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The Lovely Bones | Characters

Character Description
Susie Salmon Susie Salmon is a 14-year-old girl who has been raped and murdered. She narrates the novel from beyond the grave. Read More
Mr. Harvey Mr. George Harvey is the sociopathic serial killer who murders Susie Salmon. Read More
Lindsey Lindsey Salmon is Susie's brilliant sister who searches for clues to Susie's murder. Read More
Mr. Salmon Mr. Salmon, Susie's father, is an accountant who is devastated by his daughter's murder. Read More
Mrs. Salmon Mrs. Abigail Salmon, Susie's mother, distances herself from her family after Susie is murdered. Read More
Ruth Ruth is Susie's friend who uses ESP to locate murder victims; she becomes a vessel for Susie's spirit. Read More
Len Fenerman Len Fenerman is a detective who has an affair with Susie's mother. Read More
Abigail Suzanne Abigail Suzanne appears at the very end of the book, when she is born to Lindsey and Sam.
Artie Artie is a gifted but geeky acquaintance of Lindsey's and Sam's. He attends camp with them and breaks the news to Lindsey that the camp competition theme will be about solving the perfect murder.
Mr. Botte Mr. Botte teaches biology and is Susie's favorite middle-school teacher. He is especially affected by Susie's death because his own daughter suffers from leukemia.
Principal Caden Mr. Caden is principal at the middle school Susie attended, where her sister Lindsey is also a student. He is overeager to assume a role as the school's healer and sets up a memorial service for Susie, which she watches with great interest from heaven.
Ralph Cichetti Ralph Cichetti is a Hell's Angel whose mother, Mr. Harvey's landlord, was murdered. When Ralph brings his motorcycle to be repaired at Hal's shop, he mentions the murder and adds that his mother's tenant, whom he suspects of the murder, was a dollhouse builder.
Sophie Cichetti Long dead when the novel begins, Sophie Cichetti was Mr. Harvey's landlord; he rented a room in her house and killed her during sex.
Claire Claire is a girl from New Jersey who narrowly escapes being killed by Mr. Harvey after he lures her into his van.
Clarissa Clarissa is Susie's best friend on Earth. She is more sophisticated than Susie and has trendier clothes. Lindsey wears one of Clarissa's dresses to Susie's memorial service.
Cleo Cleo is the janitor at Susie's middle school. Because he always leaves the back door to the school stage open, students are able to sneak in late and avoid getting caught by the hall monitor.
Mr. Connors Mr. Connors is Ruth's father. A building contractor, he sells Lindsey and Sam an abandoned house he owns in return for Sam's paying him in labor.
Mrs. Connors Mrs. Connors, Ruth's mother, worries that Ruth doesn't know how to make friends. Ruth tells her about being brushed by a "ghost" (in reality, Susie's soul), but Mrs. Connors doesn't believe her.
Mrs. Delminico Mrs. Delminico is Susie's home economics teacher. Susie burned everything she made in that class.
Mr. Dewitt Mr. Dewitt is the boys' soccer coach at Susie's and Lindsey's middle school. He encourages Lindsey to try out for the boys' team.
Mrs. Dewitt Mrs. Dewitt is an English teacher at Susie's and Lindsey's middle school. She's also Lindsey's homeroom teacher.
Nurse Eliot Nurse Eliot works at the hospital where Mr. Salmon is brought after being beaten up by Brian Nelson. She's still working there eight years later, when Mr. Salmon returns with a heart attack.
Joe Ellis Joe Ellis is an "ugly little tough" in Susie's neighborhood. Mr. Harvey kills Joe's dog, but Joe is blamed for the dog's death and never manages to shake off his undeserved reputation for being an animal killer.
Leah Fox Leah Fox is a 12-year-old murder victim, killed by Mr. Harvey in Delaware in 1969.
Franny Franny is Susie's "intake counselor" in heaven. A social worker when she was alive, Franny helps Susie and her roommate adjust to their new world.
The Gilberts The Gilberts are an elderly couple whose dog finds Susie's elbow bone. Though the discovery saddens them deeply, they can't bring themselves to give the dog away.
Granddaddy Granddaddy, Susie's paternal grandfather, is the first relative she meets in heaven. She is dancing with him when her father has his heart attack on Earth.
Phoebe Hart Phoebe Hart is a student in Susie's grade, teased for her large breasts. In life, Susie dreams of making people stop the teasing once the girls are in high school.
Hal Heckler Hal Heckler is the older brother of Sam, Lindsey's boyfriend. He is a mechanic and a father figure of sorts for Buckley. He provides the police with a valuable clue about the murder.
Samuel Heckler Samuel Heckler, or Sam, is Lindsey's boyfriend. They marry after Lindsey graduates from college and move into an old house that Sam helps restore.
Flora Hernandez Flora Hernandez is an eight-year-old murder victim of Mr. Harvey's. She is the first of his victims whom Susie meets in heaven.
Holiday Holiday is the family dog when Susie is murdered. They reunite in heaven after Holiday dies.
Holly Holly is a Vietnamese-American girl whom Susie meets on her third day in heaven. The two become roommates.
Leidia Johnson Leidia Johnson is Mr. Harvey's youngest victim—six years old when he murders her in 1950.
Mrs. Kaplan Mrs. Kaplan is Ruth Connors's social science teacher. She lends Ruth feminist textbooks.
Miss Koekle Miss Koekle is Buckley Salmon's adored kindergarten teacher.
Grandma Lynn Grandma Lynn, Mrs. Salmon's mother, helps hold the family together after Mrs. Salmon leaves.
Jackie Meyer Jackie Meyer is 13 when Mr. Harvey murders her.
Mr. Morton Mr. Morton is Ray Singh's homeroom teacher. He has a perpetual hangover and never calls role.
Nate Nate is Buckley's best friend at the time of Susie's murder. Buckley spends a lot of time at Nate's house before things settle down.
Brian Nelson Brian Nelson is the boyfriend of Susie's best friend on Earth, Clarissa. Mr. Salmon makes a botched attempt to attack Brian, believing him to be Mr. Harvey, while Brian assumes that Mr. Salmon is the murderer and savagely beats him with Mr. Salmon's baseball bat.
Mr. O'Dwyer Mr. O'Dwyer and his wife live in Susie's neighborhood. In summers while she was alive, Susie loved to hear Mr. O'Dwyer sing Irish ballads. He sings one at the memorial gathering in the cornfield.
Mr. Peterford According to middle school legend, Mr. Peterford (who teaches an unnamed subject) paddles late students with a board he's had specially designed for the purpose.
Wendy Richter Wendy Richter is a 13-year-old victim of Mr. Harvey, raped and murdered in 1971.
Miss Ryan Miss Ryan is the art teacher at Susie's middle school. She is narrow-minded and much less talented than her student Ruth.
Buckley Salmon Four-year-old Buckley Salmon is Susie's brother. He is able to see and talk to Susie after her death.
Clive Saunders Clive Saunders was a classmate of Susie's who is teased for walking like a girl.
Dr. Singh Dr. Singh is Ray's father. A professor, he is so ambitious and dedicated to his job that he's almost never home.
Ray Singh Ray Singh and Susie are beginning to fall in love when Susie is killed. As soon as this attachment becomes known to the police, Ray is a suspect. Though cleared, Ray doesn't "get over" Susie's death and continues to love her.
Ruana Singh Ruana Singh is Ray's beautiful and lonely mother. She is fiercely protective of her son and refuses to let Mr. Salmon question him about the murder.
Mrs. Stead Mrs. Stead, a neighbor of the Salmons, is a therapist. She identifies Susie's copy of To Kill a Mockingbird when it turns up in the cornfield.
Reverend Strick Reverend Strick is the priest at Susie's family's Episcopal church.
The Tarkings The Tarkings are a family in Susie's neighborhood. Their daughter, Grace, attends private school, and Susie once photographs her.
Unnamed teenage girl The unnamed teenage girl is smoking a cigarette when Mr. Harvey approaches her and tries to start a conversation. She walks away just before Mr. Harvey is killed by a falling icicle.
Bethel Utemeyer Mrs. Bethel Utemeyer is an older woman, seemingly suffering from dementia, who lives in Susie's housing development and who believes that Lindsey Salmon is her daughter, Natalie. Hers is the first dead body Susie ever sees. In heaven, Mrs. Utemeyer is reunited with the real Natalie.
Unnamed waitress Mr. Harvey kills an unnamed waitress in a Connecticut shack, and then he buys clothes with the tips he finds in her apron.
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