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James Dashner

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The Maze Runner (series) | Glossary


Bagger: (n) a Glader who cleans up dead bodies

beetle blade: (n) small robotic beetle used by WICKED to spy on the Gladers

Berg: (n) large government-issued spaceship

the Changing: (n) the horrifying process Gladers go through when their memories are returned

Crank: (n) a person infected with the Flare virus; a flesh-eating zombie

Creators: (n, pl) the people who originally built the Maze

Deadheads: (n, pl) Gladers who work in the cemetery

the Flare: (n) a virus originally unleashed by WICKED for population control; causes people to turn into Cranks

Flat Trans: (n) a transportation device used to teleport people from one place to another

Glader: (n) a person who lives on the farm in the Maze

"good that": (phrase) in agreement

Greenie: (n) a new arrival to the Glade

Griever: (n) a mechanical attack dog designed by WICKED to attack Gladers in the Maze

Keeper: (n) a leader or manager of a workstation on the Glade

klunk: (v, adj) a derogatory word similar to crap

Launcher: (n) a large weapon used to dissolve people into atoms

Munie: (n) a person immune to the Flare virus

the Scorch: (n) a desert wasteland where Cranks live; the stage for the second trial

shank: (n) a derogatory term for someone living in the Glade, often used as an insult during fights but occasionally used as a tongue-in-cheek way of calling someone a friend

shuck: (adj) a curse word used to describe despised items

Slicer: (n) a Glader who cares for and slaughters livestock

"slim it": (phrase) calm down

slinthead: (n) a derogatory term for someone living in the Glade, often used an insult during fights

Slopper: (n) a Glader who works as a janitor cleaning up messes

sun flares: (n, pl) an apocalyptic weather condition created due to climate change; extreme heat flashes

Swipe: (n) a brain implant that removes one's memories

trials: (n, pl) tests created by WICKED to find contenders to save humanity

WICKED: (n) World in Catastrophe, Killzone Experiment Department; the government organization that formed after the sun flares

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