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George Eliot

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The Mill on the Floss | Characters

Character Description
Maggie Tulliver Maggie (also Magsie) Tulliver is the protagonist of the novel who begins as an exceptionally bright but loved-starved child and grows into a needy and passionate woman. In attempting to follow a perverse philosophy of self-sacrifice, she ends up hurting all the people who love her. Read More
Tom Tulliver Tom Tulliver is the self-righteous and conventional older brother of Maggie who follows the letter of the law and grinds people down (including himself) in the process. Read More
Philip Wakem Philip Wakem is the humpbacked son of the lawyer Mr. Wakem who feels isolated because of his deformity. He falls in love with Maggie Tulliver. Read More
Stephen Guest Stephen Guest is the upper-class suitor of Lucy Deane who ends up falling madly in love with Maggie Tulliver. Read More
Mr. Tulliver Mr. Jeremy Tulliver is the father of Maggie and Tom Tulliver and the owner of Dorlcote Mill, until he loses it by pursuing useless lawsuits. Read More
Mrs. Tulliver Mrs. Bessy Tulliver is the mother of Tom and Maggie Tulliver. She favors Tom and hurts Maggie's self-esteem, but she is an inadequate mother to both of her children. Read More
Mr. Deane Mr. Deane is husband to Susan and uncle to Tom and Maggie. He is a senior manager at Guest & Co. and has worked his way up from the bottom.
Lucy Deane Lucy Deane is Tom and Maggie's cousin and a year younger than Maggie. She is the daughter of Susan Deane. She is amiable, kind, and compassionate.
Mrs. Susan Deane Mrs. Susan Deane is one of the Dodson clan and Tom and Maggie's aunt on their mother's side.
Mr. Dix Mr. Dix is the owner of a mill upstream from Mr. Tulliver who settles his dispute with him through arbitration.
Mr. Furley Mr. Furley holds the mortgage on Mr. Tulliver's land and sells it to Mr. Wakem.
Mr. Glegg Mr. Glegg is husband to Jane and uncle to Tom and Maggie. Mr. Glegg is kind and amiable but doesn't like to part with his money.
Mrs. Jane Glegg Mrs. Jane Glegg is the eldest sister of the Dodson clan and Tom and Maggie's aunt on their mother's side. The matriarch of the Dodson family, she is overbearing, judgmental, and bossy in the extreme.
Mr. Gore Mr. Gore is the lawyer who represents Mr. Tulliver's interest in the case against Mr. Pivart. Gore loses to Mr. Wakem, Pivart's lawyer.
Miss Guest Miss Guest is the name used to refer interchangeably to Stephen Guest's two sisters. Both are class-proud and condescending, but by the end of the novel they are attempting to reunite their brother with Lucy Deane.
Bob Jakin Bob Jakin is Tom's boyhood friend whom Tom rejects over a minor quarrel. In Tom's trouble Jakin rekindles the friendship and later helps him make money through foreign trade. He is also a friend to Maggie.
Maggie Jakin Maggie Jakin is the child born to Bob and Prissy; she is named after Maggie Tulliver.
Mrs. Jakin Old Mrs. Jakin is Bob's mother, whom he lives with as a bachelor. After he marries, he brings his mother to live with him and his wife.
Prissy Jakin Prissy Jakin is Bob Jakin's wife.
Dr. Kenn Dr. Kenn is a highly respected and kindly clergyman who attempts to help Maggie when she returns to St. Ogg's in disgrace.
Kezia Kezia is a household servant who remains loyal to the family after its downfall.
Luke Moggs Luke Moggs is the head miller at Dorlcote Mill and a loyal employee.
Mrs. Moggs Mrs. Moggs is the wife of Luke Moggs.
Mr. Moss Mr. Moss is a farmer who works very hard but lives in poverty. He is married to Mr. Tulliver's sister Gritty.
Mrs. Gritty Moss Mrs. Gritty Moss is Mr. Tulliver's sister who has produced eight children with her husband and lives on a farm with him.
Mr. Pivart Mr. Pivart is a farmer who begins using the river to irrigate his fields and is forced to go to court over water rights after Mr. Tulliver sues him.
Mr. Poulter Mr. Poulter is an old soldier hired by Rev. Stilling as a drillmaster to teach Tom about proper physical bearing and posture.
Mr. Pullet Mr. Pullet is husband of Sophie and uncle to Tom and Maggie. He is a gentleman farmer.
Mrs. Sophy Pullet Mrs. Sophy Pullet is one of the Dodson clan and Tom and Maggie's aunt on their mother's side. She likes to dress well and tends to be dramatic, especially about illness and death. She is a hypochondriac.
Mr. Riley Mr. Riley is an auctioneer and appraiser. A friend to Mr. Tulliver, he advises Mr. Tulliver to send Tom to Rev. Stelling to get his education.
Laura Stelling Laura Stelling is the oldest child of Rev. and Mrs. Stelling.
Mrs. Stelling Mrs. Stelling is the wife of Rev. Stelling and a somewhat indifferent mother.
Rev. Stelling Rev. Walter Stelling is a minister with an Oxford education who takes Tom as his first pupil and insists on giving him a classical education.
Mr. James Torry Mr. James Torry is one of the middle-class set in St. Ogg's who dances with Maggie at the Guests' and is attracted to her. After she comes back from her elopement he treats her disrespectfully.
Mrs. James Torry Mrs. James Torry is the wife of Mr. Torry and one of "the world's wives" who ostracizes Maggie when she returns from her aborted elopement.
Dr. Turnbull Dr. Turnbull is the doctor who takes care of Mr. Tulliver in his illnesses.
Mr. Wakem Mr. Waken is a lawyer who represents Mr. Pivart against Mr. Tulliver in court in their dispute over water rights. He eventually ends up buying Tulliver's mill and hiring him back as a tenant to manage it. He is Philip Wakem's father.
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