    Griffin chases an escaping Marvel into the Jolly Cricketers and is injured by a bar customer.

    Chapter 16
  • The next morning, 2 a.m.

    Doctor Kemp discovers Griffin in his bedroom and gives him shelter.

    Chapter 17
  • Early morning

    Doctor Kemp writes a note about Griffin to the chief of police, Colonel Adye.

    Chapter 18
  • At breakfast

    Griffin explains that he robbed his father to fund his research and his father shot himself as a result.

    Chapter 19
  • After breakfast

    Griffin tells the story of how he became invisible and burned his boarding house.

    Chapter 20
  • After breakfast

    Griffin describes how he slept in an emporium and managed to escape after being discovered.

    Chapter 22
  • After breakfast

    Griffin describes how he snuck into a costume shop, stole items, and assaulted the Costumier.

    Chapter 23
  • After breakfast

    Colonel Adye arrives at Doctor Kemp's house and a betrayed Griffin runs out of the house.

    Chapter 24
  • A little later

    Adye and Doctor Kemp launch a large-scale countryside hunt for Griffin.

    Chapter 25
  • That afternoon

    The body of a man killed by Griffin is discovered in Burdock.

    Chapter 26
  • That afternoon

    Griffin breaks into Doctor Kemp's house and kills Adye when he tries to stop him.

    Chapter 27
  • Later that day

    Griffin is killed by a mob of men and his body becomes visible.

    Chapter 28
  • Some time much later

    Marvel has become an innkeeper and the source of information about the Invisible Man.


Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Chapter 1 Griffin, called the stranger in Chapter 1, arrives in a small rural village in England on a snowy day on February 29 (so... Read More
Chapter 2 After darkness falls, Mrs. Hall uses the arrival of Teddy Henfrey, a clock-jobber, as an excuse to knock on the parlor d... Read More
Chapter 3 The mail carrier, Fearenside, brings Griffin's luggage to the inn, and Griffin goes outside to oversee the delivery. Fea... Read More
Chapter 4 During the next three months, Griffin settles into the inn and spends most of his time working. He has no visitors and r... Read More
Chapter 5 A burglary occurs at the vicarage. Mrs. Bunting awakens before dawn after hearing her bedroom door open and close and th... Read More
Chapter 6 On the day of the burglary at the vicarage, Mr. and Mrs. Hall are up early and in the cellar diluting the beer. Mr. Hall... Read More
Chapter 7 Griffin has locked himself in the parlor, while a small group of villagers gather at the Coach and Horses and discuss hi... Read More
Chapter 8 Gibbins, an amateur naturalist relaxing in the hills outside the village, hears the sounds of sneezes, coughing, and swe... Read More
Chapter 9 Mr. Thomas Marvel, a tramp, is sitting in a ditch by the road to Adderdean when Griffin approaches him and speaks to him... Read More
Chapter 10 The villagers in Iping engage in the Whit Monday festivities, seemingly unconcerned about the events earlier in the day.... Read More
Chapter 11 Cuss and Bunting are in Griffin's rooms, examining items he left behind in order to understand the earlier events of the... Read More
Chapter 12 Mr. Hall and Teddy Henfrey hear unusual sounds coming from the parlor and smell an "unpleasant chemical odour." They rap... Read More
Chapter 13 Marvel and Griffin walk on the road to Bramblehurst. Griffin threatens to kill Marvel if he attempts to "give [him] the ... Read More
Chapter 14 Marvel and Griffin go to Port Stowe. While Griffin steals coins from a banking company, shops, and inns, Marvel sits on ... Read More
Chapter 15 As Doctor Kemp sits in his study near Burdock, he looks out a window and sees a man running down a hillside. (The man is... Read More
Chapter 16 A frantic Marvel makes his way into the Jolly Cricketers, a pub at the bottom of the hill in Burdock. Inside, the barman... Read More
Chapter 17 After working in his study until 2 a.m. Kemp retires to his bedroom. He then goes downstairs for a drink and notices a d... Read More
Chapter 18 As Griffin prepares to go to sleep, he tries to persuade Kemp to become his partner. He exacts a promise from Kemp that ... Read More
Chapter 19 As Griffin eats breakfast, he tells Doctor Kemp the story of how he became invisible. Six years earlier he changed his f... Read More
Chapter 20 Griffin continues to tell Doctor Kemp his tale, at the point where he leaves Chesilstowe and takes a room in a house in ... Read More
Chapter 21 Griffin tells Doctor Kemp the next part of his story. After setting fire to his old apartment, Griffin leaves in an exal... Read More
Chapter 22 Continuing to tell his story, Griffin says he enters a large store, Omniums, shortly before closing time, intending to f... Read More
Chapter 23 Griffin continues telling Doctor Kemp his story. After he leaves the department store, he formulates a plan to disguise ... Read More
Chapter 24 Griffin tells Doctor Kemp he plans to move to the South, where the weather is more accommodating for a naked invisible m... Read More
Chapter 25 After Griffin escapes from Doctor Kemp's house, Kemp fills Colonel Adye in. He tells him Griffin is "mad ... inhuman ...... Read More
Chapter 26 As Doctor Kemp's plan to capture Griffin is carried out, the area goes on lockdown. Passenger trains "travelled with loc... Read More
Chapter 27 Doctor Kemp receives a letter from Griffin in the one o'clock post. It announces the start of the "Terror," to be known ... Read More
Chapter 28 After Doctor Kemp's nearest neighbor, Mr. Heelas, awakens from a nap in his garden, he sees Kemp and his housemaid climb... Read More
Epilogue It is some time later, and Marvel has become a landlord of an inn in Port Stowe. He regales anyone who asks with tales a... Read More
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