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The Libation Bearers | Infographic

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Check out this Infographic to learn more about Aeschylus's The Libation Bearers. Study visually with character maps, plot summaries, helpful context, and more.

the-libation-bearers-aeschylusOrestes, Episode 1ur closest family is our enemy.Sources: Ancient History Encyclopedia, Encyclopaedia Britannica,Theatre DatabaseCopyright © 2017 Course Hero, Inc.BloodIndicates pain, death, and family bondsNetsRepresent cunning traps from which victims can’t escapeSnakesStand for betrayal, harm,and selfishnessSymbolsElectraGrieving daughter of royal family trapped as servant in the palace; pours libations on her father Agamemnons graveClytaemnestraIntelligent, manipulative queen of Argos and Orestess mother; murders her husband Agamemnon for killing their daughter IphigineiaOrestesExiled son of royal family and heir to the throne; commanded by the god Apollo to return home and avenge Agamemnons deathMain CharactersKnown as the father of tragedy, Aeschylus was a loyal Athenian and a star on the ancient Greek theater circuit. His plays dramatized war, democracy, tyranny, and complex family relationships. His trilogy the Oresteia is the most famous account of the mythological House of Atreus, a cursed royal family.AESCHYLUS525–456 BCEAuthorOutcasts Orestes and Electra want their rightful places in the family back.Homeland, Exile & Family ResponsibilityIts been years since Clytaemnestra, queen of Argos, killed her husband Agamemnon and seized power with her lover Aegisthus. Now her son Orestes is back home on a mission to avenge his father. Orestes and sister Electra team up to defeat Clytaemnestra and the familys powerful curse.Exiled ChildrenReturn forRevengeTHEMESThe gods order Orestes to punish his fathers killers at any cost.Vengeance for CrimesFamily members trick, betray, and hide from each other to survive.Deception, Treachery & SecrecyAncient GreekOriginal Language458 BCEFirst PerformedAeschylusAuthorThe LibationBearersTragedyPlay

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