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The Island of Dr. Moreau | Study Guide

H. G. Wells

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The Island of Dr. Moreau | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • February 1, 1887

    The Lady Vain sinks. Prendick and two others escape in a dinghy.

    Chapter 1
  • February 7, 1887

    A dinghy occupant suggests drawing lots to decide which of them will be eaten by the others.

    Chapter 1
  • February 8, 1887

    The loser of the draw fights the dinghy's third occupant, and both fall off the boat.

    Chapter 1
  • A short time later

    Rescued by the schooner Ipecacuanha, Prendick is tended to by Montgomery.

    Chapter 2
  • Four mornings later

    The Ipecacuanha reaches the island where Montgomery lives. Prendick is forced to disembark there.

    Chapter 5
  • That same day

    Prendick meets Doctor Moreau, who gives him a room in the island's compound.

    Chapter 7
  • Later that morning

    Prendick realizes that Moreau is a vivisectionist who was driven from England years earlier.

    Chapter 7
  • That afternoon

    Prendick goes walking to escape the sounds of a puma being vivisected.

    Chapter 8
  • Later that afternoon

    Prendick encounters the Leopard Man, who that evening stalks him.

    Chapter 9
  • The next morning

    Noticing that the cries now sound human, Prendick decides Moreau is vivisecting people.

    Chapter 10
  • That same day

    At the ravine where the Beast People live, Prendick meets the Sayer of the Law.

    Chapter 12
  • Later that day

    Moreau and Montgomery convince Prendick that they are vivisecting animals, not people.

    Chapter 13
  • Some days later

    Moreau discovers that the Leopard Man is eating rabbits. Prendick kills the Leopard Man.

    Chapter 16
  • A month or so later

    The puma that Moreau is vivisecting escapes from Moreau, breaking Prendick's arm.

    Chapter 17
  • Later that day

    Montgomery and Prendick find the dead Moreau and then kill everything in Moreau's lab.

    Chapter 18
  • That night

    Montgomery gets drunk and gives alcohol to the Beast People. Chaos ensues, and he is killed.

    Chapter 19
  • Over the next ten months

    Prendick sees the Beast People reverting to their animal states.

    Chapter 21
  • One day

    A small boat with two corpses aboard drifts to shore.

    Chapter 21
  • Three days later

    Prendick leaves the island in the small boat and is rescued by a passing ship.

    Chapter 22
  • Three days later

    Prendick returns to civilization but cannot live among people.

    Chapter 22

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Introduction–Chapter 1 The introduction to The Island of Doctor Moreau takes the form of an affidavit, or sworn statement, by a man named Cha... Read More
Chapters 2–3 Edward Prendick awakens after his rescue aboard a schooner called the Ipecacuanha. Sitting next to his bunk is a man n... Read More
Chapters 4–5 The schooner Ipecacuanha continues its voyage, and after sundown an island appears in the distance. Montgomery tells E... Read More
Chapters 6–7 Shortly after Edward Prendick is set adrift from the Ipecacuanha, the occupants of the launch take pity on him. Montgo... Read More
Chapters 8–9 Edward Prendick and Montgomery eat lunch together in Prendick's room at Doctor Moreau's island compound. Doctor Moreau... Read More
Chapters 10–11 As Edward Prendick nears the compound, he realizes that the light before him is shining through the open exterior door... Read More
Chapters 12–13 The Ape Man has led Edward Prendick to a dimly lit area at the far end of a ravine. Several Beast People live there in... Read More
Chapters 14–15 Doctor Moreau shows Edward Prendick the puma he has been vivisecting and convinces him at last that he is turning anim... Read More
Chapters 16–17 Montgomery takes Prendick to see the island's fumarole (a volcanic vent) and hot springs. On the way, they come across... Read More
Chapters 18–19 Doctor Moreau has chased the escaped puma into the brush and not returned. Montgomery has given up the search for him ... Read More
Chapters 20–Chapter 21 Just after Montgomery's death, Edward Prendick is confronted by three Beast Men (one of whom is named later in the nov... Read More
Chapter 22 On the third evening after the small boat and its two dead passengers drift onto Doctor Moreau's island, Edward Prendi... Read More
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