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The Martian Chronicles

Ray Bradbury

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The Martian Chronicles | Chapter Summaries

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Timeline of Events

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Chapter Summary
Epigraph As an introduction to this novel which takes place between Earth and Mars, Bradbury quotes a fictional philosopher as sa... Read More
January 1999: Rocket Summer It is an especially cold winter in Ohio, when housewives go "lumbering like great black bears in their furs along icy st... Read More
February 1999: Ylla The Martian woman Ylla is married to Yll, but their once-happy union has settled into monotony and boredom for both. Yll... Read More
August 1999: The Summer Night On the night before the humans from the second expedition land on Mars, Martians are inundated with human songs, poems, ... Read More
August 1999: The Earth Men Captain Williams and his men in the second expedition are bewildered and exasperated when they encounter various Martian... Read More
March 2000: The Taxpayer An ordinary American citizen from Ohio named Pritchard comes to the launch of the third expedition. He begs to be let on... Read More
April 2000: The Third Expedition When Captain John Black and his crew arrive on Mars, they find it looks exactly like their hometowns back on Earth. They... Read More
June 2001: —and the Moon Be Still as Bright Captain Wilder and the crew of the fourth expedition, including Hathaway and Sam Parkhill, land on a cold Martian night.... Read More
August 2001: The Settlers The first settlers from Earth start to come to Mars. Their reasons for leaving Earth are varied, but they are lured in b... Read More
December 2001: The Green Morning Benjamin Driscoll faints because of the thin air on Mars. A doctor tells him he might have to return to Earth, but Benja... Read More
February 2002: The Locusts New settlers from Earth swarm onto Mars and build houses and towns like the ones back home so the new planet does not fe... Read More
August 2002: Night Meeting Tomás Gomez stops for gas at a lonely outpost on Mars on his way to a party and has a conversation with a retiree he cal... Read More
October 2002: The Shore Many rockets continue to fly to Mars, bringing ever more men and women settlers. However, all of the rockets come from t... Read More
February 2003: Interim In addition to flying in settlers, the rockets also fly in supplies such as lumber so people can build churches and othe... Read More
April 2003: The Musicians American children from the new towns on Mars go out to entertain themselves, sent from their homes by their parents with... Read More
June 2003: Way in the Middle of the Air Samuel Teece, a Southern hardware proprietor, is upset all the black people in town are planning on leaving to Mars in a... Read More
2004–2005: The Naming of Names Humans rename everything on Mars. And when everything is secure and fully humanized, the wealthy tourists come. Bureaucr... Read More
April 2005: Usher II Mr. William Stendahl has his architect build a house on Mars reminiscent of American writer Edgar Allan Poe's "The Fall ... Read More
August 2005: The Old Ones The last wave of people to come to Mars comprises the elderly. Instead of going to California or to Italy in search of a... Read More
September 2005: The Martian LeFarge and his wife Anna have come to Mars to retire. LeFarge mourns the loss of his son Tom, even though he died back ... Read More
November 2005: The Luggage Store The nameless luggage-store proprietor hears about war on Earth, but it does not feel real to him because it is too far a... Read More
November 2005: The Off Season Sam Parkhill has been on Mars for over four years, since the successful fourth expedition. He opens a hot-dog stan... Read More
November 2005: The Watchers Those human settlers who are still around on Mars watch the sky as Earth lights up in fire. They receive the incoming me... Read More
December 2005: The Silent Towns Now that nearly everyone has gone back to Earth, entire towns sit abandoned and lonely. Walter Gripp hardly ever gets ba... Read More
April 2026: The Long Years Twenty years after nuclear war on Earth, Hathaway sits with his family and wonders what became of the rest of humanity. ... Read More
August 2026: There Will Come Soft Rains An automated house in Allendale, California, continues its daily routine despite its lack of human occupants. It protect... Read More
October 2026: The Million-Year Picnic A family from Earth goes on a fishing trip while on a "vacation" to Mars. But when their rocket blows up from a distance... Read More
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