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Christopher Marlowe

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Barabas, Act 5, Scene 2 hus loving neither, will I live with both, / Making a profit of my policy; / And he from whom my most advantage comes / Shall be my friend. Sources: British Library, Encyclopaedia Britannica, The Guardian Copyright © 2018 Course Hero, Inc. Hypocrisy Apparently holy people may be just as unethical as anyone else. Revenge Revenge for real or imagined injuries causes more bloodshed. Avarice Unrestrained greed leads to tragedy. Themes Unprincipled governor of Malta; betrays Barabas, sending him to a horrible death Ferneze Turkish slave owned by Barabas; just as villainous as his master, whom he betrays Ithamore Barabas’s daughter; helps him but regrets it and converts to Christianity on her deathbed Abigail Greedy and unprincipled man; endures anti-Semitism but also suffers for his evil deeds Barabas Main Characters Although his career was brief, Marlowe forever altered English drama. His use of blank verse transformed Elizabethan theater and helped inspire Shakespeare, one of Marlowe’s contemporaries. The Jew of Malta is one of Marlowe’s most dramatic and violent explorations of the themes of revenge and greed. CHRISTOPHER MARLOWE1564–93 Author Barabas plays invading armies off each other, but he is the one who is killed. Barabas’s Final Treachery After committing many crimes, Barabas is arrested and imprisoned. Arrested Barabas poisons Abigail, and she converts to Christianity on her deathbed. Barabas & Abigail Barabas is a rich and evil man who suffers discrimination for being a Jew. Eager for revenge, he lies, steals, and murders multiple characters—including his own daughter—in an attempt to increase his fortune. His schemes ultimately lead to his own violent death. Revenge, Murder & Greed in Malta OVERVIEW English Original Language c. 1592 First Performed Christopher Marlowe Author The Jew of Malta Tragedy Play

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