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James Dashner

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The Maze Runner (series) | Characters

Character Description
Thomas Thomas is the protagonist of the original Maze Runner trilogy and WICKED's top candidate to save humanity. Read More
Teresa Rescued at age five from a Flare-infested village, Deedee, whose name is later changed to Teresa, remains devoutly loyal to WICKED. Read More
Newt Newt is the only nonimmune Glader to survive both the Maze and Scorch trials. Read More
Minho Minho is the brave and aggressive Runner who becomes Thomas's best friend. Read More
Mark Mark is the hero of The Kill Order, although he succumbs to the Flare at the end of the novel. Read More
Alec Alec is a grizzled army veteran who helps Mark survive in The Kill Order. Read More
Brenda Brenda is a WICKED employee who masquerades as a Crank to monitor Thomas during the Scorch trials. Read More
Alby Alby is the head of the Gladers who loses his leadership abilities after the Changing in The Maze Runner. He tries to burn down the Map Room.
Ben Ben is the Glader banished to the Maze after attacking Thomas and swears Thomas shouldn't be trusted in The Maze Runner.
Blondie Blondie is the Crank leader in The Scorch Trials who shoots Thomas in the shoulder.
Bruce Bruce is the former WICKED soldier who tries to lead a revolt against the organization when they abandon his team after spreading the Flare virus.
Chancellor Anderson Chancellor Anderson is the head government worker for WICKED in The Fever Code. However, Chancellor Paige infects him with the Flare so she can take control of the trials.
Chancellor Paige Chancellor Paige is the government worker who creates a safe zone to protect Gladers should WICKED's experimentation fail. She leaves Thomas a note and map detailing how to reach her safe zone at the end of The Death Cure. In The Fever Code it is revealed she infected other WICKED employees with the Flare so she could take over control of the trials.
Chuck Chuck is Thomas's best friend on the Glades. A sensitive 12-year-old, Chuck dies at the end of The Maze Runner after leaping in front of a knife hurled at Thomas.
Darnell Darnell is one of the settlers who catches the Flare in The Kill Order. He commits suicide by smashing his head against the wall.
David David is the WICKED pilot who forces Thomas to choose between saving Jorge or Brenda in The Scorch Trials.
Ms. Denton Ms. Denton is Thomas's favorite teacher in The Fever Code.
Frypan Frypan is the cook on the Glades. He escapes through the Flat Trans and also cooks for the Gladers in The Scorch Trials.
Gally Gally is the Glades' resident bully, who swears he saw Thomas during his Changing. He pretends to sacrifice himself to the Grievers, then tries to kill Thomas at the end of The Maze Runner. He is revealed to be a leader of the Right Arm in The Death Cure.
Hans Hans is the defected WICKED doctor who helps remove hardware from Thomas's brain in The Death Cure.
Harriet Harriet is one of the girls from Group B who decides to spare Thomas's life when Teresa wants to kill him in The Scorch Trials.
Jed Jedidiah ("Jed") is the religious cult leader in The Kill Order. He is bald and has no ears as a result of the sun flares.
Jorge Jorge is the Mexican man who helps the Gladers cross the Scorch in hope of receiving an antidote in The Scorch Trials.
Lana Lana is Alec's best friend in The Kill Order. He vaporizes her when a group of Cranks tortures her and he realizes he cannot save her.
Misty Misty is a member of Mark's settlement who catches the Flare and dies in The Kill Order.
Rat Man The Rat Man is a WICKED employee who appears in both The Scorch Trials and The Death Cure to describe new trials to the Gladers. In The Death Cure Rat Man reveals he has contracted the Flare, which explains his determination to find a cure.
Rachel Rachel was Aris's best friend while in the Maze. In The Scorch Trials Aris reveals Rachel was murdered by another Glader after escaping the Maze.
Randall Spilker Randall Spilker is the cruel WICKED worker who tortures Thomas into accepting his new name. Thomas kills him at the end of The Fever Code when a Flare-infected Randall attacks him.
Trina Trina is Mark's love interest in The Kill Order. They are schoolmates who survive the sun flares together.
The Toad The Toad is a member of Mark's settlement who catches the Flare after tending to Misty in The Kill Order. Alec kills him rather than risk anyone else from their group being infected.
Vince Vince is the leader of the Right Arm in The Death Cure.
WICKED WICKED is a government organization invested in population control and human experimentation.
Winston Winston is the Glader attacked by liquid metal in The Scorch Trials.
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