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The Little Prince | Study Guide

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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The Little Prince | Characters

Character Description
Little Prince The Little Prince is a small, golden-haired child who leaves his small planet, Asteroid B-612, in search of truth and friendship. His quest takes him on an interplanetary journey that leads at last to planet Earth. Read More
Narrator The narrator is a pilot and a lonely man who once imagined he could be a great artist before being forced to grow up and be sensible. His encounter with the Little Prince reawakens in him childlike wonder, and he learns to see more clearly the essential and beautiful things in life. Read More
Rose The rose is a beautiful and vain flower, the only one of her kind on Asteroid B-612. From a seedling she is nurtured and loved by the Little Prince but fails to show love in return. Read More
Fox The fox is a wise creature whom the prince befriends on Earth. He teaches the Little Prince how to use his heart and not his eyes to clearly see what is essential in life and relationships. Read More
Snake The snake is a poisonous inhabitant of the Sahara Desert who promises to help the Little Prince should he ever grow homesick and wish to return to his planet. Read More
Businessman The businessman inhabits the fourth planet in the prince's journey, and he is a very self-important, "busy" man. He continually counts the stars, believing he owns them, and then writes down the number and locks the paper away in a bank. He thinks he's very rich.
Conceited Man The conceited man lives alone on the second planet the prince visits. Yet he loves to be admired, looks on all other people as admirers, and wears a special hat to raise in salute just in case someone praises him.
Drunkard The drunkard inhabits the third planet the Little Prince comes to. Unwilling or unable to change his behavior, the man drinks to forget his shame; his shame is that he drinks.
Flower of No Importance On Earth, the Little Prince comes upon a flower of no importance in the desert. The flower tells him that to find men, as he wishes to do, is very difficult—they have no roots and the wind blows them all around.
Geographer The geographer lives on the sixth planet in the prince's journey. But he cannot tell the prince anything about the planet because he is a geographer, not an explorer: he has never looked around for himself and there are no explorers on the planet to bring him that information.
King On the first planet the Little Prince visits, the king is the sole occupant and foolishly claims to rule the whole universe. To him, all other people are subjects and he is a most kind and reasonable ruler who must be absolutely obeyed.
Lamplighter On the fifth tiny planet the prince visits, the lamplighter follows an order to ceaselessly light and extinguish the planet's only lamp, though each day lasts about a minute. The work is exhausting, but the man is devoted to duty, no matter how unimportant and futile it may be.
Merchant The merchant sells a pill that quenches thirst, saving users 53 minutes a week, but also eliminating the pleasure of drinking fresh water.
Railway Signalman The railway signalman sorts out train travelers who are rushing here and there, to and fro. He tells the Little Prince that only the children know what they are looking for, what is important.
Turkish Astronomer The Turkish astronomer is possibly the only person to have seen the Little Prince's asteroid, B-612, through a telescope in 1909. However, his efforts to tell the world about his discovery are hampered by his outward appearance.
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