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The Mayor of Casterbridge | Study Guide

Thomas Hardy

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The Mayor of Casterbridge | Characters

Character Description
Michael Henchard Michael Henchard, the novel's protagonist, is impulsive, domineering, and stern. Although he achieves great financial success and social status, he repeatedly acts as his own worst enemy, destroying all that matters to him. Read More
Susan Henchard Susan Henchard is Michael Henchard's wife. Eighteen years after he sells her at auction, Susan tracks Henchard down, and they remarry. Read More
Elizabeth-Jane Newson Elizabeth-Jane is Susan Henchard's daughter. For some time Michael Henchard believes he is Elizabeth-Jane's father, but her real father is the sea captain Richard Newson. Read More
Donald Farfrae Donald Farfrae is Henchard's opposite in many ways. Hailing from Scotland, he is at first an outsider in Casterbridge, but his hard work, friendly nature, and discretion win him social approval and influence. Read More
Lucetta Templeman Lucetta (Le Sueur) Templeman, in many ways the opposite of Elizabeth-Jane, is strikingly similar to Henchard, with whom she had an affair. Like him, she is impulsive and outspoken, and like him she dies a dramatic and unhappy death. Read More
Mrs. Bath Mrs. Bath is a newcomer to Casterbridge who has married a local physician. She is portrayed as something of a gossip.
Mrs. Blowbody Like Mrs. Bath, Mrs. Blowbody is a local gossip.
Boldwood Boldwood is a "reserved young man" who is present at Michael Henchard's bankruptcy proceedings.
Buzzford Buzzford is a local grain dealer in Casterbridge. He is involved in planning the skimmity-ride that destroys Lucetta.
Charl Charl, a poor local man, is a close companion of Joe and helps lead the skimmity-ride to shame Henchard and Lucetta.
Christopher Coney Christopher Coney is an important local character who periodically comments on the action in Wessex dialect.
Mother Cuxsom Mother Cuxsom is part of a group of local characters including Christopher Coney and Solomon Longways. She helps to plan the skimmity-ride.
James Everdene James Everdene is a farmer from Weatherbury who believes Henchard should be allowed to keep his gold watch in the bankruptcy proceedings.
Mr. Fall Mr. Fall is a local weather prophet consulted by the superstitious Henchard.
Mrs. Goodenough Mrs. Goodenough is the lady in charge of the furmity tent at Weydon-Priors fair. Halfway through the novel, she makes a spectacular reappearance, disclosing Henchard's shameful past.
Mr. Grower Mr. Grower is one of Henchard's creditors. He also serves as a witness at the wedding of Donald Farfrae and Lucetta.
Joe Joe is a local character who is a comrade of Charl.
Joshua Jopp Joshua Jopp is a local foreman, or manager, who has a malicious, vindictive relationship with Henchard. Jopp is one of the chief instigators of the skimmity-ride.
Lawyer Joyce Lawyer Joyce is the town clerk of Casterbridge. He warns Farfrae that Henchard now hates him.
Solomon Longways Solomon Longways is a local who is part of a group with Christopher Coney and Mother Cuxsom.
Nance Mockridge Nance Mockridge is a local character who advocates the skimmity-ride. She is portrayed as saucy, envious, and disrespectful.
Richard Newson Richard Newson is the sea captain who "buys" Susan Henchard and her infant child in Chapter 1 of the novel. He reappears toward the end of the story. He is portrayed as genial and appealing.
Mrs. Stannidge Mrs. Stannidge is the landlady at the Three Mariners Inn.
Constable Stubberd Constable Stubberd is a local police officer.
Alderman Tubber Alderman Tubber is a local official who nettles Henchard about the failure of Henchard's planned holiday entertainment.
Alderman Vatt Alderman Vatt is a local official who sounds out Farfrae on the issue of his selection as mayor.
Abel Whittle Abel Whittle is a humble employee in Henchard's business associate whom Henchard bullies and humiliates. Henchard dies in Whittle's poor, simple cottage.
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