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The Island of Dr. Moreau | Study Guide

H. G. Wells

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The Island of Dr. Moreau | Characters

Character Description
Edward Prendick Edward Prendick is the protagonist of The Island of Doctor Moreau. He is a gentleman with scientific interests but no vocation. Read More
Doctor Moreau Doctor Moreau is a vivisectionist who experiments on animals on a remote South Pacific island. Read More
Montgomery Montgomery is Doctor Moreau's assistant. Read More
Ape Man The Ape Man takes Edward Prendick to the huts of the Beast People, where he meets the Sayer of the Law.
Bull Man The Bull Man dies in the catastrophe that is Montgomery's "bank holiday," when he shares alcohol with the Beast People and many of them die.
Captain The captain on the ship that rescues Edward Prendick in Chapter 22 refuses to believe his tales about Doctor Moreau and the island.
Davis Captain John Davis is the drunken redheaded captain of the Ipecacuanha, the schooner that rescues Edward Prendick after the sinking of the Lady Vain. He dislikes Prendick and casts him loose when Montgomery disembarks.
Dog Man The Dog Man, created from a Saint Bernard, is one of three Beast Men who dispose of Montgomery's body after the Sayer of the Law kills him. He becomes very devoted to Edward Prendick.
Huxley Thomas Henry Huxley (1825–95) was an English biologist and evolutionist. In the novel Prendick says he has done some research in biology under Huxley, who does not appear in the novel. Known as "Darwin's Bulldog," Huxley was at the time of The Island of Doctor Moreau's 1896 publication famed for his enthusiastic public support of the theory of evolution.
Hyena-Swine The Hyena-Swine is one of the first Beast Men to taste blood in violation of the Law. He is very aggressive toward Edward Prendick and kills Prendick's faithful companion, the Dog Man.
Kanakas Six Kanakas arrive with Doctor Moreau and Montgomery when they first settle on the island. The Kanakas were real-life natives of the South Pacific region who were commonly employed by wealthy white people during the period in which the novel is set.
Leopard Man The Leopard Man is one of the first Beast People to taste blood in violation of the Law. He attacks Edward Prendick on the island's beach and is later killed by Prendick against the wishes of Doctor Moreau.
Mate The captain's mate is an unfriendly man who takes over the ship when Davis is drunk.
M'ling M'ling is the black-faced Beast Person whom Montgomery has taken on as his personal attendant.
Charles Prendick Charles Edward Prendick is the nephew of Edward Prendick. He arranges the posthumous publication of Edward's manuscript, which forms the text of The Island of Doctor Moreau.
Puma The puma arrives on the island via Captain Davis's ship, and Doctor Moreau spends most of the novel working on transforming it into a human. The tortured puma, however, escapes and kills Doctor Moreau.
Sayer of the Law The Sayer of the Law is a Beast Man who frequently recites the Law by which the Beast People are expected to live. When the social structure of the Beast People breaks down, he kills and is killed by Montgomery.
Wolf Brute The Wolf Brute is mortally injured in Montgomery's "bank holiday" disaster, and Prendick kills him out of mercy.
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