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James Dashner

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The Maze Runner (series) | The Maze Runner Files | Summary


About the Title

The Maze Runner Files references the uncovered WICKED files that compile this short e-book.


Part 1: Confidential Files

This section opens with memos from Chancellor Anderson describing the world after the sun flares. In a memo he explains his decision to start trials looking for a candidate, including the "elite candidate" he feels particularly excited about: Thomas. More memos describe the spread of the Flare, the telepathy project called "Project Silence," and Chancellor Anderson's goodbye letters after contracting the Flare. The file also contains a transcript of Thomas and Teresa's first meeting.

Part 2: Recovered Correspondence

This section contains memos from Chancellor John Michael, Randall Spilker, and a WICKED employee named Katie McVoy. The memos concern the decision to introduce the Flare as population control. This section also includes a transcript from two pilots flying over the settlements of Flare-infected populations.

Part 3: Suppressed Memories

This section contains brief stories of a few characters before they were taken by WICKED. Thomas suppresses a memory from his childhood of his Flare-infected father attacking his mother. Frypan remembers tidbits from his happy childhood as his memory Swipe is removed. Finally, Minho remembers Rat Man bringing him to a room and asking him to choose only one friend to save. Minho refuses, and Rat Man beats him.


The files included in The Maze Runner Files offer very little insight into the series itself. Many of the files, in fact, are simply reprinted from the previous books. Small revelations are made, such as Thomas's memo taking responsibility for the Flare. The revelations also include the suggestion that Randall Spilker initially fought against WICKED's plan to spread the Flare. Overall the files serve to give slightly more depth to issues skimmed over in previous books. These include the government decision to spread the Flare and why certain kids were chosen for experiments. Frypan, a somewhat neglected character in previous books, is given a bit of backstory, although the file does nothing to analyze Frypan's backstory. "Frypan has no reason to ... think too deeply about the returning memories," the narrator comments.

The included files are marginally interesting to invested readers but certainly not integral to understanding the plot.

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