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The Kite Runner | Study Guide

Khaled Hosseini

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The Kite Runner | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

  • 2001

    In 2001 Amir receives a phone call from Rahim asking him to come visit him in Pakistan.

    Chapter 1
  • 2001

    Amir recalls a past day that changed everything, and begins his story before then, as a young child.

    Chapter 1
  • 1973

    Amir witnesses the first coup of the Afghanistan government and notes a change in the country.

    Chapter 5
  • 1975

    With Hassan's help Amir wins a kite-flying tournament; then he witnesses Hassan being assaulted.

    Chapter 7
  • 1976

    Wracked with guilt Amir frames Hassan for stealing money, and Hassan and Ali leave.

    Chapter 9
  • 1981

    Baba and Amir flee Afghanistan, heading first for Pakistan and then the United States.

    Chapter 10
  • 1980s

    Amir finishes high school, studies literature, publishes his first novel, and marries Soraya.

    Chapter 13
  • 2001

    When Amir travels to Pakistan he learns Hassan has died; he sets out to find Hassan's son.

    Chapter 17
  • 2001

    Amir finds Sohrab in the custody of Talib official Assef. Assef assaults Amir; Sohrab defends him.

    Chapter 22
  • 2001

    Sohrab and Amir join Soraya in America; Sohrab eventually smiles again after they fly kites.

    Chapter 25

Chapter Summaries Chart

Chapter Summary
Chapter 1 Chapter 1 opens in California, in December 2001. This is several thousand miles and 26 years after the most important ev... Read More
Chapter 2 Chapter 2 is set in Kabul. Amir is remembering his childhood with Hassan, which was filled with tree climbing, prank pla... Read More
Chapter 3 Chapter 3 starts with a local legend about Baba wrestling a bear with his bare hands. Nicknamed "Mr. Hurricane," Baba is... Read More
Chapter 4 Chapter 4 is filled with true and fictional stories. It starts with the story of how Ali came to be a servant in their f... Read More
Chapter 5 Chapter 5 opens with Amir and Hassan being startled by the sound of gunfire and bombs. They run to Ali, who tries to rea... Read More
Chapter 6 Chapter 6 starts with one word: winter. Young Amir loves winter. Not only does he love the beauty and feel of the snow a... Read More
Chapter 7 Chapter 7 opens with a dream. Hassan tells Amir that he'd dreamed they were at a lake with thousands of other people. Bu... Read More
Chapter 8 Chapter 8 opens with Amir finding that his morning routine has not changed much. His breakfast and clothes are prepared ... Read More
Chapter 9 Chapter 9 opens with Amir opening his birthday presents. But he finds no joy in any of them because he knows that Baba w... Read More
Chapter 10 Chapter 10 picks up five years after the departure of Ali and Hassan. Soviet soldiers have invaded Afghanistan, so Amir ... Read More
Chapter 11 Chapter 11 moves the story into the 1980s to Fremont, California. While Baba loves the idea of America, the day-to-day l... Read More
Chapter 12 Chapter 12 starts with Amir consumed by thoughts of Soraya. Most of the week he can't sleep because he's thinking about ... Read More
Chapter 13 Chapter 13 opens with an Afghan engagement ceremony, for which Soraya is not present. About two dozen guests gather whil... Read More
Chapter 14 Chapter 14 jumps to 2001 to pick up where Chapter 1 left off. Most of the details here that were not included in Chapter... Read More
Chapter 15 Chapter 15 is set in Peshawar. As the taxicab recklessly makes it way through the city, Amir hears some of what the driv... Read More
Chapter 16 Chapter 16 shifts the narrative perspective to Rahim. He starts by explaining how his life became intertwined with Hassa... Read More
Chapter 17 Chapter 17 returns the narrative perspective to Amir, who asks Rahim if Hassan is still living in the house now. In resp... Read More
Chapter 18 Chapter 18 opens with Amir walking down the street. At a teahouse he calms down and thinks back on all the signs of the ... Read More
Chapter 19 Chapter 19 opens with Amir being carsick. He is on his way out of Pakistan and passes a bullet-riddled sign. Rahim... Read More
Chapter 20 Chapter 20 opens with Amir and Farid driving to Kabul. Along the way Farid points to mud-hut villages and reveals that m... Read More
Chapter 21 Chapter 21 opens with Amir and Farid driving away from the orphanage. During the ride through a haze of dust, Amir sees ... Read More
Chapter 22 In Chapter 22 Amir mouths the words, "I'll be back." While Farid waits in the car Amir steps up to the house of the Tali... Read More
Chapter 23 Chapter 23 opens fuzzily. Amir is in the hospital, fading in and out of consciousness. He dreams of fighting a bear and ... Read More
Chapter 24 This penultimate chapter is set in Islamabad. At a hotel Amir turns on the TV for Sohrab. Stone faced, Sohrab rocks back... Read More
Chapter 25 The final chapter opens in the hospital. For the first time in over 15 years, Amir prays to God and promises to be devou... Read More
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