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Rudyard Kipling

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The Jungle Book | Infographic

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Check out this Infographic to learn more about Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book. Study visually with character maps, plot summaries, helpful context, and more.

jungle-book-rudyard-kiplingMowgli, Chapter 3e be of one blood, ye and I.Sources: Daily Mail, Encyclopaedia Britannica, IMDb, The Kipling Society, NobelPrize.orgCopyright © 2017 Course Hero, Inc.The Jungle Bookby the NumbersYear Kipling won the Nobel Prize in Literature Kiplings age when he was sent from India to Englandto live with a foster family Year the building of the Royal Navy ship H.M.S. Kipling, named after the author, commencedYear Kiplings daughter Josephine, to whom The Jungle Book is dedicated, died of pneumonia1899190761937Kipling was born in India to British parents and schooled in England. He returned to India as a journalist before settling in England, where he used his knowledge of Indian culture in fiction that praised British superiority. The Jungle Book is one of his most famous works.RUDYARD KIPLING1865–1936AuthorSymbolsElephant DanceSymbolizes animals’ private rituals that take place when humansaren't watchingRed FlowerDemonstrates the powerhumans have over animals Sea Cows TunnelRepresents the path to freedom from human intervention Coming of AgeAlthough characters begin as young children, they learn how to survive without the aid of their parents or their “pack.” Law & ObedienceThe Law of the Jungle allows many different animals to thrive in the same place—as long as everyone obeys it.Animal & Human InteractionsMowgli and others show how interactions between animals and humans can succeed through understanding and respect—or fail because of indifference and harmful interactions.Set in a variety of animal habitats, including ones that overlap or clash with humans, The Jungle Book is a collection of stories about respect, rules, and the language of survival shared among animals. As the young humans in these tales come of age, they learn to follow the lead of animals rather than struggling against them.Law of Survival in the Animal WorldTHEMESBagheeraProtective black panther; keeps Mowgli safe from harmLittle ToomaiYoung son of an elephant driver; sees elephantssecret danceKaaCunning rock python; scares everyone but saves Mowgli from the Monkey PeopleMain CharactersBalooSleepy bear; helps wolf cubs and teaches Mowgli the Law of the JungleShere KhanLame tiger; eats people and tries to take Mowgli from the wolvesMowgliFearless boy raised by a wolf pack; lives in the jungle and vows to kill Shere KhanRikki-tikki-taviCurious house mongoose; saves a family from two deadly cobrasEnglishOriginal Language1894Year PublishedRudyard KiplingAuthorThe Jungle BookFictionChildrens Literature

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