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The Jungle Book | Chapter Summaries

See Chapter Summaries Chart

Timeline of Events

  • Infancy

    Mowgli wanders into a wolf den, followed by Shere Khan, who wants to eat him.

    Chapter 1
  • Soon after

    Mother Wolf and Father Wolf present Mowgli to the Council as their cub.

    Chapter 1
  • Mowgli, age 7

    Kaa helps Baloo and Bagheera save Mowgli from the Monkey People.

    Chapter 3
  • After 10 years in pack

    Mowgli is kicked out by the Free People pack and vows to kill Shere Khan.

    Chapter 1
  • Immediately after

    Mowgli goes to the village 20 miles from the wolf pack and is taken in by Messua.

    Chapter 5
  • A while later

    Mowgli becomes a herd driver but still meets with Gray Brother to prepare for Shere Khan's attack.

    Chapter 5
  • Months later

    Mowgli, Gray Brother, and Akela divide the herd, using it to trap and kill Shere Khan.

    Chapter 5
  • Same night

    Mowgli returns to the Council; the pack begs him and Akela to lead, but they refuse.

    Chapter 5
  • Next several years

    Mowgli hunts with a small wolf pack until he grows up and gets married.

    Chapter 5

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Chapter 1 Just after Mother and Father Wolf wake up, a small boy they call a man-cub wanders into their den. Moments later Shere K... Read More
Chapter 2 This song is about the way the wolf pack hunts together for deer. One wolf scouts for the deer and returns to the pack t... Read More
Chapter 3 Chapter 3 goes back in time, beginning before Mowgli is forced to leave the wolf pack. Mowgli, seven years old, is learn... Read More
Chapter 4 The Monkey People sit high up in the trees, singing a joyful and boastful song about their "extra hands" and tails, "Cur... Read More
Chapter 5 Mowgli, having been kicked out of the pack, decides the village close by is too close to the part of the jungle where th... Read More
Chapter 6 Mowgli's song tells the tale of Mowgli's killing Shere Khan and talks of his return to the Council with Shere Khan's hid... Read More
Chapter 7 The story in Chapter 7 is told to the narrator by Limmershin, the Winter Wren. In Novastoshnah, in the Bering Sea, a sea... Read More
Chapter 8 As the introduction to this song says, "It is a sort of very sad seal National Anthem." The song relates the terrible fa... Read More
Chapter 9 Rikki-tikki-tavi is a young mongoose who, like all mongooses, wants to be a house mongoose one day. When a flood washes ... Read More
Chapter 10 This song is Darzee the Tailorbird's homage to Rikki-tikki-tavi, who has saved Darzee's fledglings from Nag and Nagaina,... Read More
Chapter 11 Little Toomai is a fearless boy whose father—and grandfather before him—is an elephant driver for the government. Little... Read More
Chapter 12 "Shiv and the Grasshopper" is a song Little Toomai's mother sings to him when he is a baby. The song details all the way... Read More
Chapter 13 The Amir of Afghanistan is visiting a camp of soldiers and trained military animals in India. He has brought along 800 m... Read More
Chapter 14 This song describes what each group of camp animals does as part of the war effort, and how each animal is used for his ... Read More
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