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Amy Tan

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The Joy Luck Club | Characters

Character Description
Jing-mei Woo Jing-mei "June" Woo, the newest member of the Joy Luck Club, is the daughter of the late Suyuan Woo. Read More
Lindo Jong Lindo Jong, who escaped an arranged marriage as a teenager, is the mother of Waverly Jong, her daughter from a later marriage. Read More
Ying-ying St. Clair Ying-ying "Betty" St. Clair is the mother of Lena St. Clair. She loses her "tiger spirit," or her assertiveness and sense of self-worth, when her first husband leaves her for another woman. Read More
An-mei Hsu An-mei Hsu is the mother of Rose Hsu Jordan. An-mei's mother was forced into concubinage when An-mei was a young child. Read More
Waverly Jong Waverly Jong, a former child chess prodigy, is Lindo Jong's daughter and Jing-mei Woo's frenemy (friend/enemy). Read More
Rose Hsu Jordan Rose Hsu Jordan is the daughter of An-mei Hsu. She is in the midst of divorcing her husband, Ted Jordan. Read More
Lena St. Clair Lena St. Clair is the only daughter of Ying-ying and Clifford St. Clair. She is frustrated with her marriage to Harold Livotny. Read More
Suyuan Woo Suyuan Woo is Jing-mei Woo's mother. Recently deceased, she was forced to abandon her two little girls when the Japanese invaded Kweilin, China, in 1944. Read More
Aiyi Aiyi, which is literally "aunt" in Chinese, is the name Canning Woo uses to refer to his aunt he and Jing-mei visit in China.
Amah Amah is Ying-ying St. Clair's childhood nanny.
An-mei's aunt An-mei's aunt has a sour disposition and dislikes young An-mei and her brother.
An-mei's brother An-mei's younger brother stays behind at their aunt and uncle's house when An-mei goes to Tientsin with her mother.
An-mei's father An-mei's father, a scholar, died when An-mei was three.
An-mei's mother An-mei's mother becomes the third concubine, or Fourth Wife, of Wu Tsing, a wealthy businessman, after her husband's death.
An-mei's uncle An-mei's uncle rejects An-mei's mother as his sister after she becomes a concubine.
Baba Baba is Ying-ying St. Clair's father.
China Mary Chan The late China Mary Chan was godmother to all the children at the First Chinese Baptist Church. An-mei Hsu and Rose Hsu Jordan attend her funeral.
Yan Chang Yan Chang is An-mei's mother's kindly servant.
Marvin Chen Marvin Chen is Waverly Jong's first husband.
Shoshana Chen Shoshana Chen is Waverly Jong's daughter by her first husband, Marvin Chen.
Mr. Chong Mr. Chong, whom Jing-mei Woo calls "Old Chong," is a retired, deaf piano teacher.
Old Lady Chong Old Lady Chong is Mr. Chong's mother.
Old Mr. Chou Old Mr. Chou is a fictional character feared by Rose Hsu Jordan. An-mei Hsu told Rose and her sisters that Old Mr. Chou guards the door that opens into dreams.
Marlene Ferber Marlene Ferber is Waverly Jong's American friend who doesn't understand why Waverly is afraid to tell her mother she's getting married.
Fifth Wife Fifth Wife is Wu Tsing's fourth concubine. From a poor village, she is young, conceited, and disrespectful.
First Wife First Wife is Wu Tsing's legal and spiritual wife. She only visits Wu Tsing twice a year.
Girl from Peking The girl from Peking, who is Chinese but was raised in America, helps prepare young Lindo Jong for her upcoming trip to the United States.
George Hsu George Hsu is An-mei Hsu's husband and Rose Hsu Jordan's father.
Bing Hsu Bing Hsu is An-mei Hsu's son and Rose Hsu Jordan's youngest brother, who died by drowning at age four.
Janice Hsu Janice Hsu the daughter of An-mei Hsu and one of Rose Hsu Jordan's older sisters.
Luke Hsu Luke Hsu is the son of An-mei Hsu and one of Rose Hsu Jordan's younger brothers.
Mark Hsu Mark Hsu is the son of An-mei Hsu and one of Rose Hsu Jordan's younger brothers.
Matthew Hsu Matthew Hsu is the son of An-mei Hsu and one of Rose Hsu Jordan's younger brothers.
Ruth Hsu Ruth Hsu is An-mei Hsu's daughter and one of Rose Hsu Jordan's older sisters.
Huang Taitai Huang Taitai is the mother of young Lindo Jong's fiancé. Tyan-yu.
Huang Tyan-yu Tyan-yu is the spoiled boy to whom Lindo Jong is betrothed when she is just two.
Tin Jong Tin Jong is Lindo Jong's husband and Waverly Jong's father.
Vincent Jong Vincent is Lindo Jong's middle child and Waverly's older brother.
Winston Jong Winston is Lindo Jong's firstborn and Waverly's oldest brother. He dies at 16 in a car accident.
Mrs. Jordan Mrs. Jordan is Ted Jordan's bigoted mother.
Ted Jordan Ted Jordan is Rose Hsu Jordan's ex-husband.
Lili Lili is Aiyi's great-granddaughter whom Canning and Jing-mei Woo meet during their trip to China.
Lindo's mother Lindo Jong's mother gives her a red jade tablet before Lindo leaves her family to live with the Huangs, whose son she is betrothed to marry.
Harold Livotny Harold Livotny is Lena St. Clair's husband. They eventually decide to divorce.
Lisa Lum Lisa Lum is Vincent Jong's girlfriend.
Matchmaker The matchmaker decrees Lindo Jong will marry Tyan-yu.
Matchmaker's servant The matchmaker's servant was tasked with watching the double-ended red candle burn through the night after Lindo Jong's and Tyan-yu's wedding ceremony.
Mei Ching Mei Ching is the peasant woman who rescues Suyuan Woo's twin daughters, Chwun Yu and Chwun Hwa, outside of Kweilin, China.
Mei Han Mei Han is the husband of Mei Ching. He dies when the twins are eight.
Number Two Number Two is Ying-ying St. Clair's younger half-sister. They share the same father.
Number Three Number Three is Ying-ying St. Clair's other younger half-sister. They share the same father.
Lau Po Lau Po is the elderly Chinese man who helps young Waverly Jong refine her chess game.
Popo Popo is An-mei's grandmother.
Pregnant servant The Huang's pregnant servant cares for Lindo Jong while she is on bedrest and ends up marrying Tyan-yu.
Arnold Reisman Arnold Reisman is the pockmarked boy young Lena St. Clair doesn't want to marry. She hopes he will become ill; within a few years he dies of measles.
Mr. Rory Waverly Jong's expensive hair stylist.
Mrs. Sorci Mrs. Sorci is Teresa Sorci's mother.
Teresa Sorci Teresa is young Lena St. Clair's teenage next-door neighbor who is always fighting with her mother.
Second Wife Second Wife is the conniving first concubine of Wu Tsing who often fakes suicide attempts to get attention.
Rich Schields Rich Schields is Waverly Jong's fiancé.
Rose's therapist Rose Hsu Jordan's therapist thinks Rose's ethnicity has nothing to do with her problems.
Clifford St. Clair Clifford St. Clair is Ying-ying's white American husband and Lena's father. Ying-ying calls him "Saint."
Syaudi Syaudi is An-mei's little half-brother who was fathered by Wu Tsing.
Third Wife Third Wife is Wu Tsing's second concubine. She is kind and looks plain.
Wang Chwun Hwa Wang Chwun Ha is one of the twin daughters Suyuan Woo had to leave behind in Kweilin, China. She is reunited with her half-sister, Jing-mei Woo, more than 40 years later.
Wang Chwun Yu Wang Chwun Yu is one of the twin daughters Suyuan Woo had to leave behind in Kweilin, China. She is reunited with her half-sister, Jing-mei Woo, more than 40 years later.
Canning Woo Canning Woo is Suyuan Woo's second husband and Jing-mei Woo's father.
Wu Tsing Wu Tsing is a wealthy businessman who takes An-mei's mother as his third concubine, also known as his fourth wife.
Ying-ying's aunt Ying-ying's aunt tells Ying-ying her husband is cheating on her.
Ying-ying's first husband Ying-ying's first husband, who she refuses to refer to by his name, abandoned her for another woman after just two years of marriage.
Ying-ying's mother Ying-ying's mother makes Ying-ying's special outfit for the Moon Festival.
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