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The Maze Runner (series) | Quotes


Everything we do—our whole life, Greenie—revolves around the Maze.

Newt, The Maze Runner

As Newt shows Thomas around the Glade, he expresses frustration that they all live and work for the Maze, although they know nothing about it. Newt doesn't realize that outside the Glade, everything WICKED does also revolves around the Maze. WICKED gathers information for a cure from the actions of the Gladers puzzling over the Maze.


We're dead, you hear me? Dead!

Minho, The Maze Runner

Minho shouts these words after Thomas leaps into the Maze and then tries to figure a way out. On a larger scale, Minho's lamentation suggests his view of life on the Glade. There's no point having hope—to the outside world, they're already dead.


He died saving you ... He made the choice himself. Just don't ever waste it.

Teresa, The Maze Runner

Teresa reminds Thomas to use Chuck's sacrifice as motivation after they escape from the Maze. Unlike all the other boys who died in the experiment, Chuck willingly gave his life to save Thomas.


He didn't care about the others anymore. The chaos around him seemed to siphon away his humanity.

Narrator, The Scorch Trials

After seeing Teresa screaming in the shack, something changes in Thomas. He realizes he must survive, not for the greater good, but for himself. For the first time Thomas feels like an animal, stripped of his compassion and humanity, relying on instincts to survive.


Hey, I understand. Sacrifice me to save yourselves. Very noble.

Thomas, The Scorch Trials

Thomas tries to convince the girls from Group B to spare his life by explaining his understanding of their moral quandary. He manipulates that understanding to convince them to abandon their plan. He convinces them that WICKED creates variables in which individuals must make tough moral decisions to weed out the weak from the strong.


I'm trying to forget just as much as you probably are.

Teresa, The Scorch Trials

Thomas doesn't understand how Teresa could live through the trauma they experienced and carry on as if nothing happened. Teresa blows off his comments, but The Fever Code reveals Teresa had been working with WICKED all along, which would explain her strange reactions to many of the variables.


I don't think there is a right or wrong anymore.

Thomas, The Death Cure

Thomas struggles with his relationship with Newt after learning his friend is not immune to the Flare. He doesn't know whether he should leave Newt on the Berg while they all travel into Denver. He considers whether he should risk infecting innocent people with the disease so they can stay together. This sentiment gains importance when Thomas struggles with the moral decision of whether or not he should kill Newt.


They had made him into a killer ... to save people?

Narrator, The Scorch Trials

While fighting Rat Man for his life at the end of the Scorch trials, Thomas realizes the irony of his position. WICKED trained him in strength and survival in the hope he would help them create a cure to save humanity from the Flare. In reality, all the variables push Thomas over the edge, and he must use his skills to kill WICKED workers like Rat Man to survive.


I did him a mercy and hopefully bought us another day or two.

Alec, The Kill Order

Alec explains that killing the Toad was actually an act of mercy because it prevents their friend from suffering the horrific pain and madness of so many other Cranks.


They said it was to ... feed those people they deemed worthy to live.

Bruce, The Kill Order

As Bruce rallies ex-WICKED employees to fight back against the organization, he highlights the organization's ambiguous morality. Bruce knows the organization decided which of the population should live or die and abandoned its own after the "dirty work" was done.


She was past being human ... and that wasn't his fault.

Narrator, The Kill Order

When Mark encounters a Gone Crank during his search to locate Trina and Deedee, he doesn't hesitate in killing her. Once infected with the Flare, people stop being human—both to themselves and to those around them. They are simply threats that must be neutralized.


Time isn't a luxury we have anymore.

Randall Spilker, The Fever Code

Randall blames the lack of time for his harsh treatment of five-year-old Thomas. Randall delights in torturing Thomas, much like the Cranks delight in devouring their prey. In this world no one has time for kindness or compassion. Everyone is out to save themselves.


We should be here by our own choice, not by theirs.

Minho, The Fever Code

Minho explains his rationale for wanting to escape WICKED headquarters. Teresa tries to convince him that he'll stall whatever progress they've made in finding a cure. Then Minho argues he cannot sacrifice himself to the greater good because WICKED has taken away his free will.


[A] harsh, brutal virus ... needs to be dealt with by ... harsh and brutal will.

Chancellor Paige, The Fever Code

Chancellor Paige tries to explain to Thomas why WICKED treats him and the other participants so brutally. Her explanation also gives insight into her motivation for causing and participating in the Purge.


Here he was, telling lies as easily as WICKED seemed to.

Narrator, The Fever Code

While showing Ben around headquarters, Thomas realizes WICKED has brainwashed him into believing their lies about the greater good. They have deceived him about the benefits of living at headquarters. As soon as Thomas hears himself parroting those lies to a newcomer, he realizes he needs to escape.

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