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Rudyard Kipling

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The Jungle Book | Characters

Character Description Traits
Mowgli Mowgli is a little boy who is adopted by a wolf pack and raised in the jungle. Read More fearless, intelligent, quick on his feet
Bagheera Bagheera the black panther lives in the jungle, and he protects his human friend Mowgli. Read More calm, wise, loving
Baloo Baloo is a bear who lives in the jungle and teaches the wolf cubs the languages of all the animals. Read More sleepy, strict, sweet
Shere Khan Shere Khan is a lame tiger who eats people. Read More stealthy, selfish, mean
Akela Akela, an old gray wolf, is the leader of the Free People pack. loner, faithful, kind
Amir Amir is the leader of Afghanistan and is astonished by the Indian and English ability to organize humans and animals during a parade. astonished
Assamese driver The Assamese elephant driver knows all about the hills and secret elephant dances in the jungle. knowledgeable
Big Toomai Big Toomai, Little Toomai's father and driver of Kala Nag, is afraid of Little Toomai becoming an elephant driver in the wild elephant roundups. fearful
Little Toomai Little Toomai is a young boy who lives in a government elephant camp. fearless, hopeful, determined
Billy the mule Billy the mule, who is a breech-piece mule part of a gun battery, tries to get some peace and quiet in the camp. old, tired
Kerick Booterin Kerick Booterin is a seal hunter who won't go near Kotick because he sees the seal's all-white fur as an unlucky sign. superstitious
Buldeo Buldeo is a village hunter who tries to take away Shere Khan's hide. greedy
Burgomaster gull The Burgomaster gull tells Kotick that the Sea Cow is the only thing uglier and ruder than Sea Vitch, an old walrus. honest
Central Asian chief The Central Asian chief, who comes with the Amir to see the troops, wonders how the animals obey so well. admiring
Chuchundra Chuchundra is a muskrat who is always sad and is terrified of snakes. weepy
Coppersmith Coppersmith, a bird who sounds like a metal hammer banging on copper, announces the snakes are dead after Rikki-tikki-tavi kills them. loud
Darzee Darzee is a tailorbird who nests near the bungalow where Teddy lives and is grateful to Rikki-tikki for saving his fledglings from the snakes. grateful
Darzee's wife Darzee's wife, also a tailorbird, pretends to have an injured wing, so Rikki-tikki-tavi can destroy Nagaina's deadly cobra eggs soon to hatch in the melon garden. smart, brave
Empress The Empress is the Queen of England, who rules over the British Empire but does not directly govern India. distant
Father wolf He is a male wolf in the Free People pack. loyal
Gray Brother Gray Brother is the eldest of Mother Wolf's cubs. loyal
Gun-bullocks Gun-bullocks are white bulls who carry big guns into battle when the elephants are too afraid. unflappable
Hathi Hathi the wild elephant is the one who taught Baloo the Master Words, which are very important because Baloo teaches them to Mowgli, and they protect him from any animal hurting him in the jungle. knowledgeable
Hay-bale Hay-bale the camel is a baggage camel of the native Infantry who has nightmares and tramples the narrator's tent. clumsy
Holluschickie The Holluschickie are mating-age seal bachelors who have to be convinced to follow Kotick to safety. fearful
Ikki Ikki the porcupine is one of the Jungle People who Baloo and Bagheera refer to in conversations. defensive, gossipy
Kaa Kaa the rock python can be helpful but is feared by everyone because he can hypnotize nearly any animal, except for Mowgli, to come to him, so that he can kill them with a hug and eat them. helpful, cunning, intimidating
Kala Nag Kala Nag is an old government elephant Little Toomai tends to and rides to the elephant dance. wise, gentle
Kamya Kamya is one of the boys who herds buffalo with Mowgli. young
Karait Karait is a dusty brown snakeling who is very poisonous and is killed by Rikki-tikki. deadly
Kotick Kotick is a white seal who becomes upset when he finds out men hunt seal for their furs. persistent, compassionate, determined
Limmershin Limmershin is a winter wren who tells the narrator the story of the white seal. odd
Machua Appa Machua Appa, the head-tracker for the elephant stockade, knows Little Toomai will make an excellent elephant hunter. observant
Mang the bat Mang the bat, mentioned in Baloo and Bagheera's conversations, flies over their fight with the Monkey People and spreads the news of it through the jungle. gossipy
Matkah Matkah, mother of Kotick the white seal, tells him he can't change the situation with the seal hunters. gentle
Messua Messua, the wife of the richest man in the village, takes Mowgli in as her son. gentle, kind
Messua's husband The richest man in the village, he understands Mowgli is confused. understanding
Monkey People The Monkey People, also known as the Bandar-log, are lawless animals who always think they're going to do something great but never do, and they throw filth at other animals on the jungle floor. lazy, scattered, boastful
Mother wolf She is a female wolf in the Free People pack who chose to adopt Mowgli rather than allow Shere Khan to kill him. protective
Nag Nag is a cobra who eats one of Darzee's fledglings and is killed by Rikki-tikki-tavi. cruel
Nagaina Nagaina, Nag's wife, is a cobra who escapes with one of her eggs down a hole but is chased down and killed by Rikki-tikki-tavi. cunning
Native officer The native officer of the Viceroy explains to the chief how the chain of command works with the animals, the troops, and the leaders, all the way up to the Empress. Intelligent
Old seal The old seal, who is the last seal of the Lost Rookery of Masafuera, tells Kotick to try to find a safe place one more time because there is a legend that says a white seal will save the seals from men one day. encouraging
Patalamon Patalamon is son of the seal hunter, Kerick Booterin, who thinks Kotick's all-white fur is unlucky. superstitious
Petersen Sahib Petersen Sahib is the head of the elephant operations for the government of India. reckless
Poison People The Poison People are poisonous cobras who live in the Cold Lairs. cowardly, deadly
Priest The Priest, who lives 20 miles away from Mowgli's pack, takes Mowgli into the village. kind
Pudmini Pudmini is Petersen Sahib's elephant who also attends the secret elephant dance in the jungle. clever
Radha Pyari Radha Pyari, an elephant, is Kala Nag's mother. wise
Rama Rama is a herd bull who Mowgli drives to trample Shere Khan. obedient
Rann Rann the kite is a bird who helps Mowgli escape the Monkey People by alerting Baloo and Bagheera he is in trouble and leading them to Mowgli. fast, willing
Rikki-tikki-tavi Rikki-tikki-tavi is a young, brave, house mongoose. curious, fast, furious, dedicated
Sea Catch Sea Catch, father of Kotick the White Seal, eventually follows his son to a safe place away from seal hunters. gruff
Sea Cow The Sea Cow are a herd of sea cows who lead Kotick through a tunnel to a safe beach. slow
Sea Lion Sea Lion tells Kotick to talk with Sea Vitch for advice. kind
Sea Pig Sea Pig the porpoise teaches Kotick how to sense the right direction to follow in the water when storms are coming. wise
Sea Vitch Sea Vitch is an ugly old walrus who tells Kotick to find Sea Cow. rude
Tabaqui Tabaqui is a jackal who antagonizes the Free People wolf pack. sneaky
Teddy Teddy is a young boy who takes in Rikki-tikki-tavi and lets the mongoose sleep in his bed. trusting
Teddy's father Teddy's father is a big man who lives in a bungalow with his wife and child and is grateful to Rikki-tikki for saving his family from the snakes. grateful
Teddy's mother Teddy's mother is a woman who lives in a bungalow with her husband and child and is afraid of snakes but not very knowledgeable about mongooses. hesitant
Troop-horse Troop-horse, whose rider is an officer named Dick Cunliffe, thinks very highly of himself. conceited
Two Tails Two Tails is one of the elephants who carries the big guns but is afraid of the sounds of the shells exploding because he understands they mean there will be bloodshed. visionary
Viceroy The Viceroy of India is the person who actually leads India, under the Empress. commanding
Vixen Vixen is a little dog in the camp who belongs to the narrator and scares the elephant. disobedient
Young mule The young mule, who is in Billy's company, wonders why people and animals have to fight at all. fearful
Young seal Young Seal, who has recently married, fights Kotick to prove there is no safe place to go to. full of himself
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